Monday, May 6, 2013

prayers answered

Buenas everyone!!!
I forgot to tell you that we have an english class here once a week on Fridays. Elder Hammond teaches it and I usually end up helping him. haha. Its fun. His companion Elder Rivera always tries to stay stuff to me in english. haha.
So I got an awesome email from my cousin that was so good I printed it off. My cousin told me that even if I didnt understand spanish i should smile. always smile. So that next day I decided to work extra hard. I went to study a few min early so I could be done praying by the time I needed to study. I didnt get frustrated during companion study or language study..well i did but I held it in.
That day we went contacting and we went to this one house to contact. The man eagerly let us in before we even said who we were. haha. His name is Fransisco. Golden I tell you. His wife and daughter are less active, and he literally broke down in tears saying that he wants to be baptized, that he believes it...He told us he had a dream about something like this happening. He had me say the opening prayer and he was crying during that...and I barely know any spanish. haha. There is just one problem.. he is married to 2 women. The first wife wont divorce him... so he has agreed to be baptized the 25th of this month, but that is if he can get the divorce completed. I pray all the time that everything will work out. Him and his family came to church Sunday!!! I was so happy!!! I was afraid he wouldnt. I helped him during class and asked if he liked it after, and if he any questions. I was so happy he came!!!!
I know that because I worked harder that day we were blessed. The Lord truly does bless us when we are obedient and work hard.

Also I can testify that God answers prayers even if they are small and lame. We dont have water all the time...and i havent had stomach problems at all. Well one day I had to go, and we had no cant exactly go if you cant flush...I was sitting there during study time and I prayed so hard that we would have water...literally the second after I finished I heard the water filling up in the toilet. Stupid, but I am so grateful for that.
Another time, I was wearing a skirt that is not good to wear on the bus...last time it ripped on the bus and I had to fix it. I was so nervous. I prayed to heavenly father that I would have a seat on the bus because last time it ended badly. I told him I know I hate standing, and  I know I have to...but this time please let me have a seat. When the bus pulled up there were 2 seats for us. IT was a small prayer that was answered but I was so grateful.
So girls can now have leader positions on the mission.scary but exciting.
Im lucky in my area to get food every day. Some areas dont. So this area I  might gain weight. haha. All we eat is carbs. Chicken, rice and beans. Although heres a shocker...the other day I had rice, chicken, tortillas, and...pasta! wo. haha. So good!

Here they burn trash so every now and then it smells when you walk by a house. haha
So our neighbor fixed our roofs so bats dont come in anymore!!! We can now sleep with the lights off!!! YAY!!! :)
So last night our power was I prob lost 10 lbs in the night. LEt me tell was 80 degrees in the house. I have a temp thing on my clock...ya. our power came on early morning around 2. By about 11 in the morning it was 95 in the house...ya...haha.
So I received 9 letters this week! Thank you mom for the labels!!! Dad thanks! Becca!!! Sister sweet! Brother King, your letter from the Thank you! Grandpa Alatorre...I am so excited for you and grandma!!! How exciting and fun!!!! And Aubree... I got yours too! I love what your friend said about us and heavenly mother. Thank you all!!!
So fast sunday cute...when they bear their testimony they do it as a family. even theres 7 in the family..they all get up together and stand with each other while they bear their testimony. kinda cool i think. haha
Mothers day here is the 30th but luckily president was at our church sunday so we asked him and he said i could call sunday since thats mothers day where i live!!!! YAY!!!!! i am so happy!!!

WEll...I love you all!!! 
Love, Hermana Chase

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  1. Hi, my daughter Alyssa Edwards is in the CCM and has been there 3 weeks so far. She will be serving in the same mission as your daughter and I love that she is one step ahead of her. It helps me know what to expect for my daughter. I would love to see some photos. Has she sent any? My other daughter left in Dec and is serving in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. What a great blessing it is to see our daughters serving the Lord and learning so much. My email is if you would like to keep in touch. I also have a blog for my daughters but it is private. If you would like to read it let me know and I will add you to the list. Love, Brenda