Thursday, March 14, 2013

first week in ccm

Hola Familia y Amigos,
So the CCM is good. They kinda "separate" the latinos and the nortes
as we call ourselves here. For meals, the men eat outside in a tent
and all the girls eat inside, of course at different times.
Sundays we have exchanges, so this past sunday I was paired with a
latina. Luckily she knew some english. She was so nice helping me
learn spanish. Church is all in spanish and they randomly call people
to give talks so you have to prepare one every week on a certain
topic...oh ya in spanish. Ha.Ha. Ha. :)
So I guess I will break the bad news first. My first week here and I
have an infection in my foot. yep. an infection. My left ankle is
twice the size it should plus purple and red looking. It was awful
looking. Luckily a hermana in my district made me go see the el
presidente and he called the doctor and that was emotional. I was so
afraid I was going to have to go home because I wasnt sure what was
wrong. It turns out that I think what happened was the water here got
into my wart I had removed and totally infected my whole foot. Thats
how bad the water is here. More stories of the water to follow. Like,
when you wash your hands you have wipe the counter or else the water
will leave stains. Or if you use the water to get a stain off your removes the stain, but leaves a nasty water stain. yep.
true story right there. Anyway, I was given medicine to take twice a
day...only capsule form. I cant swallow at meals I open it
up and pour it on my food. That was emotional at first because I was
afraid I wouldnt be able to do it, but now I am okay and the ankle is
looking better. I can almost see the bone that is supposed to be there
hahaha :)
I also met with the doctor when he was here to make sure it was okay.
there is only one doctor for all of central america so he is only here
about once a week. there are like 20 nurses throughout though. the
doctor just said it might take longer to heal because I am always
walking or sitting.
Oh also this sunday our district along with another sang "a childs
prayer" in spanish. It went well. Our church is on the temple grounds.
So we go through the temple to get to the church which is down behind
the temple. We have 2 relief societies in English. and sunday school
with another norte district. we teach. so about 4-5 companionships
Our district has a trio of boys and 8 girls. So 11 total. we have
personal study in our class so we are qith our district like all day.
We are distrito Mateo y Rama B. We have one teacher who teaches in the
day, Hermano L.  y one teacher that teaches at night, Hermana
Teaching our investigator is going good. We bore our testimony one
lessons and it was really emotional and Pedro even got emotional.
Sunday we had a helath class about stress. It was great. Quote:
"forget yourself and get to work" -pres hinckleys father. They talked
about not worrying about the language and that it will come. It helped
relieve stress haha.
My teacher hermano L is big on relying on the spirit. he returned from
his mission about 1 year ago.
We also watched the joseph smith movie on sunday. It touched me in a
diff way than ever before. The quote at the end of the movie. I
realize that I am a missionary and I am preaching what joseph fought
so hard for. also a quote: "when you cant sleep, dont count sheep.
talk to the shepherd instead."

Also found out that next week they are starting to send the latinos to
the Mexico MTC so here eventually will be half nortes y half latinos.
cool huh? speaking of this, next week my pday will be tuesday because
of this.
We taught a lesson today to another companionship in my class and it
went so well! Nailed it! in english of course. haha.
Mom, dont worry, every night we are driven home. A worker drives us
home at 9. On sundays the men in our districs walk us home-some in
front and some in back so we are in the middle. also there are guards
that follow us to and from during the day.
good news, next week when some latinos leave we should be able to move
in to la CCM and the elders will move out. PLEASE let that happen.

average day in CCM:
6:30 awake, 7:30 breakfast, 8-9 personal study, 9-10 language study,
then we have either spanish lessons and or TALL lan which is a spanish
program on the computer, 12 lunch, then more classes, 5 dinner, then
more study and class and teaching investigator. 9 go home, 10:30 bed.
finally did my hair by straightening it on monday. first time ever.
wont be happening often. oh i love it at meals, people say "bon
provecho" which is like good eats, hope you are satisified. You also
say "gracias". try it :) also ive learned when people great you, you
say the same exact thing back. like buenos dias.
out of time, but at exercise time i went and talked to a latino...3
min left. sorry i had so  much more to say. i am doing okay. pdays
stink with laundry. only one machine. but what can you do.....

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  1. Hello Kaitlin, haven't heard lately how your foot is doing, but no news is good news, right? Have you met your new Mission President and his wife yet?

    You are experiencing SO many new things already and only a week has gone by!! I hope you are feeling more of the fact that you being carried by the Savior than the feeling of discouragement when things get hard.

    I still recall in my mind your talk in Sacrament before you left. I was truly touched by the Spirit and impressed with your courage :)

    Grandpa and I pray for you daily and think of you often, God bless you in this great work,