Monday, July 15, 2013

TRANSFERS! 7/15/13

BUENAS!!! So I have some news but I will go in order. So we went with the young people here on a hike to the monkey area that I went before. Man...I woke up at 5am...and we hiked from 7 to about 9 or so. So tiring. We ate lunch there and rested a bit then hiked back...through literally the jungle. GOt some awesome pics!!!! But after...oh man...I was DEAD. My whole body...haha. 

So our last meeting Maria, our recent convert and her family...I had the idea to do a testimony meeting. It was salvaje!!! Of course tears were shed...about the gospel, and we found out that my comp was being they were super sad about that. I mean if you think about it...hna puyol was here in the same area for 1 week short of 8 months. That´s a long time. You bond with people. 

So our last cena together was with the family garcia. For dinner we had a BIG bowl of fruit. The only time I have really eaten fruit here in 4 months. crazy I know. Then for dessert...we had a bowl of...jello with ice cream on top. Weird...but freaking good! haha. 

So the big news...TRANSFERS...It was a small amount of people being transfered this time. It´s fun because they first announce the people going to a place called BLUEFIELDS. They announce it first because its so far, you have to take a´s across a lake. LOOK IT UP! So they announced those people...and ELDER HAMMOND from our district got transfered there!!! haha. Salvaje! Hna Puyol is now in Las Managua as one of the leaders for the hermanas! Crazy huh?! My new comp is Hna Flores from Guatemala. She has 15 months in the mission so this is her last area. Funny we just switched comps and areas. haha. I am a little scared because if I don´t get transfered this transfer I will most likely stay until hna flores leaves...and then stay longer because i know the area. And if I train...even longer. So basically the curse of hna puyol. haha. I hope I transfer this transfer in 5 weeks. Hna flores says its not good to be in an area more than 4 months. So hna flores...she is super animated...and happy. Which is good but its almost a little too much for me. Too much preppy. And she likes things super calm...and i mean super calm. She talked with me last night that her vision is to have everything real calm. Visit with love, no worry about numbers...which I agree. And she said that I guess when I was explaining to her the things we needed to do, or what she wanted to do...that was mean this will be good but at the same time...i feel like anything i do will stress her out. haha. Also last night it was 8.30 and she wanted to go home because it was dark...oh well. I Was hoping to visit one other person...but that´s okay

Elder Rivera´s new comp...elder Trujillo from utah. 

So the other day my comp was super sick so we stayed home. I basically studied for 5 hrs until my eyes fell out. ya. haha. I studied about the second coming. worked on my scripture tabs, finished reading the book of mormon and started over reading side by side in english and spanish, read some know. I took a 30 min nap but felt guilty about that hahja. 

So I saw two miracles this week. Our investigator fàtima...she hasn´t come to church and this time she said ya maybe...that we could pass by in the morning. So we did...and when we got there she was all ready...make up and all. She only had to wash her baby. MIRACLE!!! So we walked to church and got there late. They were passing the sacrament. But that´s okay! She could only stay for 1 hour  but I think that´s all she needs in order to want to come again. We meet with her today. The one thing I don´t like is that they don´t pass the sacrament to those outside the chapel...if you are late...but oh well. Next week I can take it. Oh Fàtima is to complete a family..her husband is less active.

The other miracle...there is this other investigator, who we can never find. He doesn´t have a set work schedule so it´s hard to find him. And when we do he always says he is busy or his kids say he isn´t home when we can hear him. Well we found him...and he let us in. And we set a baptism date...ya... so now we just have to keep working with him. We are going to pass by his house tonight. 

So at times people don´t understand me here...l asked for leche the other day and the lady didn´t understand. How hard is it to say leche? not comp says it the same way...and they go oh leche. yes. wow...haha- when the people don´t understand they squinch there twitch up and down...its embarassing when they don´t understand. When I think I am getting better at spanish the more people don´t understand haha. 

love you all!!!
Hermana Chase

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