Monday, July 22, 2013

God knows what we need 7/22/13


So there is a girl here, Jeyme...who leaves for her mission the 7 of august. We asked our zone leaders to buy a triple set of scriptures for us to give to her. That is one thing she is missing. I am so excited for her!!!

So random...we were walking home with the elders after dinner and we started talking about first names. Elder Trujillo asked what mine was. I said Kaitlin. He freaked out. It turns out his old gf is named Kaitlin. He said whats your middle name? I said rose. He freaked out and said old gf is kaitlin rose. Kinda freaky. But hey...i have a good name...what can i say. haha.

So this week we went with the elders to the very end of our area to help the elders contact. Wow. There aren´t many members there, but we found people who were very positive.

So one day this week we were going to have a meeting with our investigator fatima. I thought we were supposed to meet at the church with her, and then walk to a members home...turns out i didn´t understand correctly...they wanted the meeting at fatimas house. so we ended up changing it and going to the ex bishops house. ya...spanish. hahaha.

We went to visit fernando this week, and his gf said he was about to leave. We were talking to someone else in the house and then fernando cames out and says that he will grab his book of mormon and come out. Well, we start the lesson by asking if he has any questions. Wow...he asked if we could share a scripture to make him feel a little better. He went on to explain that he feels really alone, and empty. He doesnt live with his family because they kicked him out. He isnt going to school anymore because of work. He wants to move out but doesn´t know where...we shared scriptures to help him...but i felt like everytime i talked he didn´t really care...that i couldn´t really help him because i didn´t know spanish. this is the difficult part. But i know that god can help him. God knows what he needs. That is what we teach. 

One day it rained hard and we didn´t have anything with us. we all ran under a railing thing. in 15 min it rained hard that the streets were flooded almost up over the sidewalk and it was moving fast like a river. one bus came by and splashed us some... haha. 

the elders had a wedding and then a baptism. it was an old couple. only the husband was getting baptized. so cute. he was like afraid of the water and he couldnt go under. elder rivera tried to help him. he was doing the splits and all sorts of stuff. Finally he barely went under and then elder rivera grabbed him and held him, and i think the man was weeping. it was sweet. 

For pday today we went to jinotepe to shop. i had a hamburger for lunch which was awesome. real american food. haha. good news...we found a new family! positive! asked good questions...and want to come to church this sunday!!! they are super super nice too!!! haha to another week! Remember that God  knows who you are, and that you can always talk to him. Day or night. 

Hermana Chase

p.s. my shoes stink...and are like always wet because its rainy 

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