Thursday, April 11, 2013

last P-Day in CCM

Well, this is is my last p-day here in the CCM. I leave next Tuesday
at around 3 am. Crazy I know. Anyway, this week...thank you Uncle Mark
and Aunt Paula for the card you sent me. Getting mail on a mission is
like Christmas, and I am not joking. haha. So conference this week was
amazing. Hermana Denis, in my district, suggested I write down
questions before hand that I wanted answered. I had heard of this
before, but I had never done it. So...I did. And let me tell you they
were all answered. 2 of them directly...meaning the apostles asked the
EXACT question I had written down, and then answered it, and the
others were mentioned. I couldn't believe it. By far the most
wonderful experience watching conference. I loved it.

 So President  prayed with all the boys, and then
came to the girls floor and prayed with all of us. He first told us of
a story before he came here. He had a dream that he was standing in
one of rooms looking out and saw all these angry people outside the
gates. But then he looked and saw Nephites and Lamanites guarding the
CCM. When he arrived to the CCM, he found out that the mission
president before him had the same dream. So he was telling us that
this CCM is a sacred place. He then knelt down with us Hermanas and
prayed in spanish. He prayed that we would be protected by angels
It was by far a very powerful experience.

Also, today was my last day in the temple until I probably get home.
Very emotional. I pretty much cried the whole time and was in the
celestial room for a long time. I am so grateful for temples, and for
the spirit that we can feel there. I am grateful for those who work in
the temples who dedicate their time to serve the Lord. It is such a
blessing to be in such a sacred place where you can literally feel the
Lord next to you. To feel that love just circle around you and
literally smother you.  Every time we talk to missionaries who
went through for the first time here they say it was amazing.
So this is my last pday. I leave next week on Tuesday about 3 am I
believe. Not sure exactly. They dont give us our stuff until the day
before. My last few days here. I am excited to leave and start
working, but super sad as well. The CCM is a great place who have
teachers who are amazing. I have learned so much so far. Much love to
all of you! Keep regular letters coming! Its like Christmas for me. I
love you all! Share the gospel!!!  Love, Hermana Chase

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