Tuesday, July 30, 2013

investigators and a cool analogy

First off all, sorry I don´t have any pictures this week. haha. I have
a list of things to tell you so here I go.

First of all, I have lost 10 pounds. :) In 4 months finally lost 10 lbs. haha.

So we went to the school here one day to help hermana hassel with her
english class. I introduced us in english and then let them ask me
questions while hermana flores got their addresses...refrences haha. Some
questions were good...others...no. I got questions like...Do you have
a boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend in Nicaragua? Are you married or do you have a
boyfriend? He wants to know if you want to be his girlfriend. Do you have
sisters...are they all as pretty as you? Other than those questions it
was fun to help them with english. We went back another day and I gave
them each a test. So one by one they came to me and I asked them 4
questions that they had to answer. Easy questions like describe
yourself. Some are really good at english! And others didn´t
understand the questions. It was fun to be a teacher for 2 days. haha

On the bus one day a lady who is from the states got on. I finally got
the courage to talk to her. I turned around and talked to her in
english. Turns out she is from CA and is here learning spanish with
her family. Her husband is a teacher and wants to learn spanish to
talk to the latinos. They came here last summer too I guess, but now
the price is a little more so this might be the last time. She knew
that boys served missions, but not girls. I invited her to church.
Which was weird in english. Haha.

On wednesday I was sick and did not feel good at all. Elder Trujillo
and Rivera came over and gave me a blessing. Then Elder Trujillo asked
if I had a fever. I didn´t know. He goes, let me see your head. haha.
They bought a thermometer for me and i was super close to having a
fever. The elders were really nice and willing to buy medicine for me
if i needed it. So we had our interviews with the mission pres this day, so I
got ready to go to that. The interview...it was a lot of standard
questions to fill out a paper about myself. One of the questions was,
if i were to call your mom and she were to brag about you, what would
she say? and your dad? That was weird to brag about myself. I said
that I love to help people, i love reading the scriptures, and have a
strong testimony. haha. He explained that during these 18 months the
heavens are opened for me and to use it. That I can receive answers
and insights like never before. That I might think it will be like
this forever, but it won´t. He asked about my companion, but I didn´t say
too much about it. One question was about our weight and when I told
his wife, she laughed and said thats nothing. when we flew to
bluefields, they make you stand on a scale in front of everyone...and
they yell out your weight!!! they have to know how much weight is on
the plane hahaa.

Our investigator Fernando. Turns out he moved out of his gf´s house. I
Guess the mom of the house thought he was drinking and didn´t want him
to live there if he was going to drink. He said he wasn´t...so he
moved out. He doesn´t have a permament place to live, but he came to
church and talked to the bishop. He is getting permission from his
parents to be baptized and is going to marry his girlfriend. He still says he
feels alone, and sad, but wants to get baptized. I believe he set
goals with bishop to be baptized the 17 of august.

We also have another investigator, valeria. she is dating a member.
Super positive. You would think she is a member. she goes to church
and believes what we teach. she has a date for the 10 of august.

we had an act for the young people about missionary work. While there
they served dinner. This 14 yr old boy next to m e said, que rico!  (this means how rich, or how plentiful) I
almost started crying because I thought to myself..wow i bet this is
better food then what some of them usually eat.

Jeymy blass...leaves for her mission the 7th!!! she had a going away
party. That was fun. They had speakers, spiritual thoughts and then
food and cake. I am so excited for her!

An analgoy that i like regarding the spirit. So we pray which is like
calling god. So we call and say, ´we are going to teach maria at 4
tomorrow about the plan of salvation.´ then god calls the spirit.
´hey, the sisters are going to teach maria at 4 tomorrow on the plan
of salvation.´ the spirit says, ´oaky sounds good i will be there.´
but if we call god and say, ´hey im going to teach maria at 4
tomorrow.´then god calls the spirit, ´hey they are teaching maria at 4
tomorrow.´ the spirit goes, ´okay great. teaching what?´ then god
says, ´´IDK.´ if we do this...the spirit can´t teach as strongly.
therefore, important to plan, and tell heavenly father our plans.

One day with our investigator fátima...I knew something was wrong, but
she said she was good. After the lesson when we were leaving I asked
her, ´cómo esta?´  (how are you) she replied, ´mas o menos.´  (so so) ahaha. so i then asked,
´porque mas o menos?´ (why so so)  she explained that yesterday was her abuelas (grandmothers)
funeral. I reminded her that we are here for her always if she needs
anything, or to talk. she said she knows.

I will try harder this week to focus on my investigators and see
what happens. I know that God is our loving heavenly father. I know
this gospel truly changes people and fills people with joy. I know
that missionary work is super important, and I wish i would have
shared it more before my mission.

Have a great week everyone!! I love you!! Oh i also got an email from
an rm (returned missionary)  who served here. she is super sweet.

also got a letter from mom, becca, aubree, grandpa and grandma
alatorre, elder peterson...

hermana chase :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

God knows what we need 7/22/13


So there is a girl here, Jeyme...who leaves for her mission the 7 of august. We asked our zone leaders to buy a triple set of scriptures for us to give to her. That is one thing she is missing. I am so excited for her!!!

So random...we were walking home with the elders after dinner and we started talking about first names. Elder Trujillo asked what mine was. I said Kaitlin. He freaked out. It turns out his old gf is named Kaitlin. He said whats your middle name? I said rose. He freaked out and said no....my old gf is kaitlin rose. Kinda freaky. But hey...i have a good name...what can i say. haha.

So this week we went with the elders to the very end of our area to help the elders contact. Wow. There aren´t many members there, but we found people who were very positive.

So one day this week we were going to have a meeting with our investigator fatima. I thought we were supposed to meet at the church with her, and then walk to a members home...turns out i didn´t understand correctly...they wanted the meeting at fatimas house. so we ended up changing it and going to the ex bishops house. ya...spanish. hahaha.

We went to visit fernando this week, and his gf said he was about to leave. We were talking to someone else in the house and then fernando cames out and says that he will grab his book of mormon and come out. Well, we start the lesson by asking if he has any questions. Wow...he asked if we could share a scripture to make him feel a little better. He went on to explain that he feels really alone, and empty. He doesnt live with his family because they kicked him out. He isnt going to school anymore because of work. He wants to move out but doesn´t know where...we shared scriptures to help him...but i felt like everytime i talked he didn´t really care...that i couldn´t really help him because i didn´t know spanish. this is the difficult part. But i know that god can help him. God knows what he needs. That is what we teach. 

One day it rained hard and we didn´t have anything with us. we all ran under a railing thing. in 15 min it rained hard that the streets were flooded almost up over the sidewalk and it was moving fast like a river. one bus came by and splashed us some... haha. 

the elders had a wedding and then a baptism. it was an old couple. only the husband was getting baptized. so cute. he was like afraid of the water and he couldnt go under. elder rivera tried to help him. he was doing the splits and all sorts of stuff. Finally he barely went under and then elder rivera grabbed him and held him, and i think the man was weeping. it was sweet. 

For pday today we went to jinotepe to shop. i had a hamburger for lunch which was awesome. real american food. haha. good news...we found a new family! positive! asked good questions...and want to come to church this sunday!!! they are super super nice too!!! haha

well...off to another week! Remember that God  knows who you are, and that you can always talk to him. Day or night. 

Hermana Chase

p.s. my shoes stink...and are like always wet because its rainy season...aw...haha. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

TRANSFERS! 7/15/13

BUENAS!!! So I have some news but I will go in order. So we went with the young people here on a hike to the monkey area that I went before. Man...I woke up at 5am...and we hiked from 7 to about 9 or so. So tiring. We ate lunch there and rested a bit then hiked back...through literally the jungle. GOt some awesome pics!!!! But after...oh man...I was DEAD. My whole body...haha. 

So our last meeting Maria, our recent convert and her family...I had the idea to do a testimony meeting. It was salvaje!!! Of course tears were shed...about the gospel, and we found out that my comp was being transfered...so they were super sad about that. I mean if you think about it...hna puyol was here in the same area for 1 week short of 8 months. That´s a long time. You bond with people. 

So our last cena together was with the family garcia. For dinner we had a BIG bowl of fruit. The only time I have really eaten fruit here in 4 months. crazy I know. Then for dessert...we had a bowl of...jello with ice cream on top. Weird...but freaking good! haha. 

So the big news...TRANSFERS...It was a small amount of people being transfered this time. It´s fun because they first announce the people going to a place called BLUEFIELDS. They announce it first because its so far, you have to take a plane...it´s across a lake. LOOK IT UP! So they announced those people...and ELDER HAMMOND from our district got transfered there!!! haha. Salvaje! Hna Puyol is now in Las Colinas...in Managua as one of the leaders for the hermanas! Crazy huh?! My new comp is Hna Flores from Guatemala. She has 15 months in the mission so this is her last area. Funny thing...is we just switched comps and areas. haha. I am a little scared because if I don´t get transfered this transfer I will most likely stay until hna flores leaves...and then stay longer because i know the area. And if I train...even longer. So basically the curse of hna puyol. haha. I hope I transfer this transfer in 5 weeks. Hna flores says its not good to be in an area more than 4 months. So hna flores...she is super animated...and happy. Which is good but its almost a little too much for me. Too much preppy. And she likes things super calm...and i mean super calm. She talked with me last night that her vision is to have everything real calm. Visit with love, no worry about numbers...which I agree. And she said that I guess when I was explaining to her the things we needed to do, or what she wanted to do...that was stressful...so...i mean this will be good but at the same time...i feel like anything i do will stress her out. haha. Also last night it was 8.30 and she wanted to go home because it was dark...oh well. I Was hoping to visit one other person...but that´s okay

Elder Rivera´s new comp...elder Trujillo from utah. 

So the other day my comp was super sick so we stayed home. I basically studied for 5 hrs until my eyes fell out. ya. haha. I studied about the second coming. worked on my scripture tabs, finished reading the book of mormon and started over reading side by side in english and spanish, read some talks...you know. I took a 30 min nap but felt guilty about that hahja. 

So I saw two miracles this week. Our investigator fàtima...she hasn´t come to church and this time she said ya maybe...that we could pass by in the morning. So we did...and when we got there she was all ready...make up and all. She only had to wash her baby. MIRACLE!!! So we walked to church and got there late. They were passing the sacrament. But that´s okay! She could only stay for 1 hour  but I think that´s all she needs in order to want to come again. We meet with her today. The one thing I don´t like is that they don´t pass the sacrament to those outside the chapel...if you are late...but oh well. Next week I can take it. Oh Fàtima is to complete a family..her husband is less active.

The other miracle...there is this other investigator, who we can never find. He doesn´t have a set work schedule so it´s hard to find him. And when we do he always says he is busy or his kids say he isn´t home when we can hear him. Well we found him...and he let us in. And we set a baptism date...ya... so now we just have to keep working with him. We are going to pass by his house tonight. 

So at times people don´t understand me here...l asked for leche the other day and the lady didn´t understand. How hard is it to say leche? not very...my comp says it the same way...and they go oh leche. yes. wow...haha- when the people don´t understand they squinch there nose...like twitch up and down...its embarassing when they don´t understand. When I think I am getting better at spanish the more people don´t understand haha. 

love you all!!!
Hermana Chase

Monday, July 1, 2013

First Baptism

So I have exciting news...but I will go in order of what happened. So we had a our last meeting with  our mission president. Each of his kids spoke and some ex missionaries bore their testimonio. Also he gave each of us a coin from costa rica, where they live. And we each got a mission photo. President let his wife hug the elders, and he hugged us hermanas. haha. We also got our pic taken with him. 

We have an investigator Sergio, who one day we asked if he would pray. He said no, and so hna puyol said he could repeat what she says. So he did. Even though it wasn´t his own...it was still a neat experience. 

So the 26th was Maria´s entrevista...she passed!!!

So fernando...we go to teach him and he has piercings in his ear and he had his phone out while we taught...he is totally different...i don´t know what happened but he is changing. Sunday, he took them out but I don´t know. 

So funny story...we were on the bus and i realized i didn´t have my name tag...so we taught 2 lessons without my name tag. I almost cried. I couldn´t believe I forgot it. But i had a reason. I was sick that day...in the morning after study I took a quick nap. My stomach was bothering me a lot. So was my comp. We think it was a hot dog we ate. 

So in our district meeting, hna puyol and I taught. I, being creative made hand outs with a quote. haha. Our DL said we could teach all the time. haha.

So we had divisions with the hermana leaders. I stayed in our area. It was okay. But hna Garcia had lots of critism. She said, our house was messy, we need to use our time better, our area book needs to be cleaned, we need to eat dinner earlier to work more because she didn´t like what she saw in my agenda...and stuff...but other than that...haha. It was still fun. 

Now...the 29th of June 2013 I had my FIRST BAPTISM!!! Maria de Los Angeles Ortiz Hernandez. Our DL companion baptized her. She wanted her husband, but he didn´t have the priesthood. So, the elders and us did a special musical number. We sang, Señor, Te Necesito. I sang the first verse, then me and hna puyol, then the elders, then all of us. It was really good. We walked Maria into the bathroom to get into the font. We hugged her, and watched her get baptized from the side of the font. Of course I cried... it was a neat experience. The way I can explain it is this...knowing that I taught maria...and that now she can live with her heavenly father again as long as she does her part. It was a tender moment. After the baptism everyone hugged her. I had a letter for her with my testimonio, a note, and some scriptures. I hugged her and gave her the note, and she started to weep a little. Afterwards, i asked her how she felt and she said good. 

The story continues...we walk in on sunday and I see her husband, wilmar sitting to pass the sacrament. He got the priesthood that morning!! My heart was filled with joy. I asked him afterwards how he feels with the priesthood. He replied, ´bien hermana´. My only hope is that they progress in the church together. You never know who they could end up being in the church. It was a great experience. 

Then today for pday we went to the beach...It was beautiful, but I didn´t like being there. My comp and 2 other sisters took their shoes off and were walking down by the water where the tide comes up...which I would say is not allowed. I stayed away from the water. I looked for shells and sat on a boulder. It was really beautiful though. 

Thank you everyone for everything!!! Your words of encouragement, and letters. I love you all! 

Something i am grateful for is this gospel and that no matter where you go, well for the most part...we always have the church. PEople with the same faith, same standards. IT is truly a blessing. being all the way in nicaragua and still being able to go to church and take the sacrament...to have seminary and things. It is crazy to think about. 

Also..random thing...we got on a bus with 3 nuns once..so on one bus there were 3 nuns and 4 mormons. my comp said...oh we have competition. haha. 

Transfers are not this wednesday but next. my district was joking that i would train, but since they didn´t call today i am safe. last full week before transfers!!! aye!!!! 

Love you all!!!
Hermana Chase