Tuesday, June 4, 2013

investigators and mission fun

Hola everyone!!!
So I realized I try to explain everything so this time...only some. 

We have a new investigator. Kind of a crazy story. We went to teach a family who are members. While there, there was a boy that we didn't know. We ended up starting to teach him lesson 3. It turned into this really good lesson where he explained that he wants to change and be baptized. He gave really good answers, and we walked away feeling wow...what just happened.

The problem...he is 17 years old and lives with his girlfriend (who is 14) and her family. His gf has a 1 year old baby that she had with someone else. So he either needs to get married or move out. But, his parents kicked him out, so he can't really go anywhere and you need the parents permission for marriage. So we ended up talking to our district leader who said that as long as he sleeps in another room its okay. 

Then last night he told us that they decided to get married.It was weird...as soon as he said that my heart sunk. I didnt like that. So today we are meeting with him to explain that if he wants he can sleep in another room and of course keep the law of chastity if they dont want to get married. I guess the gf said he has to work for 6 months before they get married too...so we will see what they decide tonight.

Also our investigator maria...we met with her and she said she wants to get baptized later...llike 2 months or so because she wants to learn more...we ended up setting a new date with her for the end of this month and told her to pray about it. We explained that she wont understand everything before baptism...that even we are still learning... we meet with her saturday. So we will see. But when she said in about 2 months I couldn´t understand why. She is ready. So I asked her why. I asked her why in 2 months. I started asking questions personally. That was the first time I really connected and really felt for an investigator to where I tried t understand myself why she didn´t want to yet. It was really cool to see.

We had a mission activity monday, which was fun. We played games and had a nice lunch. We also had a district talent show. We sang the first verse of called to serve and then made up the second verse:

Somos pues la zona de Carazo, con ganas de por fin bautizar.
Está frio, y los pdays chupan porque no hay nada que hacer.

Fritos y obedienta en la zona siempre habran.
Pronto, las hermanas, la misión conquistarán.

Bolos, muchos bolos, nunca quieren trabajar.

Nada impedirá que en este mes podamos bautizar!

Haha.. some of the other districts were hilarious!!!

My stomach acted up last week...but I am better. Although I don´t have the appetite to eat beans and rice anymore. Its weird. I like get sick at the thought. So that stinks. haha.

Also killed my first huge spider this week because my companion was sleeping! I was proud. It took me about 5 minutes but I did it!

W also have a new zone leader. he is awesome though. from the U.S. and super nice.

Also, our mission president leaves the 28th this month...sad. I know I havent had them long...but I love them. 

Well I love you all!!!

Hermana Chase

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