Monday, June 17, 2013

dogs, drunks, and discussions 6/17/13

First off…today is exactly 2 months here in Nicaragua!!! And a little over 3 months total!!! To celebrate…ice cream!!!! I´m buying! Haha.
Did I tell you guys that last week when we had companion exchanges, we were teaching a lesson, and they had a dog. The dog was panting and apparently it was like dying. I didn´t think they meant like actually dying…but we taught our lesson and at the end I looked over and the dog was dead. No joke. It was funny and sad at the same time. I don´t know exactly when it passed away, but sometime during the lesson.

So this week with teaching….weird week. We went to teach an investigator, Margarita. Well, we were going to teach her the law of chastity, but her friends uncle was there…drunk. He goes, ¨I love to hear the words of God! Tell me! Teach me!¨He grabs a bucket and sits directly in front of me. Hermana Puyol yells at him that we will only teach if he moves way way back. So he does. Then Hermana Puyol  explains that we are going to pray. He goes, ¨Amen! Amen!¨Hermana Puyol tells him to be quiet while we pray. So we start to pray, and he starts talking about who  knows what, and singing. Afterwards, he goes, ¨I didn´t hear the prayer¨. Hermana Puyol explained it was because she told him to be quiet, but he wasn´t. So long story short…we didn´t anything. Just a quick scripture. The drunk and Hma Puyol had a discussion how she couldn´t teach him because he was drunk and whatnot…he would just go Amen! Later that day, there was another drunk that called to us, and started to walk to us, and Hma Puyol told him to calm down. Luckily the bus was right there. That was a weird day…Later on in the week, we went back to teach and he was there again… the first time…okay a little funny. The second time…annoying.

Also this week we went with the elders in their area to help contact. That was interesting and fun. Haha.
This week we had a small earthquake…I hate earthquakes, so my body inside was a little freaked out. Haha. But we are all good.
I got becca´s long letter! And picture!! Thank you!! I love it! I am sending you one back! I also got a letter from my friend Hanh! I was so happy!
So we were at a members house, and one of the boys comes home. He is an RM. Anyway, he says that he fell off his bike, and cut his leg. I heard something about he would show us, but the missionaries are here. But then he starts to take off his pants! I then realized he had shorts on underneath. Haha. Hermana Puyol told me later she was watching my face because he told us he was going to take his pants off, but that he had shorts on…well I didn´t catch that part. Haha. Funny.
Becca, please do me a favor…write an actual letter to my companion Hermana Puyol this week. She doesn´t get letters. Her mom didn´t want her to serve a mission, and I believe they don´t really go to church. Just use the same address, just cross my name off and put hers. Thanks!
So… our investigator Fernando… he is not being baptized this week. I am sad. He was supposed to have his entrevista, or meeting, on Sunday, but he left for Managua to study for finals. Then we found out from our president that because he is living with his girlfriend and her family, he can´t get baptized. I knew it…but my district leader had said it was okay, and I found out that my companion got baptized when she was living with her boyfriend. It doesn´t make sense to get baptized if you live with your boyfriend or girlfiend…but since they said it was okay, I didn´t question it.
But we do have a baptism the next week  after. Maria. She is getting married the 22nd for sure and baptized the 29th.
Intersesting fact here…to get your ears pierced…they use a needle and thread. So they jab it through and then you wear the thread for a week…oh! Painful! Right?
Funny story…we are in sacrament..and my comp was giving a talk. I was looking at her and saw her name tag. I realized…I forgot mine!!! So when she was done we ran home and made it back before the other speaker was done. Haha. You would think after 3 months  I would remember.
So to include more thoughts…not just the things I do. Each day is a little…a little better. Obviously I still have my moments where me and my companion ¨butt heads…mainly because of the language barrier. I still have moments where  I think what the heck  am I doing…this is way too hard. And today I got an email from a friend who mentioned how satan tries to convince us we can´t do things. And I realized that Satan does that every day. I think, I can´t teach this. I can´t learn Spanish, I can´t speak this…I can´t help this person. And at times he wins. This is something that I am trying to work on more and more each day. But sometimes my fear gets in the way. Also, my dad mentioned how he is working on seeing the lord´s hand in his life everyday and recording it in his journal. I realized I want to try to do this. I think if I purposefully look for the miracles and help that God gives me everyday, it will be easier to open my mouth and not be so afraid.
It is hard, because I am learning this language on my own. Only get 1 hour in the morning to actually study, and some days I don´t have time because we have other things to do. I know nothing beats actually talking to people, but I need to study too.
I am also a little nervous…in 3 weeks we have transfers and I am 90 percent sure I am staying. Because my comp has been in this area her whole mission…8 months…and I don´t know where anything is! Everything looks the same!
 So one thing I pray a lot for is to feel the spirit and to recognize it. My other goal this week.
Well, I love you all!!!
And Krin Petersen…if you are reading this…CONGRATS on your call!!!
Hermana Chase

Cooling off with some flavored ice, me on splits, an Argentine dish (yummy)

My district, a shirt from Guatemala, Our mamita, My companion from MTC

On P-day looking for monkeys. Happy Mother's Day, Mission President Family

Monday, June 10, 2013

Investigators and missionaries 6/10/13


So for the first time ever....i ate...sardines. i didn´t eat them all, but most of it. and the only reason i knew they were sardines was because i asked if they needed help, and saw her open the cans...haha.

So two boys here leave for their missions on wednesday! Moises and Irving! Moises is going to guatemala and Irving is going to honduras. Moises is 19 and irving is 22...they are brothers. so cool! 

We had companion exchanges this week again. I went to Rivas...if you look at the map i sent you can see. I was with hma cancinos. She is awesome. super happy and peppy with people. Laughing and making jokes as we contact. The one thing I learned is to be more happy. Also i realized my area here is poor compared to others. Rivas had houses with kitchens and actual stoves and ovens. And i had an omlette and bread for dinner! not rice and beans!!! haha.

So investigator time! Maria...found out she wants to get married the 22nd and baptized the 29th!!! i am so happy for her!!! And fernando...he is being baptized the 29th. He moved out of the room with his girlfriend, he has been keeping the law of chastity and we just taught the word of wisdom...and has no problem with it! The district leaders were with us and agree that he awesome. I am so happy! 

So also with maria she said she didn´t know if the Book of Mormon was true. She said she felt good and peaceful when she prayed. We ended up having a whole lesson on the spirit. At the end I asked her if she believed that this was her answer. She said yes! Also she has been keeping the W of W, and the law of chastity!!!!

On the bus the other day i ended up talking to a man by myself for the first time ever...he asked if we were mormon and i said yes. then he started to  ask something about guatemala but i didn´t understand. luckily we had to get off the bus haha.

Oh also I gave moises and irving a letter with my testimony. irving said, thank you so much and gave me a handshake and almost hugged me..haha. he was oh uh...haha!

we had a lesson with a family who recently lost a family member due to an accident. i didnt say anything!!! I was going to at one point and then someone else talked. Sometimes i get so frustrated with myself. i want to talk, but at times my fears get in the way.

So two times now when we took the bus..the guy wouldn´t let us pay. and its the same guy too. he is super nice. Everytime we get on the bus he doesn´t let us pay. 

So wow...last night i woke up at like 1 in the morning in pain. My stomach...i felt awful and felt like i was going to throw up. I ended up waking up again at 3, 5 and 6. At 5 I had an intense pain so bad i almost cried. But it passed. Today it is still bothering me, but i can tell its going away. so weird...

I want to bear a quick testimony to all of you. I know that Christ is our savior. I know that he suffered for each and every one of us. Suffered every pain that we ever feel. And i know that through him our burdens and pains can be taken away. I have felt it on my mission so far when i struggle with the language.

I know that this gospel is the restored gospel and because of the faith of one young boy, who prayed to our heavenly father, we have prophets once again on this earth. 

One thing I have learned so far is that God is real. He knows each of us. Wherever we are. Alma 26 verse 37. Even though I am far in nicaragua, God loves these people just as much. 

I have seen the power of faith, and what happens when you put full trust in God. Miracles happen. 

I am so grateful for this gospel, and for the peace that it brings. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
well, i love you all!!!
Hermana Chase

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

investigators and mission fun

Hola everyone!!!
So I realized I try to explain everything so this time...only some. 

We have a new investigator. Kind of a crazy story. We went to teach a family who are members. While there, there was a boy that we didn't know. We ended up starting to teach him lesson 3. It turned into this really good lesson where he explained that he wants to change and be baptized. He gave really good answers, and we walked away feeling wow...what just happened.

The problem...he is 17 years old and lives with his girlfriend (who is 14) and her family. His gf has a 1 year old baby that she had with someone else. So he either needs to get married or move out. But, his parents kicked him out, so he can't really go anywhere and you need the parents permission for marriage. So we ended up talking to our district leader who said that as long as he sleeps in another room its okay. 

Then last night he told us that they decided to get married.It was soon as he said that my heart sunk. I didnt like that. So today we are meeting with him to explain that if he wants he can sleep in another room and of course keep the law of chastity if they dont want to get married. I guess the gf said he has to work for 6 months before they get married we will see what they decide tonight.

Also our investigator maria...we met with her and she said she wants to get baptized later...llike 2 months or so because she wants to learn more...we ended up setting a new date with her for the end of this month and told her to pray about it. We explained that she wont understand everything before baptism...that even we are still learning... we meet with her saturday. So we will see. But when she said in about 2 months I couldn´t understand why. She is ready. So I asked her why. I asked her why in 2 months. I started asking questions personally. That was the first time I really connected and really felt for an investigator to where I tried t understand myself why she didn´t want to yet. It was really cool to see.

We had a mission activity monday, which was fun. We played games and had a nice lunch. We also had a district talent show. We sang the first verse of called to serve and then made up the second verse:

Somos pues la zona de Carazo, con ganas de por fin bautizar.
Está frio, y los pdays chupan porque no hay nada que hacer.

Fritos y obedienta en la zona siempre habran.
Pronto, las hermanas, la misión conquistarán.

Bolos, muchos bolos, nunca quieren trabajar.

Nada impedirá que en este mes podamos bautizar!

Haha.. some of the other districts were hilarious!!!

My stomach acted up last week...but I am better. Although I don´t have the appetite to eat beans and rice anymore. Its weird. I like get sick at the thought. So that stinks. haha.

Also killed my first huge spider this week because my companion was sleeping! I was proud. It took me about 5 minutes but I did it!

W also have a new zone leader. he is awesome though. from the U.S. and super nice.

Also, our mission president leaves the 28th this month...sad. I know I havent had them long...but I love them. 

Well I love you all!!!

Hermana Chase