Thursday, November 22, 2012

Researching Nicaragua

So, I found this great blog by this missionary who served his mission in Nicaragua Managua South Mission, who just got back in August of 2012. I quickly looked through it, and wrote down some interesting things that I found. This is what I have to look forward to. My biggest and probably only problem will be the bugs. Definitely the bugs. 

-don't need visas to get into Nicaragua 

-extremely humid

-Mission Home-they have a bunch of bunk beds there. pretty crowded and not the cleanest but wasn’t too shabby. Just like a dirty house that you are scared to walk around barefooted (especially in the shower).

-We actually had the white AP translate for us because the President and his wife don´t speak a bit of English. They said they are trying to learn though.

-bathing situation is just fine. We have our own bathroom. Only two problems. First, they fill up the water for the city every night. So, sometimes in the morning there is no water and we have to wait before we can use the bathroom. Not that bad. Second, the water is COLD! Which is ok at night after a long hot day, but in the morning, it wakes you up pretty fast.

-the investigators´ house, it was literally just blankets held up by sticks

-ate a lot of stuff. A banana and pineapple at the house made out of blankets. And some drinks at others and a hot dog bun. 

-All the missionaries get a mission debit card. We go to the banco and withdraw cash from the ATM though. They give us a certain amount at the beginning of the month and the middle of the month. Total personal money is something like 800 cordobas a month ($36 USD). Which isn´t very much. Even here. mostly just spent money on transport. In buses and taxis.  usually walk everywhere in Boaco.

-(Sacrament meetings can be a little irreverent, lots of kids and the door and windows are open to the street

-Now depending on the bus this ride can be Ok or very miserable. The trick is to get a seat. Otherwise you have to stand for an hour and a half sandwiched between people in the aisle. And people are constantly trying to squeeze by..)

-you wouldn’t want carpet here with the humidity and it would get really dirty 

-tradition- the Muñeco.  they make dummies of people and put them on the street the night of the 24th... stuffed with bombas! (fireworks) And at midnight, they blow them up!

-So Christmas happens on the 24th here

-who plays the hymns for church. Well we do, with our voices. How it always works is whoever is directing sings the first line so we all remember how it goes and then we all sing.

-there are dogs everywhere. It’s crazy but every street has a couple

-Nicaraguan toys? Excellent question. Well, a really cheap toy that you always see the kids on the street playing with are called Clackers. Ha ha and that is about all they do. They are these two balls connected together with a string. And you put the middle of the string in between your fingers and move your hand up and down until the balls hit above and below your hand and make this really loud clacking noise.

-What else... they like playing with cheap fireworks. Oh and we see them playing street baseball all the time. I have seen them play with all kinds of balls too. Including bottle caps. And of course fútbol.

-lots and lots of spiders. and Monkeys! 

-Scorpion in bed 

-And yes, they have traffic lights. Here in Boaco they actually only have two. I haven’t ever seen the lights working on one and the other if there is a taxi waiting at a red light but there aren’t any other cars they usually just ignore it.

-Baptized in font or rivers

-street vendor food. Which is always really good when you buy the right stuff but it usually leaves your stomach that night

-Wash clothes by hand

-yes, the kids go to school in Nicaragua. And yes, they have a fourth grade, but the grades are a little different. The little kids can go to preschool but the real school starts in Colegio, which is the equivalent to High School. And they just use numbers like, I’m in 1st Año (1st year) or 4th. And if you don’t pass your classes you stay at the same number, so there are lots of different age groups. I

-There are lots of ducks here. they eat them here...

-It seems like the lightning is louder here.  Cañon here while it is raining- They told me it is about up to your knees, we will see.

-the rivers of water had already started. I thought my bag was pretty water proof. Well, luckily they had a plastic bag I wrapped my scriptures in before putting them into my backpack. It rained almost the whole time we were out.

-Has there been anything crawling in your house? well no, nothing too terrible. Only lots of geckos, ants, lightning bugs, mosquitoes, spiders and other bugs I don’t know. But really it’s not that bad. One time there was a snake... But he wasn’t in the house. And he was pretty small too.

-for the rain, I just put everything in one of those vacuum bags you gave me for packing my suitcases and it keeps it all dry.  a good missionary is very resourceful.


  1. It sounds like you are going to have quite the adventure! :)

    1. Haha, Tim. Yes, I am in for quite a treat! But I am super excited!!!

  2. Wow you are going to feel so rich and spoiled when you return home!