Monday, December 30, 2013


Hello friends and family!
So I received some gifts from some members and friends from back home for christmas. That was really nice. I appreciate all the gifts I got. I love you all and am grateful that you are always thinking of me. 
On christmas eve we ate so much! We went to teach a family who had just finished cooking dinner. So they fed us. It`s like rooster, with veggies, and rice and bread. With soda. Then we went to a family’s house to eat dinner. Basically the same exact thing. Then we went to Bishop`s house for dinner and ate rice, meat with jalapeño sauce, salad, and for dessert...tres leche and ice cream!!! It was so good but I Was so stuffed. 

Christmas day was normal. I opened some gifts but then we went to work. Funny story. So I was wearing a nicer shirt and we went to visit a convert...e___. he is like 12. He says to me, `why do you look so elegant today?' haha! I explained because I get to talk to my family. He says later, `is it easy to find work there in California? Cuz maybe if I serve my mission there, I will stay for a bit and I could visit you.` haha. he is so cute! 

The highlight of my day was skyping my family!!! I got to talk to almost all my family. Found out exciting news. Now I just have to make it until mothers day to talk again. haha! When we got back to our house we realized we didn`t have the keys. Yep...we had locked the keys in the house and it was 9pm. We called our district leader to let him know. We woke up our neighbor who owns the house to see if they had another key. They searched and found a key to open the gate but not the door. The elders go back to the church to see if we left them there. Nope. So what they did is , before our house was connected with the other house but they built a wall to separate it. only the wall doesn`t reach the ceiling all the way. So the husband climbed up and squeezed himself through the top of the wall and the ceiling, into our room. And there were our keys on the desk. We were in such a hurry to talk to our families that we left them. We finally managed to get in the house at 10.30 pm haha. 

The 26th we met with other zones for our christmas activity with  president. It was great. We had a nice lunch. We played sports. We had talks, and we did a gift exchange....i got nutella!!!! yes! thank you newbies! haha. They had a slideshow with pictures from our families! And then president gave us each a bag with a pendant, candy, photos, and a letter from our family!!! It was great!!! I also saw my old companion and the elders from my other area, and my mom. (trainer) It was a great activity. 

On friday at our district meeting we talked about goals and set a goal to have more families teaching. I told my companion that we would find a family. Well that day we did. And we put a baptism date with them. My heart has never felt so full of joy before. 

Sometimes I wonder why I receive so many miracles. At times I don`t feel worthy to have them. But with each miracle that I get, I realize that I am worthy of them. My district leader told me that he was happy for us in finding the family. That miracles come after the trial of our faith. 

 There is this less active who I have taught only two times. He has a drinking problem. We are teaching his daughter. Well he went to church last week and brought us suckers, went to the christmas activity and now this sunday. He was there way early like at 8.30. He goes, hermanas I brought a gift for you. He pulls out a pack of ritz crackers for each of us. He apologizes because they had kinda broken. We said it was fine and thanked him. Then he pulled out 2 cans of juice! haha! So before church we drank the juice and ate the crackers. Literally the whole day my comp and I were falling asleep. In every lesson. I don`t know why.

As far the new year...I am realizing how important goals are. i am going to put goals this year that matter, and i am going to do all i can to be a better person. 

hermana chase

¨The critical question is not one of getting into the kingdom but of staying in the kingdom-of enduring to the end. For we must choose on an ongoing basis to remain, and that choice must be reflected in what we love and in what we seek. That is why enduring to the end is the fifth principle of the gospel. Daily, our question shouldn`t be ´have i made it to the kingdom yet?` but rather , `do i still want to stay?` ¨ -stephen r. robinson

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

another baptism and almost Christmas!!

FELIZ NAVIDAD everyone!!! Wahoo!!! So Christmas day at 7pm I am going to skype my family!! I am so excited!!! My first and last christmas here in good ole nicaragua. 

So we had an activity this week with some of the youth where we set up a table at the park with phamplets, videos, liahona`s, book of mormons, proclamation to the world..etc. Then we went and contacted people in the park and brought them over to the table where they could take what they wanted. we took their name and address and telephone number so that we can visit them later on. It turned out pretty good actually. 

So random thought....I was reading 2 Nephi 2:7 where it talks about an infinite atonement. I might think it is a bit weird...but for some reason it came to my mind...the atonement of Jesus christ is for everyone. He didn`t just atone for his family or friends. He suffered the pains for all. So the thought that came to my mind which for me was a tender thought was that Jesus Christ suffered the pains of my future children. I don``t know why I thought that, but it was a tender thought to think that Christ suffered for my future family. 

So...I don`t know if you remember G_____ She is 14 years old and lives with members here in the ward. When she was a baby her mom signed a paper that said she didn`t want her, and a few years later her dad didn`t want her, her aunt didn`t want she has nobody. She is living with this family until January where she will go to some center for 4 years...until she is 18 when she can live her own life. They had told us that in order to baptize gabriela we had to get a signature from the ministry of families. So my comp and I went down there to talk to the lady in charge of G____ case. BUT...she wouldn`t sign the freaking paper. She said that it was G___ decision and that in the center it could be any religion. She didn`t want to have g__ get baptized to only have to change her religion. Blah blah....I was so upset. I explained to her that even if this was g___ wanted...blah blah. But no...we left and as soon as we exited the building I just let it all out and cried. and cried. I was so frustrated. Here was a girl who literally has nothing in her life and when she finally found something, she can`t have it. I called the Zone leaders but they just made me more upset. Bascially he said to go back to the lady and pull out a scipture. My comp and I were kinda a wreck. Frustrated and sad. We ended up going back home and we said a prayer together. Then we went to talk to G___. President Russell came to our Zone meeting and we talked to him. He said the same, that we need the signature of this lady. or at least a paper that the lady writes saying that this family can sign for her. We went back to talk to the lady, but she didn`t want to sign it. She said no. In the end the family who she is living with has a paper that says for now she is basically responsible for gabriela. And the lady from the office signed it. So we quickly called our ZL and they said that with this paper she could be this was friday afternoon. So we quickly called the bishop and arranged everything for saturday. It was perfect. I was so happy! And g__'s face was priceless when she found out. So saturday she was baptized. Us and the elders sang a song. I don`t remember the title in english. haha. after the baptism she told me that she felt something. It was so great! Then sunday she was confirmed!!! Now when she leaves for the spirit she can take this gift with her wherever she goes. 

So we also had a christmas ward activity. They had dances and songs, and food. It was good. We were supposed to sing but we weren`t on the program so we didn`t haha.

There was also one night where I woke up at 3:30 and heard like weird screaming. But it didn`t sound human or like an animal. I was awake for 1 hr. I was so scared. Our neighbors didn`t hear anything. They think it was just drunks...but who knows. 

Oh when we were at the zone meeting president came up to me and told me that he knew it was hard for me with a mini missionary but he wouldn`t have given me it if he knew I couldn`t handle it. he also talked to the DL`s and if anyone calls another missionary out of your zone it`s pack your bags time. Yep. This new president likes to send people home  A LOT!. 

i love you all! and merry christmas!!! I am so grateful to be here during this wonderful christmas time!!! 
hna chase

Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Baptism! and I finally have a real missionary companion again

So I was with a mini missionary from our ward. Hermana Alonzo. I liked  being with her. She was fun and we got along super well. Well...we made a CHRISTMAS TREE!!! it is literally the best christmas tree here in Nicaragua. haha. It is maybe 2 ft tall....haha. Funny the catholics here have a day where they celebrate mary. Its called purisima. They put her out on their patio and then they walk around all day and if they find a house with mary they sing songs. The thing is that there are LINES of people waiting to sing songs at houses. Because after you sing, they family gives you food or something. So this day I was joking because I was hungry...I told my companion...lets just go wait in line...I am hungry. haha. It´s free. haha. Well, where they have mary some people have like greenery around her. So we were walking by a house and I saw green. I said...our tree will be better than that tree (this was before we made it). My companion looks at me and says, what tree? That is for mary...haha!!! super funny! 

So the day of transfers there was a bit of a mix up. The companion who was supposed to stay with had some I ended up going in a trio again with hermana hansen and hermana herrera, which was fine. I love them. 

So my new comp....drum roll... Haha. First of all, I am not training. But I am senior companion. Elder portillo said he talked to president and president asked for names who would be good to train. He mentioned my name but president said that I have one more change before I am going to who knows. Anyway, my comp is Hermana Vargas. From Guatemala. She is 22 years old and has 4 months in the mission. She talks a lot. About out of the 17 people we contact each day I talk to about 2. haha. But we will work on that. In the lessons we teach about even. 

We are teaching a girl whose name is L___. She is 21 and is the daughter of a less active. She has some nervous problems. She said she got sick in 2006...

We had an activity with our ward. We taught the members how to share the gospel with their friends. So us missionaries did a practice first using a pamphlet. Then we had the members practice with each other using a pamphlet. we also gave them a card to give to their friend in where they write their name, address and when we can contact them. Its a reference card. It worked out great. 

So we put a baptism date with another joven. haha. All my baptisms in the mission will be young people. But thats better right...then they can serve missions. haha! 

We had a meeting as district and the lesson was on the atonement. It made me think a lot. He used the story when christ asks simon peter if he loves him. He asks three times. Its john 21.15-17. It made me think. We all say we love christ, but then there are times when maybe we don`t work as hard, or do what we are supposed to. If we love him, are we doing all we can?

So saturday... we had 1 baptism!!! E_____!! my first baptism again in 4 months!!! I was happy! G___ couldn`t...the thing is that nobody has custody of her. Her parents signed a paper that says they don`t want her basically. The family she lives with is a family that takes in kids for 2 weeks until they have a home...well its been more than 2 weeks so they don`t have custody of her either now. Our mission pres said that if we can have a representative of the ministiry of families sign, she can get baptized. Well saturday  the lady wasn`t working so this week we will get the signature so saturday she can get baptized.  I`m not going to lie. It was hard for me. We brought her to the baptism. She asked me when she could get baptized. I told her the next week. Then after the baptism when we were walking out she says, the next one will be mine. haha. i love her. She liked the baptism though. Her favorite part was when he went under the water. So...E___ is now baptized!!! wahoo!!! haha. They confirmed him after, and we were a bit confused at why. I thought well maybe because he was blessed as a baby and has asisited  (means attended) his whole life its different. Well sunday bishop talked to our District Leader and he was re confirmed sunday. haha. 

After the baptism we went to g___ bday party. It was so cute she kept telling the mom she lives with that she loves her. And sometimes calls her mom. 

Sunday we had 5 investigators. G___ hugged me while I was talking to someone, and it just made me think how much i love these people. really. 

So don`t worry we are being taken care of. We have like 3 dinner appointments on the 24th. We are eating as a zone, then going caroling. Then with a family then with bishop. hahaa!! another family invited us but we don`t have time! here they celebrate the 24th.

Oh i also ate my first nacatamale. Its like a tamale but bigger...a bit more moist and has chicken in it. It`s good. ;) 

well, overall a great week. And here comes another great one! I love you all!!! May the lord be with you!

hermana chase

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still with a mini missionary! And we see a volcano

Family and friends…
Well I have hit my half way mark. Yep. Haha. Crazy right? 9 months. So it looks like transfers are the 3rd of September which is when I will be going home. I will just miss my birthday. So I have decided to wait and celebrate my bday until I get home. ;) haha. Sounds perfect to me!
So I left my notebook in the house of what I wanted to tell you about my week…I hate when that happens…anyways…my stories will be a bit out of order.
So first of all…I am with another companion. Miriam´s mom came down from El Salvador and told her they were leaving Sunday to go to el Salvador por miriams passport. So…Miriam was going to leave Saturday morning…so we needed someone new Friday night. I called our zone leaders to ask what we could do…and I will admit I cried a bit when I got off the phone. I was just so frustrated…I was just being shoved from one missionary to another…and not just missionaries, but jovenes…(young people, not missionaries)  I don´t know if you have ever taught with someone who isn’t a missionary but it is not the same. Now try living with them for a period of time. Its hard. I was doing everything. The only thing they really do is contact. Teaching…no. Planning…no. This whole change I have felt so tired and stressed, and actually angry. I didn`t understand why they didn’t take someone out of a trio and put them with me. I didn`t understand why I had so many companions…So finally that same night they found Nayalih…I did divisions with her once when hermana butler was still here. So since about Saturday morning I have been with her… The night she came when Miriam was still here  I had felt like I had lost it. I ended up talking to my old companion and people from my other area. They gave me a lot of advice. They told me that obviously the Lord has a lot of faith in me and trusts me a  lot to be in charge basically of one area by myself. That I just need to be happy. That I have 4 days left…and I need to just laugh and smile at everything. They helped me a lot. We talked for about more than one hour and that night when I went to bed I felt a lot better. So with Nayalih I have been trying to be more happy. And it´s been good with her. Better than the other times. She at least shares her feelings more in the lessons. Doesn`t teach but talks more than the other missionary. We find out tomorrow who is training and who is going to have changes. So I know I will get a new companion…well I hope I do. Haha.
So our investigator G____…I don`t remember if I told you…so she is awesome. One day we went and I forgot that she had promised to say the prayer. So the first thing she says is, `should I say the opening or closing prayer? Is it okay if I say the closing because I am nervous.`   I had totally forgotten so of course I was so happy!!! She also read the whole chapter we left in the book of mormon. Then she tells us that the lady she sometimes buys coffee from asks her if she is going to buy some. G____ told her, `no. coffee is bad for me now.`   haha! And she is only 13! She is awesome! Then one time we went to visit her and there was a girl in her house drinking coffee. She tells the girl, `you know coffee is bad for you.` and then she looks at me!!! Haha. I loved it! She also moved her baptism date up to her bday. Haha
Our other investigator T____ cried again. She is worried that when she gets home her family won’t accept her. They are evangelicals. So we spent most of the lesson reassuring her. But my goal is to find a scripture for her to help.
Sunday we went for investigators…and nobody!!! So we figured okay…we know G___ and E___ will go. We get to church and it starts…and they aren´t there. Well in order for G___ to get baptized Saturday she has to come to church this Sunday. So after we took the sacrament we decided to leave to see why she didn’t come. She lives with members. So we went and there she was watching tv. So her story is this…she doesn`t know where her parents are…she lives with these people who are members. So the lady tells us she got up at 7 and had things to do and that they are going to Managua in about 30 minutes after she showers…blah blah. I asked if gabriella could go to church with us at least for one hour…but she said there is nobody here to watch her so she has to go with them. I was so upset.  I didn’t show it. But the member knows how important it is that she goes to church this Sunday…we asked if G___ could go to the Christmas devotional that night at 7…she said yes if they were back in time. So we left to go back to church and there was e___!!! So we had one investigator!!!
Then we decided to invite people to the devotional. We went by O___ and he said he would go. He said the reason he hasn’t gone to church with us is fear of what the people will say and think. So we told him what time we would go by. When it was time we went for G___…she was home. Turns out they didn’t go to Managua…ya. Anyway we took her to go get O___. We get there and he doesn`t answer. G___ said she saw him shake his finger no through the hole. So we left for other people…but they weren`t home. We returned back for O___ and this time his door was open. He says, `oh my son is  at a bday party and it wouldn´t be good If I left him. My dad wasn’t a great dad, and I want to be a good dad…´ blah blah. I told him he could be a good example for his son and actually go to church and show him that you want to change and be better…cuz that is what he always tells us…he stared at me…and then blah blah came out of his mouth. He didn`t go. The next appointment I am going to tell him straight up. And if possible bring bishop. He always has excuses.
The devotional was good. I am sure you guys saw it. The music was beautiful. Which Is what I was looking forward to.  Haha
Today for pday we went to the VOLCANO!!! As a zone!!! It was okay.

Well next week I will let you know what happens with changes. Something I have realized in these nine months. The Lord really does know us better than we know ourselves. He knows what we need to get to our potential. Even if we don’t know. And  I have realized even more that He loves us. That he trusts us. That he is always there for us…even in our darkest moments. I know we are children of God. That Christ suffered for us. That he can help us. That this is the true church. I love you all!!!
Love, Hermana Chase

Monday, December 2, 2013

mini missionary, still no water and an update on investigators

So I was with a trio for one day. haha. at night they slept before i did...well there are only two had told me i could sleep with one of them but they never told me who. So I ended up sleeping on the floor. I woke up a bit later and was like whoa why is my leg wet...I look and realized it was from the fridge. it was leaking. haha. So i ended moving and sleeping on the other side of the room. in the morning they were like hermana chase! why are you sleeping on the floor! are you crazy?! you should have just pushed me over! haha. 

anyway tuesday I got my new comp..a mini missionary. It is someone who is preparing to go on a mission. She was hermana butlers comp for a bit when her foot was hurt. Anyway, we got lost a bit the first day...I am still learning the area. haha. 
The ward here is good. Every week we meet with the bishop and some leaders and we go over our investigators and who we want to visit with us. I told bishop i want a list of the less active young kids and the members so i can visit and get to know people. 

Being with a mini missionary I have spent a ton of money. Buying her dinner, and  such since she doesn´t have money, I feel bad so i tend to buy things for her. Like she wanted to buy a pen. I Said i could buy it for was like 25 cents. So then the lady was like or there is this...and she shows us a package of pens. My comp looks at me and is like... hermana? I said okay its fine. haha. it was 80 cordobas. still cheap... but still. I am with the mini missionary until changes next week.

So we have an investigator...remember the one with the machete...well he is being ridiculous. he says he is about to leave but was waiting for us to come so he could tell us...when we didnt even have an appointment with him...and he hasn’t gone to church...

We have 2 baptisms for the 14!!! E______l was for the 7th but his family wont be here so he said the 14th...which works out because...

our other investigator a young girl will be baptizeed that day too. We went to teach her and after we sang the song she goes, ´should i say the opening or closing about closing because i am a bit nervous...´ I had totally forgotten that we shook hands that she would pray the next time....she is amazing!!! Then after the lesson she tells us she wants to change her baptism date from the 28th to the 14th...its her bday. well i am not going to say no!!! haha. It was a great lesson with her. The only thing is that she doesn’t know where her parents are. Doesn’t talk to them. She lives with a member. So we have to figure that out. 

Also with T____...she has a baptism date for the 21 i believe it is. Anyway, we went one day with the elders because I forgot how to get there...she had prayed before but this time was different...i could barely hear her...and i thought...oh great...its like the other people who mumble their prayers when others pray out loud...what is she doing...but after the prayer i look up and she was crying. She knows the church is true. she knows it. her fear is that when she goes back to costa rica that the missionaries wont visit, that the church is far, and her family arent members...they are evangelical. It was a good moment. 

We also put a baptism date with another lady who the missionaries when she lived in managua contacted. She had been to church once, but then came here. 

For thanksgiving we met as a zone and had dinner. chicken, salad, fruit, bread, mashed potatoes, and soda. oh and corn. freaking good!!! haha. thanks president russell! 

I have gotten my christmas packages!!! I am excited. I Cant wait to open them! 

we ended up changing houses...the room is a lot bigger and we have 4 rocking chairs! haha. the funny thing is that all the elders helped us move stuff and then one guys dont have a sink. WHAT!?! we look and none of us had realized that before! haha. yep- so no sink. also we dont have water every other day. so we bought a big trash can to fill with water..only we dont have a handle on our shower yet so we cant use our neighbors who are members fill up small buckets for us. haha. 

being with a mini missionary is hard. i feel like i teach everything... i had to call a missionary for advice who had a mini missionary before. I felt stressed. I feel a bit better now. Today I told my companion who she needed to study for...and to always keep their names in mind while she studies...we did practices together to contact people...using the phamplets...and i put a goal with contact one person today using the phamplets and teaching one principle. I don`t know why i have a mini missionary but i know it is for a reason. 
today for pday we went to a small market to look at nicaragua stuff. Oh i bought shoes! mine were dead...there is a payless here. i bought a dress for someone, and some arch supports for my shoes because my feet feel like glass.
anyway, i am learning that there is apparently a lot the lord wants me to learn...i feel like if i go along with it and look for what i can learn in every moment, i will come back a much better person and follower of christ. i love you all!

hermana chase

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

hectic week!

First off, I am sorry I don´t have pics this time. It was a bit hectic and I forgot my chord to transfer my pics. I am sorry! You will understand later why it was hectic.

So to explain a bit about some of our investigators. We have one lady who I love so much.  Her name is T__. Her sister is a member and her brother in law was the bishop before. She lives in costa rica but is here for a bit. So...we started teaching her. We have taught almost everything. She has a baptism date, but we don`t know if she will be here then. But my thinking is that if we can teach everything and she is still here then we will baptize her that next saturday. haha. She went to church for the first time even though she has a hurt knee right now and has to use a cane! I was so happy!

 I also found this girl named G__. She is 13. She is living with members. The family told me they want us to teach her. She had 1 time in church already and then she came this sunday! We are so happy. She actually likes church! And she wants to learn a lot. 

We have another guy who used to  be a leader of a gang. He would carry a machete in his pants and assault people. Anyway he has changed. He wants to change more. He knows that we are there to help him. My last  lesson with him I reminded him how special he is for Heavenly father and that he has a lot of potential. anyway, it was a good lesson. I love reminding of their worth. 

We have another boy who is 12. E___. His family are members, menos  (except) his dad. He has been going to church his whole life so he knows everything. The reason why he wasn`t baptized was because his mom always worked. Anyway, he is super cute.

We have 7 people with baptism dates, and we are looking for families. 

So...I don`t know if you knew but my comp hermana butler had fallen back in september. She was on bed rest for 2 months and had just started working again with me. Well, after a few days of work her foot was bothering her again. So we did divisions everyday for about 4 days. That was hard. Two days I went with a mini missionary, 1 day with a member and another girl who wants to serve a mission. It was hard. I don`t know my area still because I didn`t have my companion to help explain. And I was the one that had to teach everything. The members can help, but only so much. It was tiring. My comp had talked to president and he said he was going to talk to the doctor, but we hadn`t heard anything. So on saturday we called the zone leader who talked to president. He just said to keep working hard like always and not to worry. So she worked saturday and sunday. And her foot wasn`t really bothering her. 

Then sunday night at about 5:30 pm the leaders call and say that hermana butler has emergency changes and they are coming at 8pm. She was sad and started to cry saying she didn´t want to go home. We went home and two other sisters came to help her pack. We packed her things and ate dinner there at the house. Then the elders got there at about 9. I took one pic with hermana butler and then the elders come up to me and say, `hermana chase can you pack things for about 2-3 days...right now please`...okay. so I quickly packed some things. While I was packing the elders freaking left with hermana butler. I didn`t even say goodbye!!! LAME!!! 

So for now I am in a trio with Hermana Herrera, and hermana hansen...i don`t know for how long. The elders don`t know who is coming here or what is going to happen. Kinda stinks. My investigators...I know there are trios out old comp is in a trio so I dont know why he doesnt take one of them to put with me.But oh well....

So that is why I don`t have pics this time. I literally just grabbed garments, and like one outfit to use. I have to go back to the house. 

We did have a slumber party with the hermanas in my zone...but I was so tired I fell asleep before the party happened. haha. 

Well. I want you all to know I love you!!! A lot! On the 6th I hit my nine month mark. 9 months...I can`t believe it. Time flies so quickly. I am grateful for this opportunity I have. I thought I understood how much the gospel meant to me before, but now I really truly understand what it means to me. It is everything. I encourage you all to share the gospel every moment you get. Don`t let one person enter in your life without sharing the gospel. 

Hermana Chase

"Declaring our testimony of the gospel is good, but being a living example of the restored gospel is better. Wishing to be more faithful to our covenants is good; actually being faithful to sacred covenants—including living a virtuous life, paying our tithes and offerings, keeping the Word of Wisdom, and serving those in need—is much better. Announcing that we will dedicate more time for family prayer, scripture study, and wholesome family activities is good; but actually doing all these things steadily will bring heavenly blessings to our lives."
—Dieter F. Uchtdorf,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A new area and another wonderful companion


So I finally left my first area! After 7 months I am now in a new area. So first, my old companion is training again. She is here waiting for her visa. But she has another companion because she is in a trio. A gringa. She came like 1 or 2 changes after me. 

But the important haha. I am in San Carlos, Masaya. You can look at a map to see. It is more of a city. There are banks, taxis, stores, restaurants, PAYLESS, and a super market!!! I love it! This is the tourist place and missionaries want to go here for the souvenirs. So if you want something, tell me. I will buy it here in the market. I want to buy a hammock that says nicaragua. haha. 

Anyway my last day in La Concha was good. When I told hermana arriaza, who cooks lunch for us that I was being transfered  and i was grateful for everything she did, she actually cried. I was surprised. I  wasn’t that close to her or anything, but wow. Then with hermana lourdes, she gave me her earrings. haha. Hermano Douglas who I loved his family said nothing. Just something like, well I hope you come and visit with your new companion. It kinda hurt, but its okay. Hermama Blass gave me a woven purse. And I took a foto with hermano fransisco. Also a family gave me a keychain souvenir. Every apointment gave us food. I was so full! At night I went to pack and I dont know how I packed to come here... seriously. Well I do...I had help from my parents. But I Stayed up until 3 am packing and writing in peoples journals. Then we woke up at 5 am...yes 2 hrs of sleep. We went to managua where we received changes. 

My companion...well in the meeting when they said who I was with, I was nervous. She didn’t come to the changes, so I didn´t know who she was...only that she was a GRINGA. Then I looked at my paper that said I was the companion mayor...( senior comp) WHAT?! My companion is Hermana Butler from colorado and she has about 6 months in the mission. Ya.... I was nervous to be the older companion...everyone says its hard because the older companion takes the hits for everything from president. Anyways, and we don`t know too much spanish. But its been going good. At our district meeting we made a goal for each companionship to contact 20 people each day. And we have done it so far. I am really pushing myself here. Teaching a lot, contacting...we even contacted 2 policemen the other day and taught a bit. haha. I can tell I am going to grow a lot here.

The bishop is great. He went to an apointment with us and teaches wonderfully. He is amazing. The other two elders here in our ward are all the missionaries in this ward are gringos now. haha. 

I got my scripture cases from the ccm finally. my teacher sent them. When I opened them I found a letter from him with CHOCOLATES! haha.It is a bit weird..we report our numbers in english. I had a hard time. I couldnt think of how to say the number 0 haha. But hermana butler and I try to talk in spanish when we can. 

We live with a family...members, but the beginning of december we are going to move because the dad drinks, and wants more money from us and doesn`t want us using his things. One good think I thought was oh we can use their washing machine...but it like doesnt wash good. so i think i will wash by hand still until we move houses and the other lady washes them for us. Anyway, the family sells herbalife...a product to lose weight. And we don`t see them much.

The members like me! Its great. haha. And the investigators. This is a good ward. 

I feel good. Its nice to have a gringa companion. Its definately a challenge. When we don`t understand something or can`t express it well. My comp was on bed rest for her transfer after her training because she hurt her foot, so I am still kinda teaching her how to count numbers. But I just know that this will be good for me. You guys won`t believe I am the same person. I feel like I have changed so much. And I will change even more. Its amazing. These really are the best 18 months. I am learning to think of others, and i am realizing that over time if we keep trying we really can do anything. If we desire. 

I love you all! And wish you all the best week! 

Hermana Chase

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

bats, spiders, ants and now bees! and I might be transferred :)

So this week. haha. First of all, one day we were in our study room when my companion noticed  a few, what would be similar to bees in our room. She looked up at the light and there were about 30 of them flying around! We didn´t understand why, so we quickly took our things and closed this door. The next morning, we went outside and realized they were building their home outside our house!!! So we had our neighbor try to get rid of them. He tried getting rid of them with fire haha. I don´t know what he did, or why they left, but they are now gone. haha.

So on tuesday our district leader called us and told us he talked to the lawyer and if we could pull the papers and get the money today, that F__ could be divorced by friday, and baptized saturday before I leave. So we quickly went to his house but he wasn´t home. We talked with his family and they were sure that he would say yes.  They explained they had 1000 and hermana santos and I were going to pay 1000 and the elders 500....cordobas. So while we tried to call him, Hermana santos and I went to the office to pull the papers. Once we got there we got a hold of F___ but he said that he didn´t have the money, that it would be better to wait until he got home the next night to the end we didn´t pull the papers. So the next day we went and we decided to not say anything about his divorce. To wait until he said something. Well, he didn´t say anything. So he has the desire, but not so much,  in that,  he wants others to do everything. He had this one golden opportunity and he let it pass by. We will see what happens now.

 Well, I don´t know if you can believe it, because I can´t. But I have 8 months in the mission now. Less than a year left. Crazy right?! I still can´t believe it. I feel like I haven´t quite learned enough to be at 8 months haha.

We had a neat experience with a new investigator. It was our second lesson with her and we taught lesson 3-the gospel of jesus christ. When we were walking to her house and I looked at dates we could possibly put for baptism. When we got to the end of the lesson I ended up putting a date with her. I first asked if she would follow christ and she said yes. Sometimes people say yes because they don´t understand me. So I wanted to make sure. I told her we like to put goals, and how about the 7 of december. She said yes. I still couldn´t believe it. She goes, so I am going to be baptized the 7th? We said yes, its a goal. she says, okay then, I am going to pray to see if this is right so that I can be baptized on the 7th. She basically put her own date haha. It was a pretty neat experience.

 Hermana santos was sick this week so we didn´t work as much. And now I don’t feel too good. But, I can still work.

So president changed things. Usually if you are training you find out a week in advance. And there is a meeting you go to. Now, you don´t find out until sunday night and transfers are on wednesday. and you have the meeting with your new comp! yikes! Well, my comp is going to train again! is most likely that I will leave finally. haha. I am a bit scared. haha. Being in one area with the same people for 7 months is a long time. And sometimes I wonder why I was here for so long. If I really did all that I was supposed to. I don´t know. But I hope so. The thing is , that this transfer is only 4 weeks instead of 6. And then the next transfer is 8 weeks! crazy right?

We had a little fun and decorated towels with the relief society. Not too hard and they are pretty. More for decoration though.
Overall, a good week. I think the reason I was here for so long was to progress personally. I don´t feel like I helped too many people here, but I do feel like I have changed.
a quote...sorry its in spanish.
´no hay ni uno solo de nosotros que no sea receptor del amor de Dios. No hay nadie entre nosotros hacia quien Êl no haya demostrado interès y tratado con afecto. No hay nadie a quien Êl no tenga el deseo de salvar y para quien no haya preparado una forma de lograrlo. No hay ni una sola persona a la cual Dios no haya enviado àngeles para que lo cuiden. Tal vez seamos insignificantes e indignos ante nuestros propios ojos y ante los ojos de los demàs, pero la verdad es que somos hijos de Dios y que Êl nos ha puesto bajo el cuidado de su àngeles-seres invisibles de fuerza y poderìo-y ellos nos protegen y velan por nosotros´- pres george q cannon

I love you all, and I am grateful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary. I have learned more and more how to love others and put others first before ourselves. Its a bit hard at times. But I realize when I put others first I Forget about myself and my problems and things are good. I know this gospel is true and I am grateful for it in my life.

Hermana Chase

(translation of quote thanks to Dad and Google!)

There is not one of us but what God's love has been expended upon. There is not one of us that He has not cared for and caressed. There is not one of us that He has not desired to save and that He has not devised means to save. There is not one of us that He has not given His angels charge concerning. We may be insignificant and contemptible in our own eyes and in the eyes of others, but the truth remains that we are the children of God and that He has actually given His angels-invisible beings of power and might-charge concerning us, and they watch over us and have us in their keeping...

Gospel Truth Discourses and writings of George Q. Cannon

Monday, November 4, 2013

Divisions, Halloween, Positive outlook

So I am going to write day by day. I always use my journal to write letters, because i always forget things. 

One day elder Garcia accidentally spilled smoothie on my backpack, but I couldn´t wash it, because I had divisions with the zone next day and so i just kinda washed it with a rag. For divisions I was with Hermana Pimentel in Rivas. She is 23 and from El salvador. She is super nice. She is in training still! only has 1 month here. So teaching with her was  a bit wierd. I took the lead in all the lessons, even though it wasn´t my area, and I even was the one to put a baptism date with someone. Wow her area is amazing. One joven  (young man) is super ready. He said yes he would be baptized if he gets an answer because if this is the restored church, then he needs to. We contacted some great people, and it was a great experience for me. At the end of the day, my head hurt and I was super tired. A day as a mom for me. haha. Hermana pimentel is a convert...about 3 years. it amazes me these people who serve with so little time in the gospel. People are joking that I was with her to get prepared to train this transfer. We find out who trains tomorrow.

We started teaching an 11 year old girl. She has been going to church for years on and off and they just realized now she isn´t a member. Our first time teaching only a child. We talked about baptism. She said she was baptized at age 5 in the catholic church...which is harder because she remembers it. We left a verse to read in the Book Of Mormon and told her to pray. 

This week we taught some new people, who are fairly positive compared to the people we have now. 

Halloween here...its wierd. a bit scary. There is like a parade of people dressed up with music,and they walk in the street.But I don’t know how to explain it. It felt more satanic than anything. they don’t ask for candy or anything. mainly just dress up scary and idk....we  returned to our house a bit early that day, haha

Friday we had our district meeting. I got cards from becca, sister peterson, brother king, pres markham, and grandpa alatorre. Hermana Santos gave the lesson on faith and diligence. 

We taught a new joven. (young man)  Hermano M___. We had planned on teaching lesson 3 and after we talked about faith, I asked how he was with his prayers. He said he doesn’t pray too much.  We ended up talking about prayer and then the church. He says he isn’t ready to go to church. He had good questions. Like, do you think that you have to go to church to believe in god? There was a moment where I almost cried. I was explaining about prayer and asking if he REALLY understood that he is a child of God. that he is special to him. I remember an apostle said that when we truly understand we are children of God, it is easier to pray because we understand that we are just talking to our father. 

Then we were fasting because it is the first sunday. We actually found Ma___ and he talked a lot more, and actually said he would go to church. We told him we would pass by in the morning. Then we had planned on talking to fransisco about his divorce and that he needs to work more on his part, and not just us. 

I ended up talking to my comp because I feel like sometimes I am not guided by the spirit a lot. We had a good talk. And she always tells me that I am kind, and am always looking for ways to serve people. That I am humble. That I am different than other norte americanos. She said its usually the latinos that serve and are loving, but that I am like that. Also Elder trujillo said I am humble. They always say that I never do anything wrong, that I am innocent, humble..etc. Sometimes its a bit hard when they say that because I don’t feel like i actually live up to that. I feel like I make mistakes all the time.. That I am not humble. But I am trying to be the best person I can be. 

Sunday was a bit hard. We woke up at 5:30 for ward council., And literally like 4 people showed up. It wasn´t until 8 when about 8 people came. We left at 8 to go for our investigators. Well s___ and his We went for a___, and she said she couldn’t go because her husband was super drunk and she didn’t have the keys to lock her house. She said its hard to live like this, but she would try to find someone who could watch the house. We had planned their wedding and baptism for her this sat...but now we don’t know if they are going to separate or what. hermana hassel called and said she couldn’t go for ma___. So we did. and he wasn’t home. During church I don’t know why, but I just felt like crying and sleeping. That night I reflected back, and thought that sometimes I feel like since we are fasting, that everything should go great. But sometimes I think that when things don´t go right when we fast, it is to try our faith and patience. 

I read a talk entitled, how can i be a successful missionary? by lauren bangerter wilde. It is EXACTLY how I feel. It is in the oct liahona. read it if you want to know. Some quotes I liked:
-we set goals to show our faith. We follow up on goals to count our blessings.

-i could not control whether or not the people in my mission would accept the gospel message, but i could control the type of missionary i chose to be

-discouragement will weaken your faith. if you lower your expectations, your effectiveness will decrease, your desire will weaken, and you will have greater difficulty following the spirit.

-alma 29:14-16

-when you have done your very best, you may still experience disappointments, but you will not be disappointed in yourself. you can feel certain that the lord is pleased when you feel the spirit working through you.

the work of the lord is hastening. ´as surely as the lord has inspired more missionaries to serve, he is also awakening the minds and opening the hearts of more good and honest people to receive his missionaries.' -neil l andersen

Well. after studying all that, I have decided to strive even harder to be better. to point out the positives, and not the negatives. To not compare my success with others. To just work hard, and enjoy my time here. 

I love you all. thank you for the letters, prayers and your love. 

Ps...I will finish 8 months this week...the 6th...crazy how fast time flies. 

hermana chase

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Top to bottom: Attack of the ants (white things are eggs), a typical bathroom and shower (not ours), wash day by hand, a typical kitchen, cleaning day

ants, contacts and insights

So we have changed our place for lunch. We now eat with family arriaza. Super good food! And more comfortable. We eat lunch with her family and kids, so it is a lot more fun and comfortable.  They have someone who works for them half day and cooks lunch, so that might be why also. Haha.
We found out that our investigator Ana,  lives with her boyfriend. We ended putting a baptism date with him too now. They are super poor. They don’t ever have water. Sometimes no food. They bathe at a house across the street. Sunday her husband couldn’t go to church because he didn’t have any clean clothes.
I drew a picture of Pinnochio this week. Wow!! I think my drawing skills have improved haha. The gifts you receive while on your mission. Haha. I am going to give it to Karla, who always gives me drawings.
I was a little sick this week…but that didn’t stop me from working. I always feel guilty if I don’t work.
It was amazing…the four of us missionaries made it a goal to read alma 26 and then talk about what we learned. I have read this chapter many times before. In fact the scripture on my plaque is from this chapter…but wow…my mind was taken away this time. I learned so much. I wrote about 2 pages of notes from it. One thing I will share. In verses  17-20…before he had been trying to destroy the church, and he says he cant believe the lord is merciful and loving to him. You look now and he has blessings, and success. I feel like this at times. Maybe I am not trying to destroy the church, but there are days when maybe I don’t work as hard, or have a bad attitude. And yet there are days where the lord is still super loving and shows his mercy towards me. I receive many blessings.
We had interviews with president Russell, our mission president. He asked about goals, and we put some goals to accomplish each day with lessons and contacts. He asked if I was studying Spanish in the mornings. I admitted no. This change I haven´t. I don’t know…we are always doing something, or our companion study goes longer. He asked about my obedience. It was good.
One day we woke up early to wash our clothes. Only we couldn’t find the keys. So we started cleaning the house. Well, haha, hermana santos opens up a drawer that we have never touched. She opens it, and slams it closed. She then opens the other and yells ´ormigas!´ Which means ants. She takes the drawer and puts it on the floor and it was like a bomb! They go everywhere! I yell, ´no mi cama!!!´ my bed!!! We grab the brooms and start brushing them. We grab the drawers and take them outside. It was terrible. They were tons of eggs too. I wanted the cabinet out of the house, but we ended up moving it into the other room. We took paper and lit the paper on fire to kill the ants. Now they are all gone, but man…in the end..the keys were on hermana santos´desk…I don’t know how…because we looked there. Haha. 
This same day we were walking at about 6:30 pm and some guys walk by and one says ´buenas noche señorita´and brushes my arm. It was the weirdest feeling ever. Let me just say, when a stranger touches you, and you don’t want to be touched, it feels weird. Well, always when one thing like this happens, it happens more than once in one day. We were buying bread at a corner of a street. A guy on a bike rode up to the curb and so I started to move so he could buy some. He goes, ´don’t worry gringa, I’m not going to rob you. If I wanted to rob you…´he nods and looks at my backpack. I  kinda laugh and say, ´yo sé´. I know. He goes to shake my hand and my thought was, well I am going to contact him. But then he says, ´mucho gusto Hermosa´ and so we just left. It means like pleased to meet you beautiful. 
This week I also read Alma 46 about the title of liberty. I realized wow you could apply this in many ways. In verse 12 is what they fought for. The reason they were fighting. In verse 36 Moroni put it up EVERYWHERE as a reminder. My first thought was, why resist temptation? Why do we say no? Why are we fighting against satan? So I made my own banner for why I am resisting temptation. Then I was thinking this is why our leaders always say to have the word implanted in your heart. So when temptation comes you can say no. Like they planted the titled of liberty. I then thought of why I am here fighting past the hard days to serve a mission. Then I thought this would be great to do with people who accept a baptism date. Why do they want to be baptized and then plant the paper in their house.
My convert valeria told us something interesting. She is a counselor in primary. Well the president told her that she doesn’t want her as her counselor and other stuff. Valeria was heartbroken and her boyfriend also was upset. The bishop talked to her though and told her he is the ONLY one who can release her. She explained to me that for this same person, is the reason another lady doesn’t go to church. It breaks my heart that people are so  judgemental.
We visited fransisco. We are trying to solve his divorce before I go. He is going to sell his bike for 1000 and hermana santos and I are going to pay for 1000. He is going to pay for the other 1000. He told me before I leave he wants a photo to put up  in his house. Also he said, ´hermana chase you cant baptize right…because you don’t have the priesthood.´I told him no I couldn’t. but it was sweet to think that if I did, he would probably ask me.
This week our goal  was to contact 100 people…on Sunday alone we contacted 77 people and met our goal by 1 more. Haha
We also dropped some investigators so we are looking for new ones which is a bit hard…
Lastly…I read a talk ´his grace is sufficient ´by brad Wilcox. He compared the grace of Christ to a child learning to play piano. For example if the mom pays the teacher, she can ask her child for something cuz she paid the debt in full. What does she ask? That her child practices. However, the childs practice does not repay the debt, but shows his appreciation. Its how the child takes advantage of this opportunity his mom gave him to have the best life. The moms joy is found in seeing her child using this gift and improving. Sometimes the child might feel like its too hard, that it will take forever to get it right. But when the child hits  a wrong note, we don’t say he is not worthy to keep practicing. Only that he keeps trying. Perfection is the ultimate goal, but be content with the progress in the right direction. ´there should never be just two options: perfection or giving up.´
´grace is our constant energy source. It is not the light at the end of the tunnel but the light that moves us through the tunnel.´
´Except  in the case of His only perfect Begotten son, imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. That must be terribly frustrating to Him, but he deals with it. So should we…so  be patient and kind and forgiving.´-elder Jeffery r Holland
I love you all!!! Thank you for all your prayers and letters!
 Hermana Chase

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scary experience where we knew we were protected

Buenas! hehehe
Okay family and friends,
So we found someone to divorce F who can do it in one week...but it costs 3000 cordobas. Which is about 120 dollars. Or someone who can do it in about 1-2 months for 1800 cordobas. Depending on how much fransisco can pay, our district might pay some. But what we are going to do first, is check to see if la concha has a record of his marriage. I guess an investigator in another area had this happen. where they didn´t have a record of his marriage so he didn´t need to get divorced. haha. So we will see what happens.

So one day we didn’t have water or light. And  the same day pretty much all of our appointments fell through. We went with our ward mission leader to visit one of our less active families. When we were walking I saw a man... well, peeing. Well, I just saw his back. After, our mission leader asked if I saw who it was. I said no. He said it was the member we were going to visit and he was drunk. I knew he had a problem with drinking, but when I was with hermana Puyol he had stopped and was going to church and everything. That was the first time I had actually seen him drunk. It was sad. I love that family. He is super nice, and when he isn´t drunk he reads the scriptures. It was weird and sad to see him drunk. He was calling me baby and stuff. I haven´t seen him since. We need to visit them again.

Hermana  Hassel had a reference for us. So we went to teach him. Ivan. He is about our age. She wanted us to put a baptism date in the first lesson because she said he is prepared. So we did. This same day we were walking through the park and we ran into FERNANDO!!!! He explained to us that he was sad that hermana flores is gone, but happy that she is with her family. He said he had been in Managua. What happened was his friend was abusing his girlfriend (not fernandos) and so he stepped in to stop it, and went to jail. I don´t know what is true or not, but we found him and is back here in la concha. We told him to come to church Sunday but he said he didn´t feel ready. I explained that often times when we feel alone or troubled is when we need the gospel most. So we put an appointment to meet with him after church but he never showed up…

Our less active member V…her sister is super sick and in the hospital. Basically they are waiting for her to die. She is throwing up blood, cant eat, and I guess they are going to try to put a tube in her throat…like smokers. Super sad. And she is family of the bishop and fransisco…pretty much the whole ward so they are always looking out for each other.

I helped shuck corn..,.I think that is what it is called. When you peel the corn off the stick thing. Haha. Wow. I got blisters from it!
 I´m serious. But a fun first and last experience haha!

Our lesson with M. Her thinking is she wants to go to church for months before she considers baptism…but she hasn’t been to church yet. She always says…well it depends on if I wake up and feel like going. The sad and and funny thing is that she lives IN FRONT of the church. Like a 30 second walk.

So one night we we were walking to our house and there was no light in the street. Well only at the end of the street. We were using our flashlight. Hermana Santos started to say, you know what…´but then stopped. What she was going to say was…today I felt like I didn´t have the spirit with me. (keep this in mind). There apparently had been been further back some men and so she turned to see if they were still there and saw a man walking behind us walking slowly and quietly. So we quickly walked faster and waited for the elders at a house with light. I tell you, hermana Santos may have felt like she didn’t have the spirit with her, but I know that she did. We waited for awhile and decided to walk to our house again. We got all the way to our gate, and felt bad and quickly walked away and decided to wait for the elders. When the elders arrived they walked us to our house and we checked the house. The problem was our house didn’t have light. The power was out. So that made it worse. But thanks to a Father in heaven who loves us and watches our for his servants, we were fine.

Sunday the investigators we went for didn’t come. But the elders had a referecnce for us that came to church on her own!  Awesome huh? In the morning we went for Ivan. But like I said he didn´t come. We waited, because he said he was going to shower and them come, but didn´t. Then that night we ran into S in the street and talked with him. We were planning on visiting them right now, but he told us that his ´wife´moved out and is living with her mom. That for the moment he doesn´t want to fix things. Then we saw his ´wife´so we talked to her. She told us that well there were problems and things that she can´t forgive. She knows that they should talk, but she wants to talk and not yell. Anyway we gave her our number again in case they need anything. I don’t know how we are going to visit them now. Or if we ever will. But I can tell you that hermana Santos and I walked away crying and we ended up sitting in front of the church for a bit. It just breaks my heart that this family is falling apart. And I dont know, maybe for the situation and the problems, its better. But I have known them since april and I have come to love them. I want the best for them. And now that they are separated I don’t know if they will go to church.

Sometimes I feel like I can´t help these people. And in this case, maybe I cant. I never knew a mission would be this hard. There are definitely hard times and good times. But I am grateful for the opportunity to know these people. It is just hard sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I am not guided by the spirit. The wife gave an example of a lesson we gave that was exactly what was happening in their family, and well It was the idea of hermana flores not me. But, I really do wish the best for this family. I am truly understanding that every person is a child of God and is special. I am grateful for this opportunity to be here serving.

Hermana chase

´our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we stand up, dust ourselves off, and stride forward.´
- president dieter f uchtdorf