Monday, May 27, 2013

memorial day letter

So a lot happened this week. Or so I think anyway. First of all, our investigator didn´t get a divorce, so he wasn´t baptized saturday. I was sad, but I know he will get baptized. Also we have one girl who just needs to get married and hopefully will be baptized this saturday. She wants to, but her thing is that she wants to know more about the scriptures and stuff. The bishop explained that even at his age he is still learning. She also had a dream where her family made fun of her, so it is a little hard. She lives with her boyfriend and his family, and they are members...well her bf is MA. 

There is a girl named Meilin who is about my age. After church she was crying. We went to see what was wrong and she said that she can´t do this anymore. That this sunday was her last sunday here. I guess when she was about 7 she was abused by her step father, and I guess she has just been treated bad by people. I almost started crying for her. We are going to visit her this week. I dont want her to stop coming to church. If she stops, it will only get worse for her.

In san juan, I saw...a jehovas witness church...they are even here too! haha
And next to the elders house is the pentacost church...haha
I love when you ask people how they are they usually say, BIEN GRACIAS A DIOS. I love it.
I had my first experience of someone walking away from us. We tried contacting this man in the street but he says, Im catholic and walks away while we were talking haha.
One bad thing...I get stared at here a lot...because well I am mormon and white. I often get looks or whistles or stares, but the other day there was a boy in a mini taxi who put his fingers to his lips and then at me....people sometimes are just dumb.
I also found out a RC who has had a problem with drinking actually came to sacrament this sunday! I didnt see him but Elder Rivera did.
Oh dad, so my comp made torta´s like a tortilla. Just salt, egg, water and flour. It was good. I keep getting a taste of your mission food. Did you eat that a lot? Also here sometimes there are like 4 people on a motorcycle...babies too. No joke!
Also I had my interview with presidente. Super short because I didn´t know much spanish. But it was nice. That same day  I got a package with my mosquito net!!! I believe it is helping a lot!!! It´s kinda hard to climb in bed...but its fine if it saves my life. haha. Also, the first nutella you sent...gone in a week. Ate it all my self. This second one I am sharing some with hermana puyol. She loves it. She has never had skittles, starbursts or nutella before!!!
Also, I made goals for Elder Rivera. He has 1 year out and hasnt even finished his first english study book. So I set goals for him to finish it.
Changes are this wednesday...I am sure I am staying here with hermana puyol but the ZL said that prob Elder Hammond will train someone which means we either lose him or Elder Rivera...sad day.
Anyways, I have started a spanish plan. I am forgetting spanish and just sttudying and speaking. If I cant say something, oh well. I arise at 6 to read the LDM for 30 min out loud. And then study chapter by chapter from my spanish book during idioma study.
I love you all!!! Thank you for your prayers!! It makes it that much easier for me!

Today for P-day we went looking for monkeys with the elders.

Got the mosquito net and I think it's saving my life!
Hermana chase

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