Monday, April 29, 2013

second week in field

familia y amigos,
i am sorry for my last email. it was my first time writing in nicaragua and i was overwhelmed big time. 

First, the spanish here is slurred and they dont pronounce the letter s at the end of words. so that makes it more difficult. haha. 

There are a few options for transportation. The huge bus where you sit or hold onto railings, the van where when you think you cant squeeze anymore people, they manage to fit 5. And the small taxis. and the bikers who bike you around.

Houses. average house is cement. no doors usually. use blankets for doors. they have a cement thing for laundry outside. and use sticks to make fire for meals outside on a cement thing. a few i have seen with a stove...actually just 1. and wires everywhere for clothes.

only hermanas have cell phones here. elders have a landline. 

My area is La concepcion or la concha. estaca jinotepe. zone has 22 missionaries, 8 of them girls. 

zone meetings...dont understand anything really yet. haha

occasionally you see oxen or cows carring wood down the street. haha! 

so we dont have water 24_7 so ive been keeping track in my journal. haha. 

when you walk down the street you say adios instead of hola. when you walk to someones house you yell buenas and they let you pass.

no piano for church...well they do but nobody can play. so i might be playing the few songs i know how to with one hand. haha family gave me oats and you had. so good. 

so my feet got attacked again. apparently this time they swelled and turned purple...turns out a bug had gotten in my skin and was biting me everywhere. so im taking pills and an ointment. swelling is gone, but the bites arent. my luck huh? haha

we also had stake says peru lime norte is in our that jeff day? and isnt that far?

im gonna try to send pics now...sorry my letter is short. i love you all!!!!

Hermana Chase!!!

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