Thursday, March 21, 2013

other news from the first week (excerpts from a letter)

We only get 30 minutes to email. I had so much to say, didn't get to write everything. A few of the girls were sad after emailing and were crying. It's because we didn't have time. I didn't cry but I was sad that I didnt write everything. I think being away at school helped.

So today is Pday and we went to the temple. It was really emotional being in the temple. Everything just felt so familiar and peaceful. I missed the temple.

I have no idea when I will do laundry. We have 1 machine for 20 girls. Our water is shut off so...I can't shower the Nicaragua life already. I haven't showered for three days.
I want you to know I am doing great. Some moments are hard but I am fine. Taking a day at a time. My companion is super nice. It's getting hot here but sooo windy!

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