Monday, May 20, 2013

A Good Week

Family and friends,
This week we had divisions with the girl leaders. I went with Hermana Garcia to Masaya. It was super hot there. But it was really good. We went to teach someone lesson 3 and I actually taught a lot of it. We ping ponged back and forth. So I talked about each, repentance, baptism...etc. Afterwards, she told me I did really good, and I told her it was my first time REALLY teaching that lesson. she was shocked. Haha. there was another lesson however where she wanted me to explain a scripture, but I had no idea what it I couldn´t. Luckily the people didn´t see and so she explained.  I told her after why I didn´t explain. We ate dinner with a member and she thought I was Hermana Shaffer, the nurse. Another member we visited thought the same thing. We look sorta alike I guess... both white. haha. 
I also got to help with the area book and write what we taught, which I had never done before because my companion always does it. Overall, it was a very transfer for a day. The only bad thing was waking up at 4:45 am to travel back to La concha. haha. 

Oh, so one day this week we walked from San Juan to La concha...all up hill! It took about 20 minutes or so. Ya...It was tiring. haha

So best week ever. On friday at district meeting I received 2 letters from Becca, one from Mom, one from a sister missionary I met at BYU-I who is in Florida spanish speaking mission, and one from Uncle Tim and his family. Those letters were all so amazing! But also, I got TWO packages!!! there were only two other missionaries that got 1 letter and here I got 4 and 2 packages!!! haha. Oh it made me so happy. It was right before we were leaving for divisions so we quickly went home, and I quickly opened the packages. One was from was CANDY! I have missed candy so much! I am trying to make it last, but IDK...haha. It totally made my day. Also got one from was a new dress, a shirt, and hidden in between was 1 jar of heaven...NUTELLA!!! oh my goodness. I was so happy! Oh there was also socks and stuff. haha. 

So, Fransisco...his baptism is scheduled for this saturday, and if his interview goes well tomorrow...we will be having a baptism!! I am so happy. Sunday after church he was going to have his first wife sign the divorce papers. So...hope it went good. He is so cute. Last sunday he bought a small backpack to carry his scriptures and hymn book. Then yesterday he was wearing black slacks, and nice shoes, and a white shirt...not like church shirt, but just a white shirt. And I believe he has after baptism I think he will wear ties too. I am so happy. Sunday night him and his family even came to a church meeting. I was very surprised at that. We are visiting him today so I will find out if we have a baptism or not. Also set a date with Maria de Los Angeles...for June 8th I believe. 

Oh so we visited this one investigator...who loves me. haha. The first time he gave us bread and soda. So when we were walking to his house I was hoping to get that again. NOPE...instead he gave us 3 avocados, regular bananas, and the other kind of bananas, dulce stuff, the tree that you get the dulce from, a piece of candy, 3 lemon oranges each....haha. It was crazy. But super nice of him.

I feel so bad. There is one hermana, hermana Lourdes who is married and her spouse in less active. She wants to get her endownments, but doesn´t have the money to travel to the temple. I pray for her a lot so that she can go to temple and receive those blessings. Itá hard because I had so much I wanted to tell her, but didn´t know how in spanish. Thats the hard thing. I always have so much in my heart, and only say about 1/10 of what is in my heart. Also in Relief society this week each of the ladies set a goal, a date, to go to the temple this year. And hermana Puyol explained that even if you don´t have the money, if you put your trust in God, and set a date, a goal, then he will help you achieve it. I encourage all of you who have a temple near you...TO GO! Please. I went every week after my endownments, and I miss is so much, and the fact that some of these people go once and thats it, or once a year breaks my heart. So please take advantage of the temple. 

We also went with a member, Hma Migdalia, and she took us to visit this one lady, Yohana. Wow is she ready. She had been taught a little by elders in the past. And one elder she really felt the spirit from. She still has a book of mormon too. Anyway, when I prayed she said she felt the same thing. She said she couldn´t go to church yesterday, but that next week yes. In the past she couldn´t because of work, but now most sundays she doesn´t work. One bad thing, she is in the elders I don´t know if we get to teach her...

Oh, also they sell movies outside in spanish. So I bought 3 sets of disney movies. about 18 movies total in spanish. So we have been watching them on pday. haha. very fun! 

I also heard about sister monson. I am so sad and heartbroken for Pres monson. I hope he is okay. I am sure he misses her like crazy. 

dad-thank you somuch for the package and the candy! That was amazing! totally made my day!!!

Well, everyone...its been a good week. My goal has been patience, and I have been doing really good with it. I am suprised haha. The spanish is still the same. Not knowing what to study, or how to learn it. I just pray that one day I will eventually be able to  speak really well to express all the stuff in my heart! I will let you all know if we have a baptism this week. Love you all! This truly is the true church. I feel it everyday! I read a scripture about charity the other day, well a few...but you know it mentions that without charity you are nothing. Well, it´s true. Jesus christ is the perfect example of charity. He gave his LIFE for us. What kind of more charity can you get? If we want to be like Christ we NEED charity. Without it, we really are NOTHING. I have learned here on my mission, that even if I can´t speak the language I can serve the people. So that´s what I do. When we go for dinner, I help to cook. I help carry things, I help people learn english. I serve. My goal for you all, be like our savior and redeemer Jesus Christ and serve. If you don´t have charity, pray for help so that you can become like Christ. I love you all!
Hermana Chase

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