Tuesday, March 26, 2013

love mail 3/26/13

so we moved into el CCM. We have 2 latina roommates. one from mexico
going to argentina, one from el savador going to mexico i think. our
room has a bathroom!!!we got lucky!!! Anyone prayed for that? haha.
Other people have to share the community one. My first shower here was
amazing...hot and lots of water.
I only had one day where I broke down finally. in my 3rd week. not bad
i say. i was just overwhelmed with spanish and not learning, and
having to teach in spanish that i was  crying overeverything. but i
met with teachers and made goals...learn 5 words a day, write 5
sentences with those words, have latinas check them, talk to latinas,
and read BofM side by side-so helpful!!! and do english fast after
Dad, before i forget, can you call the credit card company so they
know its not stolen so i can use it a lot. thanks.
So friday we taught a less active...only he didnt speak spanish..he
spoke keechay...they speak it in parts of quetzaltenago. i learn
smile=sek, jesucristo= ka kwa, and nice to meet you=ma so lach o. :)
best day this week...we got to leave el CCM and talk to people! We
could go to temple, or around the block. we chose temple. we talked to
one guy who has a son on a mission in mexico veracruz. he showed us a
letter in spanish that said his son got called as district leader. He
told us we were too pretty to be missionaries, that god loved us a lot
and that we will be blessed and that we are princesses of Dios and
will have the gift of tongues. and that we speak well. We then talked
to a woman who said that nicaragua is muy calor. we talked about pets
in guatemala. she said her fav food is carnesada. we wanted to talk to
kids, but ran out of time.
becca, sounds like you had a great bday!!! i got your letter in the
mail! awesome!!! what they do  is each night at 9:10 they come around
to the classes and read the names of those who got mail...i was THE
ONLY one in my class!!! so thank you!!! it feels so good to get
mail!!! I love you!!! letters take 2 weeks to get here. so after this
next tuesday...the beginning of April send them to my mission home
please or i wont get them. thanks. i love you guys.
so much to say...but cant. sorry familia y amigos. I love you all! AND
i promise you the church is true, and when you live righteously you
will be  blessed.
love, hermana chase

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