Monday, July 1, 2013

First Baptism

So I have exciting news...but I will go in order of what happened. So we had a our last meeting with  our mission president. Each of his kids spoke and some ex missionaries bore their testimonio. Also he gave each of us a coin from costa rica, where they live. And we each got a mission photo. President let his wife hug the elders, and he hugged us hermanas. haha. We also got our pic taken with him. 

We have an investigator Sergio, who one day we asked if he would pray. He said no, and so hna puyol said he could repeat what she says. So he did. Even though it wasn´t his was still a neat experience. 

So the 26th was Maria´s entrevista...she passed!!!

So fernando...we go to teach him and he has piercings in his ear and he had his phone out while we taught...he is totally different...i don´t know what happened but he is changing. Sunday, he took them out but I don´t know. 

So funny story...we were on the bus and i realized i didn´t have my name we taught 2 lessons without my name tag. I almost cried. I couldn´t believe I forgot it. But i had a reason. I was sick that the morning after study I took a quick nap. My stomach was bothering me a lot. So was my comp. We think it was a hot dog we ate. 

So in our district meeting, hna puyol and I taught. I, being creative made hand outs with a quote. haha. Our DL said we could teach all the time. haha.

So we had divisions with the hermana leaders. I stayed in our area. It was okay. But hna Garcia had lots of critism. She said, our house was messy, we need to use our time better, our area book needs to be cleaned, we need to eat dinner earlier to work more because she didn´t like what she saw in my agenda...and stuff...but other than that...haha. It was still fun. 

Now...the 29th of June 2013 I had my FIRST BAPTISM!!! Maria de Los Angeles Ortiz Hernandez. Our DL companion baptized her. She wanted her husband, but he didn´t have the priesthood. So, the elders and us did a special musical number. We sang, SeƱor, Te Necesito. I sang the first verse, then me and hna puyol, then the elders, then all of us. It was really good. We walked Maria into the bathroom to get into the font. We hugged her, and watched her get baptized from the side of the font. Of course I cried... it was a neat experience. The way I can explain it is this...knowing that I taught maria...and that now she can live with her heavenly father again as long as she does her part. It was a tender moment. After the baptism everyone hugged her. I had a letter for her with my testimonio, a note, and some scriptures. I hugged her and gave her the note, and she started to weep a little. Afterwards, i asked her how she felt and she said good. 

The story continues...we walk in on sunday and I see her husband, wilmar sitting to pass the sacrament. He got the priesthood that morning!! My heart was filled with joy. I asked him afterwards how he feels with the priesthood. He replied, ´bien hermana´. My only hope is that they progress in the church together. You never know who they could end up being in the church. It was a great experience. 

Then today for pday we went to the beach...It was beautiful, but I didn´t like being there. My comp and 2 other sisters took their shoes off and were walking down by the water where the tide comes up...which I would say is not allowed. I stayed away from the water. I looked for shells and sat on a boulder. It was really beautiful though. 

Thank you everyone for everything!!! Your words of encouragement, and letters. I love you all! 

Something i am grateful for is this gospel and that no matter where you go, well for the most part...we always have the church. PEople with the same faith, same standards. IT is truly a blessing. being all the way in nicaragua and still being able to go to church and take the have seminary and things. It is crazy to think about. 

Also..random thing...we got on a bus with 3 nuns on one bus there were 3 nuns and 4 mormons. my comp said...oh we have competition. haha. 

Transfers are not this wednesday but next. my district was joking that i would train, but since they didn´t call today i am safe. last full week before transfers!!! aye!!!! 

Love you all!!!
Hermana Chase

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