Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hola Familia and Amigos,
I have not read my emails yet. I only have 30 minutes and I have so
much to say. So I will read them sorry if I dont read it.
Today we actually got to leave the CCM and we went into the city. We
first drove to a stake center. On the way we saw a volcano. It was
huge!!! And awesome. We wrote letters and played sports at the stake
center. Then we went to...WALMART! haha. It was awesome. We only had
30 minutes so we booked it. All I got was paper and envelopes to write
Let me just rode there on a huge bus...and it was the
scariest thing ever. And I mean ever. They drive crazy
stop signs here don't mean stop. They mean if you want to stop, you
can. No joke. It's scary. haha. Then we went to the temple and that
was great. I love going to the temple. Our temple president and his
wife led the session for us. It was great. I love being in the
celestial room. It is always so peaceful, and being here I always cry.
We missionaries dont do the prayer circle, so  mom I kinda miss doing
that haha.
Then we came back and the new cafeteria was ready! Its so nice!!! and
big!!! We are all excited! Oh, BIG NEWS...we moved into the LA CCM
today!!! YAY! We have our own shower and toilet in our room. So far
its just me and my companion sister Nielson...but tomorrow we get 3
new latina sisters!!! Most of the latinos are gone...moved today. But
I saw the table of new name tags...there are more than 40 people
coming in tomorrow. CRAZY!!!!
So my companion and I had a meeting with my teacher, and we discussed
things we wanted help with. I said language. So somtime this week he
is going to help me make a lesson to learn spanish. I need it. I feel
like I haven't progressed at all this week. Even though my teacher
says I have.
Speaking of teachers, our classes after dinner are all in SPANISH!!!
So naturally I dont understand everything, but ya. Kinda crazy.
OH! my ankle...just about normal looking. You would never know it was
swollen. haha
Dad, I got your dear elder letter. It takes about 1 1/2 weeks to get
here. Thank you! When they were handing them out I was like I won't
get one...but lo and behold I did!!! So thank you!
We got our cameras to take pics of the city and the temple, but I cant
send them to you until after I get to nicaragua. sorry. But soon! i
I love you all! we listened to a devotional today by Bednar that was
amazing! It was about the character of christ. How he always turns
outward when we normally turn inward. How when christ had just bled
from every pore and taken the sins upon him, and the guards ear was
cut off, he healed the guard. When most people would not have even
cared about the mans ear, here was christ healing him. When christ was
on the cross, he told people to look after his mother. My goal, or
committment for you all is to strive for that character of christ. Do
not get to know about christ, but of christ. To turn outward when we
would normally turn inward.
Also, thank you ronda, sister P, and grandma for writing. In the CCM I
cant email you, but once I am in my mission I can. Thank you!
I love you all! Love, Hermana Chase

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