Monday, June 10, 2013

Investigators and missionaries 6/10/13


So for the first time ever....i ate...sardines. i didn´t eat them all, but most of it. and the only reason i knew they were sardines was because i asked if they needed help, and saw her open the cans...haha.

So two boys here leave for their missions on wednesday! Moises and Irving! Moises is going to guatemala and Irving is going to honduras. Moises is 19 and irving is 22...they are brothers. so cool! 

We had companion exchanges this week again. I went to Rivas...if you look at the map i sent you can see. I was with hma cancinos. She is awesome. super happy and peppy with people. Laughing and making jokes as we contact. The one thing I learned is to be more happy. Also i realized my area here is poor compared to others. Rivas had houses with kitchens and actual stoves and ovens. And i had an omlette and bread for dinner! not rice and beans!!! haha.

So investigator time! Maria...found out she wants to get married the 22nd and baptized the 29th!!! i am so happy for her!!! And fernando...he is being baptized the 29th. He moved out of the room with his girlfriend, he has been keeping the law of chastity and we just taught the word of wisdom...and has no problem with it! The district leaders were with us and agree that he awesome. I am so happy! 

So also with maria she said she didn´t know if the Book of Mormon was true. She said she felt good and peaceful when she prayed. We ended up having a whole lesson on the spirit. At the end I asked her if she believed that this was her answer. She said yes! Also she has been keeping the W of W, and the law of chastity!!!!

On the bus the other day i ended up talking to a man by myself for the first time ever...he asked if we were mormon and i said yes. then he started to  ask something about guatemala but i didn´t understand. luckily we had to get off the bus haha.

Oh also I gave moises and irving a letter with my testimony. irving said, thank you so much and gave me a handshake and almost hugged me..haha. he was oh uh...haha!

we had a lesson with a family who recently lost a family member due to an accident. i didnt say anything!!! I was going to at one point and then someone else talked. Sometimes i get so frustrated with myself. i want to talk, but at times my fears get in the way.

So two times now when we took the bus..the guy wouldn´t let us pay. and its the same guy too. he is super nice. Everytime we get on the bus he doesn´t let us pay. 

So wow...last night i woke up at like 1 in the morning in pain. My stomach...i felt awful and felt like i was going to throw up. I ended up waking up again at 3, 5 and 6. At 5 I had an intense pain so bad i almost cried. But it passed. Today it is still bothering me, but i can tell its going away. so weird...

I want to bear a quick testimony to all of you. I know that Christ is our savior. I know that he suffered for each and every one of us. Suffered every pain that we ever feel. And i know that through him our burdens and pains can be taken away. I have felt it on my mission so far when i struggle with the language.

I know that this gospel is the restored gospel and because of the faith of one young boy, who prayed to our heavenly father, we have prophets once again on this earth. 

One thing I have learned so far is that God is real. He knows each of us. Wherever we are. Alma 26 verse 37. Even though I am far in nicaragua, God loves these people just as much. 

I have seen the power of faith, and what happens when you put full trust in God. Miracles happen. 

I am so grateful for this gospel, and for the peace that it brings. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
well, i love you all!!!
Hermana Chase

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  1. I love reading your blog! My daughter, Sarah Anderson, is in Nicaragua South also. She left April 17th and is currently serving in Granada. Could Kaitlin's mom please email me at