Sunday, April 7, 2013

spiritual experience

Hola everyone! This email is going to be focused on the most spiritual
and amazing experience I have had so far here at the CCM. So, our
investigators that we teach are our teachers. So, one day our night
teachers came and we noticed that one of them, Hermano Gomez didn´t
seem like himself. He wasn´t smiling as much, not laughing with
us...totally off. The first companionship taught him and came back and
said the lesson didn´t go well because he was just so sad. So Hermana
Nielson and I decided that our goal would be to overpower him with the
spirit. So we went out and said a prayer together. Then before we
taught, we asked him as a teacher if he was okay. He said there were
just some things. So, we went in to teach him and Hermano Chavez. Our
lesson was on Faith in Jesus Christ. Perfect lession if you ask me. We
usually bring our notes with what to say in Spanish and read most of
it of that. This time was completely different. We asked them if they
had faith in Jesus Christ. Pedro, or Hermano Gomez said, "mas o
menos". Normally we would say okay or something and go on explaining.
But this time I went away from my notes and asked him why he felt that
way. He explained that he didn´t feel like God could help him or 24/7
or something like that. There was a pause for a minute and I finally
spoke and bore my testimony of trials and the love of God and having
faith in him, and of course I was crying. My companion had her hand on
my knee as I bore testimony. I also shared with them a diagram I made
from Alma 32, a great chapter by the way. We had considered doing a
song for them, but we couldn´t remember which one. So while I was
talking, Hermana Nielson opened the hymn book and it flipped right to
"Creo in Cristo", or "I believe in Christ". We looked at each other
and sang. We bore our testimonies and then we had one of them pray. We
got down on our knees and I felt like Pedro should say it. So I asked.
He said yes. Then we all bowed our heads, and it was quiet for about
1-2 minutes. I opened my eyes and looked over and saw him crying. It
was very emotional. And the most powerful and spiritual prayer I have
ever heard. He thanked God for feeling the spirit, and blessed us with
the language. The spirit was so powerful. Afterwards at dinner,
Hermano chavez, the other teacher we taught with pedro told my
companion that he didn´t know what was wrong with Hermano Gomez, but
that we helped him tonight. He told her he didn´t know what we did to
fix our relationship (we had some drama earlier), but that whatever we
did it helped and we are even better than before. Can you believe it?!
Later Hermano Gomez told me that we did a great job in our lesson.
Apparently we are the best in our class.
That lesson blew my mind. That is why I am here. When Pedro said he
kinda had faith, I left my notes and spoke spirit to spirit. to his
needs. Something the teachers have been trying to get us to do. And it
felt great! Because we really do love him and care for him. This is
why I am here. This is why we teach. I am very excited to get to the
field. that lesson I will never forget.
That is the spiritual side of this week...on a more fun
we went into the city and shopped around. Took lots of pictures. Very
cool. I got a few things. Not too much. I have so much stuff it´s
ridiculous. Haha. Some elders talked to some people at the park, but
we didn´t bring anything so we weren´t able to talk to anyone. But I
really wanted to. Oh well.
This past week here was holy week, so there wasn´t any mail or
anything. You can imagine as missionaries how crazy some of us went. I
honestly didn´t care that much. But this morning on Tuesday they
finally gave us letters. I got one from my sister Becca, one from my
mom, and one from my friend Elder Price, who is serving in France!
Getting letters here is by far the best thing! I love you all! the
gospel is true! Love, Hermana Chase

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