Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Days at the CCM

Hola Familia y amigos, I don´t know how to enter on this thing so
there will be no indents or paragraphs. I apologize. This keyboard is
a little tricky. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I made it to the
CCM. There were 29 missionaries on my flight. 4 of us going to
Nicaragua, and believe it or not...15 of us sisters...thats half of
the missionaries! Crazy huh? So the elders are staying at the CCM, but
us sisters are staying at a place across from the temple. There are
about 8 to a room, and so about 2 showers for each room. We are living
out of our suitcases, and since I had literally packed and everything
so tightly it sucks. I kinda repacked to find things better. Showers
stink because you have to undress and  try to change in the tiny stall
and then go in the showers...but oh well. Anyway, the first day
everybody was speaking spanish. Man oh man. I was nervous. They would
speak in spanish and then english. Our first spanish lesson was about
basic conversations. The food is pretty good here. They switch between
central america food and just "normal" food. I´ve been trying to eat
all the food they give me but it is sooo much that sometimes I can´t.
For breakfast today we had tortilla things with eggs and beans and
ham. Anyway, today our spanish lesson was on how to pray. I can now
pray...SIMPLY in spanish, but hey its a start. It actually was very
emotional for me as I was trying to say it. Our teacher, Hermano L. is
a great teacher. He mentioned today that if we learn the beginning and
the end then everything in the middle will come to us. By the way...a
real investigator named Pedro comes today and we have to teach him.
Luckily its its in english..tomorrow its half english and spanish.
Wow...oh and a latino lady tried telling me I had blanco spots on my
skirt...after about 3 minutes I finally understood what she was
saying. haha. I am doing much better. I am fine with the language
study, believe it or not, its actually the housing situtation that
bothers me. Just living out of my suitcase with no space and showers.
But about our third week...the week of holy or lent we will move into
the CCM. Well, I only about 5 minutes just to tell you that I am alive
and well. Oh my companion  is also going to
Nicaragua Managua South. Well, I love you all and I will talk to you
later. Hermana Chase

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