Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 weeks!!!

I have exactly 14 days until I leave for Nicaragua. It's a little crazy! People keep asking me if I am nervous and/or excited. And I have been mostly excited. I have of course had my ups and downs of nerves, but for the most part I have been excited. With only 2 weeks left I still don't feel like I am actually leaving for a mission, yet alone to Nicaragua. And looking at others who are preparing for missions, I sometimes feel like I am not quite ready yet.

However, today in my New Testament Institute class, we discussed Luke 10 which is the parable of the Good Samaritan. We talked about who each person could represent, and how it could apply to our lives. One option that we talked about was that the Samaritan could be Christ. In the story the Samaritan finds this man who has been beaten, and stripped, and he picks up him and fixes his wound. The Samaritan then takes the man to the Inn, and tells the worker that he will pay whatever it takes to take care of this man. Christ does that for us. He picks us up with compassion and takes care of us, and he has paid for sins and our pain, and He will no matter the cost....because He loves us that much.

A student in the class brought up another scenario that we could use for this parable. He said that it could apply to missionaries. The missionaries could be the good Samaritan as they bring those lost souls to the gospel. The missionaries (Samaritan) pick up those who are lost and have compassion on them, and bring them to the church (the Inn). Then the members (the care taker) help to take care of those investigators, to help bring them back to Heavenly Father. This example made me look at this parable in a whole new light since I leave for my mission in 14 days.

This lesson made me realize how important it is to have compassion for others and help those I see. We are responsible for those who come across our path.

As I got into the car to go home I got this feeling that I am ready for my mission. As long as I love the people, and serve anyone and everyone I come in contact with, I feel like I will be okay. It was an wonderful feeling.

It is kind of interesting that I am not freaking out. I am someone who needs to know everything and have everything laid out, but with this mission I am walking in not really knowing what's ahead of me. And yet, I'm not freaking out. I am very grateful for moments like today where I feel ready and at peace.

Just 14 days until I will be stepping off the plane to the Guatemala MTC!

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