Thursday, April 25, 2013

first week in the field - bats,taxis and language

Family and friends. So much to tell you all, and I left my journal at the house so all the details from the CCM will be left out. So Monday night before I left, we met as a district. Elder Albert asked if we all wanted a blessing before we left. I almost cried because I immediately thought of dad giving me blessings before I would start school and stuff. So, Elder Purser gave me one. I wanted to share what it said exactly but without my journal I can`t. said that Heavenly Father knows I have been working hard in the CCM with the language and my studies, and that I should pay attention to the spirit because there will be many of those times where I will feel it. It said that many people will be touched my testimony. It said that when I get home I will receive MAGNIFICENT blessings. And a little more that I can't remember off the top of my head. 
So tuesday morning we had to have our suitcases out by 4am and we left around 4:30am. We got to the airport at 5am and there were no phones in the airport so I couldn´t call. bummer. 
We arrived in nicaragua and the president and his wife were there with the two assistants. oh there were 3 nortes and 2 latinas and 2 latinos. so 7 total. we went to the church for an orientation and then we were taken to lunch. a restaurant with some good food. Later we were paired with a sister to go teach. not my actual companion. I was paired with a latina who was really nice. She has only been here though for like 2 months. I bore my testimony twice that day with people. Then we were taken to a hotel and we stayed the night there. The next day we all met at the church for a meeting. That is where they assinged companions. my companion is hma puyol. She has been here 5 months. she is from argentina. I am not exactly what area I am in becuase of the language barrier...but there is one set of elders near us. Elder rivera from argentina, and elder hammond from the states. funny joke they make, some people say my name as elder rivera made a joke about elder hammond and me...ham and cheese. haha. 
our bishop is only in his late 20s so he is super young!!! we walk almost everywhere. my area covers 3 towns so we have to take the bus or the small taxi to some areas.  Its a normal bus that fits like 8 or 9 people but of course they try to fit like 15 people. So I usually stand and fly everywhere. The small taxis are fine though. They only fit 3 in the back and one on each side of the driver. It looks like a smart car but with no doors. and if you sit in the front you have to hold on because half of your body doesnt fit in the car. 
So....we get water in our bathroom half the week. friday, sat and sun no water. which means we shower by bucket. and dump water to flush the toilet. also, there are bats that like to come in the house while we are gone, and they eat above my bed. so when we get home i have to wipe the food off. also...they eat above my bed while we sleep. so the other night I woke up and they had dropped food on my bed and it had rubbed into my blanket. so my blanket is now stained with berry juice. so last night I kept the light on to keep them away. That bothered me. Also we have someone who washes our clothes. we give her our clothes monday and get them back wednesday. we have someone who cooks us lunch everyday and dinner most nights. sat night we dont get dinner I dont think. 
we had one day where we visited with a recent convert who has been drinking. he started to cry and hma puyol gave her a scripture to read and a little note to help him. Also hma puyol felt we should visit the family Gaiton. turns out the husband has been having problems with his sibling. and he started to cry. All i could do was bear my testimony. It broke my heart that i cant speak to these people.  it is so frustrating not being able to understand anyone here.  No water, being squished, not understanding...its so hard. I dont understand how to keep track of our numbers or when we do things, because of the language barrier between my comp and I. she knows a little english but still. 
they have a good drink here called pino lillo...its like chocolate stuff and water.
meals....chicken, bananas, rice and beans.
breakfast we eat at the house. 
anyway, i am getting a blessing today because i am way overwhelmed. i love you all! dad your message stays with me always about not being getting discouraged. Love you!!!! 
Hermana Chase

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  1. Hermana Chase,
    Te quiero mucho y se que estas compartiendo tu espiritu y testimonio con los escogidos en Nicaragua.