Tuesday, March 26, 2013

love mail 3/26/13

so we moved into el CCM. We have 2 latina roommates. one from mexico
going to argentina, one from el savador going to mexico i think. our
room has a bathroom!!!we got lucky!!! Anyone prayed for that? haha.
Other people have to share the community one. My first shower here was
amazing...hot and lots of water.
I only had one day where I broke down finally. in my 3rd week. not bad
i say. i was just overwhelmed with spanish and not learning, and
having to teach in spanish that i was  crying overeverything. but i
met with teachers and made goals...learn 5 words a day, write 5
sentences with those words, have latinas check them, talk to latinas,
and read BofM side by side-so helpful!!! and do english fast after
Dad, before i forget, can you call the credit card company so they
know its not stolen so i can use it a lot. thanks.
So friday we taught a less active...only he didnt speak spanish..he
spoke keechay...they speak it in parts of quetzaltenago. i learn
smile=sek, jesucristo= ka kwa, and nice to meet you=ma so lach o. :)
best day this week...we got to leave el CCM and talk to people! We
could go to temple, or around the block. we chose temple. we talked to
one guy who has a son on a mission in mexico veracruz. he showed us a
letter in spanish that said his son got called as district leader. He
told us we were too pretty to be missionaries, that god loved us a lot
and that we will be blessed and that we are princesses of Dios and
will have the gift of tongues. and that we speak well. We then talked
to a woman who said that nicaragua is muy calor. we talked about pets
in guatemala. she said her fav food is carnesada. we wanted to talk to
kids, but ran out of time.
becca, sounds like you had a great bday!!! i got your letter in the
mail! awesome!!! what they do  is each night at 9:10 they come around
to the classes and read the names of those who got mail...i was THE
ONLY one in my class!!! so thank you!!! it feels so good to get
mail!!! I love you!!! letters take 2 weeks to get here. so after this
next tuesday...the beginning of April send them to my mission home
please or i wont get them. thanks. i love you guys.
so much to say...but cant. sorry familia y amigos. I love you all! AND
i promise you the church is true, and when you live righteously you
will be  blessed.
love, hermana chase

Thursday, March 21, 2013

other news from the first week (excerpts from a letter)

We only get 30 minutes to email. I had so much to say, didn't get to write everything. A few of the girls were sad after emailing and were crying. It's because we didn't have time. I didn't cry but I was sad that I didnt write everything. I think being away at school helped.

So today is Pday and we went to the temple. It was really emotional being in the temple. Everything just felt so familiar and peaceful. I missed the temple.

I have no idea when I will do laundry. We have 1 machine for 20 girls. Our water is shut off so...I can't shower either...living the Nicaragua life already. I haven't showered for three days.
I want you to know I am doing great. Some moments are hard but I am fine. Taking a day at a time. My companion is super nice. It's getting hot here but sooo windy!


Hola Familia and Amigos,
I have not read my emails yet. I only have 30 minutes and I have so
much to say. So I will read them after...so sorry if I dont read it.
Today we actually got to leave the CCM and we went into the city. We
first drove to a stake center. On the way we saw a volcano. It was
huge!!! And awesome. We wrote letters and played sports at the stake
center. Then we went to...WALMART! haha. It was awesome. We only had
30 minutes so we booked it. All I got was paper and envelopes to write
Let me just say...um...we rode there on a huge bus...and it was the
scariest thing ever. And I mean ever. They drive crazy here...like
stop signs here don't mean stop. They mean if you want to stop, you
can. No joke. It's scary. haha. Then we went to the temple and that
was great. I love going to the temple. Our temple president and his
wife led the session for us. It was great. I love being in the
celestial room. It is always so peaceful, and being here I always cry.
We missionaries dont do the prayer circle, so  mom I kinda miss doing
that haha.
Then we came back and the new cafeteria was ready! Its so nice!!! and
big!!! We are all excited! Oh, BIG NEWS...we moved into the LA CCM
today!!! YAY! We have our own shower and toilet in our room. So far
its just me and my companion sister Nielson...but tomorrow we get 3
new latina sisters!!! Most of the latinos are gone...moved today. But
I saw the table of new name tags...there are more than 40 people
coming in tomorrow. CRAZY!!!!
So my companion and I had a meeting with my teacher, and we discussed
things we wanted help with. I said language. So somtime this week he
is going to help me make a lesson to learn spanish. I need it. I feel
like I haven't progressed at all this week. Even though my teacher
says I have.
Speaking of teachers, our classes after dinner are all in SPANISH!!!
So naturally I dont understand everything, but ya. Kinda crazy.
OH! my ankle...just about normal looking. You would never know it was
swollen. haha
Dad, I got your dear elder letter. It takes about 1 1/2 weeks to get
here. Thank you! When they were handing them out I was like I won't
get one...but lo and behold I did!!! So thank you!
We got our cameras to take pics of the city and the temple, but I cant
send them to you until after I get to nicaragua. sorry. But soon! i
I love you all! we listened to a devotional today by Bednar that was
amazing! It was about the character of christ. How he always turns
outward when we normally turn inward. How when christ had just bled
from every pore and taken the sins upon him, and the guards ear was
cut off, he healed the guard. When most people would not have even
cared about the mans ear, here was christ healing him. When christ was
on the cross, he told people to look after his mother. My goal, or
committment for you all is to strive for that character of christ. Do
not get to know about christ, but of christ. To turn outward when we
would normally turn inward.
Also, thank you ronda, sister P, and grandma for writing. In the CCM I
cant email you, but once I am in my mission I can. Thank you!
I love you all! Love, Hermana Chase

Thursday, March 14, 2013

first week in ccm

Hola Familia y Amigos,
So the CCM is good. They kinda "separate" the latinos and the nortes
as we call ourselves here. For meals, the men eat outside in a tent
and all the girls eat inside, of course at different times.
Sundays we have exchanges, so this past sunday I was paired with a
latina. Luckily she knew some english. She was so nice helping me
learn spanish. Church is all in spanish and they randomly call people
to give talks so you have to prepare one every week on a certain
topic...oh ya in spanish. Ha.Ha. Ha. :)
So I guess I will break the bad news first. My first week here and I
have an infection in my foot. yep. an infection. My left ankle is
twice the size it should plus purple and red looking. It was awful
looking. Luckily a hermana in my district made me go see the el
presidente and he called the doctor and that was emotional. I was so
afraid I was going to have to go home because I wasnt sure what was
wrong. It turns out that I think what happened was the water here got
into my wart I had removed and totally infected my whole foot. Thats
how bad the water is here. More stories of the water to follow. Like,
when you wash your hands you have wipe the counter or else the water
will leave stains. Or if you use the water to get a stain off your
skirt...it removes the stain, but leaves a nasty water stain. yep.
true story right there. Anyway, I was given medicine to take twice a
day...only capsule form. I cant swallow pills...so at meals I open it
up and pour it on my food. That was emotional at first because I was
afraid I wouldnt be able to do it, but now I am okay and the ankle is
looking better. I can almost see the bone that is supposed to be there
hahaha :)
I also met with the doctor when he was here to make sure it was okay.
there is only one doctor for all of central america so he is only here
about once a week. there are like 20 nurses throughout though. the
doctor just said it might take longer to heal because I am always
walking or sitting.
Oh also this sunday our district along with another sang "a childs
prayer" in spanish. It went well. Our church is on the temple grounds.
So we go through the temple to get to the church which is down behind
the temple. We have 2 relief societies in English. and sunday school
with another norte district. we teach. so about 4-5 companionships
Our district has a trio of boys and 8 girls. So 11 total. we have
personal study in our class so we are qith our district like all day.
We are distrito Mateo y Rama B. We have one teacher who teaches in the
day, Hermano L.  y one teacher that teaches at night, Hermana
Teaching our investigator is going good. We bore our testimony one
lessons and it was really emotional and Pedro even got emotional.
Sunday we had a helath class about stress. It was great. Quote:
"forget yourself and get to work" -pres hinckleys father. They talked
about not worrying about the language and that it will come. It helped
relieve stress haha.
My teacher hermano L is big on relying on the spirit. he returned from
his mission about 1 year ago.
We also watched the joseph smith movie on sunday. It touched me in a
diff way than ever before. The quote at the end of the movie. I
realize that I am a missionary and I am preaching what joseph fought
so hard for. also a quote: "when you cant sleep, dont count sheep.
talk to the shepherd instead."

Also found out that next week they are starting to send the latinos to
the Mexico MTC so here eventually will be half nortes y half latinos.
cool huh? speaking of this, next week my pday will be tuesday because
of this.
We taught a lesson today to another companionship in my class and it
went so well! Nailed it! in english of course. haha.
Mom, dont worry, every night we are driven home. A worker drives us
home at 9. On sundays the men in our districs walk us home-some in
front and some in back so we are in the middle. also there are guards
that follow us to and from during the day.
good news, next week when some latinos leave we should be able to move
in to la CCM and the elders will move out. PLEASE let that happen.

average day in CCM:
6:30 awake, 7:30 breakfast, 8-9 personal study, 9-10 language study,
then we have either spanish lessons and or TALL lan which is a spanish
program on the computer, 12 lunch, then more classes, 5 dinner, then
more study and class and teaching investigator. 9 go home, 10:30 bed.
finally did my hair by straightening it on monday. first time ever.
wont be happening often. oh i love it at meals, people say "bon
provecho" which is like good eats, hope you are satisified. You also
say "gracias". try it :) also ive learned when people great you, you
say the same exact thing back. like buenos dias.
out of time, but at exercise time i went and talked to a latino...3
min left. sorry i had so  much more to say. i am doing okay. pdays
stink with laundry. only one machine. but what can you do.....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Days at the CCM

Hola Familia y amigos, I don´t know how to enter on this thing so
there will be no indents or paragraphs. I apologize. This keyboard is
a little tricky. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I made it to the
CCM. There were 29 missionaries on my flight. 4 of us going to
Nicaragua, and believe it or not...15 of us sisters...thats half of
the missionaries! Crazy huh? So the elders are staying at the CCM, but
us sisters are staying at a place across from the temple. There are
about 8 to a room, and so about 2 showers for each room. We are living
out of our suitcases, and since I had literally packed and everything
so tightly it sucks. I kinda repacked to find things better. Showers
stink because you have to undress and  try to change in the tiny stall
and then go in the showers...but oh well. Anyway, the first day
everybody was speaking spanish. Man oh man. I was nervous. They would
speak in spanish and then english. Our first spanish lesson was about
basic conversations. The food is pretty good here. They switch between
central america food and just "normal" food. I´ve been trying to eat
all the food they give me but it is sooo much that sometimes I can´t.
For breakfast today we had tortilla things with eggs and beans and
ham. Anyway, today our spanish lesson was on how to pray. I can now
pray...SIMPLY in spanish, but hey its a start. It actually was very
emotional for me as I was trying to say it. Our teacher, Hermano L. is
a great teacher. He mentioned today that if we learn the beginning and
the end then everything in the middle will come to us. By the way...a
real investigator named Pedro comes today and we have to teach him.
Luckily its its in english..tomorrow its half english and spanish.
Wow...oh and a latino lady tried telling me I had blanco spots on my
skirt...after about 3 minutes I finally understood what she was
saying. haha. I am doing much better. I am fine with the language
study, believe it or not, its actually the housing situtation that
bothers me. Just living out of my suitcase with no space and showers.
But about our third week...the week of holy or lent we will move into
the CCM. Well, I only about 5 minutes just to tell you that I am alive
and well. Oh my companion  is also going to
Nicaragua Managua South. Well, I love you all and I will talk to you
later. Hermana Chase