Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sister Missionaries

I came across this quote today and was amazed! I haven't been able to find what talk or article it is from, but if I do, I will be sure to post it! 

‎"Today many sisters are being called to serve. Many more are preparing to serve. Not because they aren't married or don't have anything else to do, but they have the desire to serve. One reason that the Lord wants more sisters to serve is because within the next generation He will send His priesthood army to the earth. He wants to send choice spirit children to mothers who have been prepared, properly trained, and taught in the gospel. What better schooling can a mother have than the experience and growth she gains through serving a mission." 
-Gordon B. Hinckley

Is that quote not incredible?! I read it and was amazed! It made me feel so happy! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to serve a mission, especially after reading this quote. We know that the Second Coming is soon. We have also been told over and over that we are the chosen generation, and that we have been saved for these last days. Does it not give you great joy to know, for those of you raising kids right now, or will be raising kids soon, that your kids were saved for this day, and that YOU were chosen to raise these great kids. I will be raising part of God's great army. It makes me so happy! And a little nervous. Haha. 

I feel so blessed to be able to go on a mission and serve. I know that a mission is not for everyone, but for me I feel that this is the right thing. And I could not be any happier at this moment!!! 

Let me know your thoughts about this quote! I hope you all loved it! 

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