Tuesday, August 27, 2013

birthday time!

Hola todos!!!
So our one family that we are teaching…they are having marriage problems. We went one night to teach…but only the mom was home…she is less active. She started talking about how they are thinking of separating…maybe. That because he is working so much right now, and she isn´t feeling much love. So that night we ended up sharing the family proclamation to the world with them. I guess though because of the problems,  the husband was going to start drinking more but the time before we shared the word of wisdom and now he is slowly leaving coffee and smoking. I guess we always teach what they need. Cool huh?

So we had changes…. I am still in the concepción…where I was born. Haha. Elder Rivera left for somewhere in Managua. So we helped them clean a little, and visited families with the elders. It was super sweet. So we visited the family of Hermana hassel so elder rivera could say goodbye. Elder Rivera gave a little speech saying thank you and all. Then each member spoke…one of them being carlos…the convert of elder rivera who baptized Fernando and teaches the investigator class. It was so sweet. He cried. He said that he is grateful for the gospel and hopes to follow the example of elder rivera. He is preparing for a mission right now.
One good thing…elder rivera gave me 10 pesos in argentina…yay! Haha. The new companion of Elder Trujillo is a mini missionary. This means he is preparing for a mission but is here for this transfer. So he doesn´t have a tag or anything…and he has a cell phone. His name is elder Garcia…from manangua. He is really good though. He knows hermana flores because she served in his ward here. Haha.

So we taught guadelupe… the half sister of Fernando. Her birthday is the same as mine! Crazy huh? Anyway, she is super positive…but I guess her boy friend said that her parents don’t want her to go to our church…so we will see what happens.

We had companion inventory on Thursday and we talked a bit. I told her I liked how she changed the same lessons to the needs or ages of the people.  I then asked for one thing that I could improve on. She said starting the lessons. So I am working on that. I do with the people I know, its just harder with new people.

Friday…I got 5 packages!!! And letters! I got a package from jared. It had pics from Audrey and john that they drew, and…A PENCIL FROM CAKE BOSS CAFE!!!! I was so excited!!! I am so jealous they went there! Hhaha. I got a package from the Kings! A family in my stake…wow. I was surprised. I got goldfish crackers, and licorice from them. It was so nice of them! I got a package from the family with a backpack…which I needed. I was safety pinning my other backpack to keep it working…I got croc shoes for the rain…which I needed. I got a memory card with some music, some more garments, NUTELLA, almonds, a few shirts and a skirt. Also the shirt from the family reunion. Also got cards from grandparents, mark and paula.

So un hermano, a member, was in Guatemala studying…but they forced him to return home. I guess the boss said some mean things to him…anyway, we stopped by his house and were surprised to see him home. He explained what happened, and then…he told us that his wife when he got home didn´t even hug him…that she was questioning why he was home…and all this. So he is feeling a little down, and sad. He wasn´t sure if he was going to go to church Sunday…but he did. HE is my favorite member…super strong in the gospel, and everything. It hurt to see him sad.

We taught a lesson with luis…a youngin. HE has been going to church because he likes it, so we finally taught him…man. I was sharing about joseph smith…and skipped a part…I realized that and then forgot the rest. Freaking stinky. But after,  I bore my testimony. That maybe I cant express everything, but I know its true. I cried of course. I cried because the spirit, and I love the gospel…then after I cried because I was mad at myself for the Spanish. The 6th of sept I will have 6 months and still can´t speak it.

Hermana Fatima came to church this Sunday!!! I Was happy. She stayed for two hours and then left. But its more than the last time. 

One joke…I put a baby doll in elder trujillos backpack and he didn’t realize until on the bus…so I got home after we picked up our new clothes and elder calls…and says, did you check your bag? I ran and dumped out my clothes. He had stuffed a bunny animal in my bag before she put my clothes in there. Haha.
Also got a video of mom and becca saying happy bday.
My birthday is tomorrow…I am a little nervous…my first bday in the mission.  Wish me luck! J

Love always, Hermana chase

Monday, August 19, 2013

the wealthier side of nicaragua

Hola!!! Una otra carta de su misionera favorita!! ;) * mom notes...(translates to hello, another letter from your favorite missionary)

So I forgot I had given Valeria my facebook info and she told me she went on and saw my pics...and then she showed me. It was weird to see pics of me on there. haha. 

So...we had divisions this week. Guess what...I went to Las Colinas...with my old companion, Hermana Puyol! haha. I was really nervous to go...but it was actually fun. She looks different because she chopped her hair, but it looks good. Wow her area is super different. Super busy, and rich. Literally. They all have cars, and one area...nobody is walking. And instead of yelling BUENAS...you ring a doorbell. WIERD!!! Bad thing...after like 7 there is nothing to do. Everyone is in their house and don´t want anything. So at 7 we went and bought food and then went home. We watched beauty and the beast the mormon version and ate chips. Oh..also their bathroom..wow. Their toilet constantly leaks..so when you use the toilet you stand in a big puddle of water. gross. haha. overall, a good experience. There in managua they have everything. fast food, and all. haha

So the last few days our light in the bathroom has been out so we have been using a flashlight to shower and use the bathroom hahahhah!!!

Our last district meeting was lame...we didn´t go eat or anything...I Was sad.

I ended up getting a bug spray from the leaders. I sprayed it on my mattress and I think its helping.

We had a ward act for the recent converts. Food and they bore their testimony...and us missionaries too. I took videos of it all. 

then we had a ward act where each organization represented a different country where someone served their mission. they made a meal from there, and had a table with stuff. some learned the dances too. we had argentina. we made ham and cheese empenadas. it was a fun act. our investigator santiago came!!! his first time ever in the church. he never comes on sunday so for us this was a BIG step!. 

I had my first experience with a bible basher. The first time...positive. but this time he was saying that jesus couldn´t raise someone from the dead...meaning peter james and john, and give joseph the priesthood. but yet he pointed out that jesus raised lazarus. and yet he said god could do anything...but i guess not this. also he said he would not pray about the Book Of Mormon because he has the bible...even though he says god is the same forever, all he needs is the bible. my question is...okay then how does he know the bible is true? did he pray? why not pray about the Book Of Mormon? I almost cried. to see someone whose heart was so hard and closed. to know that they are missing out on something great. 

today our last pday...we went to a place to look for monkeys and wow...we heard a BIG one. and saw a waterfall! then watched a movie. 

I find out if i have transfers tomorrow...yikes. its a 50 50 chance. i have 4 months here...but my comp leaves the next transfer...

love you all!!! I got letters from some of you. thank you!!! 

hermana chase

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

two baptisms! and scary dogs


5 months this month!!! 

Well...today we had a zone activity and so we don´t have time to write. Our zone leader said we could write quickly and get off and they will ask if we can write more tomorrow. I hope so...I have so much to say. I will just tell you some of the experiences of the week. 

We taught Valeria for the last time before her baptism. I almost cried. I explained to her how important this was. That I hope that she saw the blessings and miracles. For example her family is super catholic...but they let her get baptized. I told her that she was super special. That it is hard to find people like her ready and with the desire to follow jesus christ. It was a special moment. 

Then...saturday...we had 2 baptisms!!! Fernando jose ortiz calero and valeria massiel serrano brenes...both 17 years old. And the cool part...the boyfriend of valeria baptized her, and a recent convert (about 18 years old) of about 5 months baptized fernando. Cool huh?! oh we also sang a song with the elders at the baptisms. with elder rivera on the guitar. 

Then sunday valeria got a calling! she is in charge of the materials. So if people need books or magazines, she goes to managua to buy them. I am so happy!!! She is super awesome. 

I also got a bday package from dad...tons of sweets!!! tons! And i have eaten a lot already haha. There was also a bday hat and balloons. 

My right leg got infected sorta from the bites...they are going away now. apparently there is something to spray on the bed and clothes that we can ask our DL for...that i just found out.... i don´t know why people don´t tell us these things. haha

I have 2 bites on my left leg...and always like 30 on my right....my right leg must be delicious. haha

I said goodbye to Jeymy blass...she left for her mission. I told her, ´voy a llorar´ (I’m going to cry) and she said ýo tambien´ (me too) and then we cried and hugged. Her mom hugged us and told us to pray for them.

Then we visited her family later and jeymy had left us a gift. I got a really sweet card and a painted dolphin to put on the wall. its a typical nicaraguan thing. I love it. 

oh one night we were walking calmly and...i almost got bit by a crazy dog. no joke. it wasn´t until after the dog almost bit me that the owners called the dog. then the next night..again... so now i am a little scared of the dogs here. haha

a quote i found in the liahona... (church magazine)
¨just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. when those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the lord feels you are prepared to grow more. he therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding and compassion, which polish you for your everlasting benefit  to get you from where you are to where he wants you be require a lot of stretching, and that generally entails discomfort and pain¨- elder richard g scot; trust in the lord.

hermana chase


So we got permission to write more today because we didn´t have time to write much yesterday. YAY! So… a few more things I want to add to add to my letter.

So for this pday Hermana Flores and I had to go to Managua for my Nicaragua residence card. Sorry family, but I am now a true Nica! Haha. ;) I will attach a picture of it for you. But oh man…the ride to Managua was awful! The van was so packed and I was sitting the opposite way…my back to the front of the van…for about 1 ½ hours…I felt like I was going to throw up. Especially because after we got into Managua it was stop and go traffic. I almost told the bus to pull over and let me out. I would rather walk a lot then feel sick haha. I saw Hermana Featherstone there who I met from the CCM. So that was nice. On the bus ride home there weren´t as many people so I laid my head down so I was halfway out the window…well my arm. Haha.
Then we went to La Boquita again with missionaries from our zone. We cooked hotdogs and ´smores´haha. Marshmallows with like chocolate crackers. I also got a pic of that bird I mentioned last time!! Email me and tell me what you think it is. I think it’s a dinosaur….for reals. ;) 

I forgot to tell you guys about a contact on a bus. So we were on a bus going home from San Juan. The guy next to me kept looking over. Eventually he asked if I worked in San Juan or La concha. I explained both…but then I realized I didn´t want him to think actual work..so then I explained who we were and invited him to church. He also explained some places to visit in Nicaragua and stuff. Haha.
 Oh one of the letters I got this week was from my friend Devin…it was his wedding invitation…that was his way of telling me I guess. Haha. Luckily I had found out before from my sister. Haha.

So during one of the lessons with Valeria before the baptism…we were teaching lesson 2 about the plan of salvation. It was my turn to teach about the judgement and resurrection and my mind blanked and I was stumbling. Somehow after a minute I was able to explain stuff and it actually made sense because Klaren her boyfriend was shaking his head yes. Haha.

Also for the baptism…I got called on to bear my testimony. Kind of a disaster…but that´s okay. Haha.

Thought for the day… Mosiah 4:11 …when it says ´unworthy creatures´I always took it as harsh. But today I Realized it is true. How many times do we receive blessings and things and not thank our heavenly father. He has given us life, breath, food, health..everything.

Also…´when you trust in the lord, you can do anything-even if it is really hard-because he does direct your path. He´ll walk by your side. He´ll hold your hand. He will send his angels to surround you.´-elaine s Dalton

I love you all!!!! Here is to a better week, a better me, a better disciple of Christ.

Hermana Chase

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

baptisims coming up!

Mi familia y amigos,

Una otra semana...wow. Què rapido el tiempo en la misìon.  Tomorow, the 6th, I have 5 months...què loco!!! Haha. (translation from mom... another week, time in the mission is going fast....that’s crazy!)

So last pday we played soccer as a district. I didn´t want to play...but elder Bever, our ZL said ¨Hermana...just play for 5 min...¨ Well,  i ended up playing the whole time. haha. At first they made me be the goalie! haha. We played latinos against nortes. They won by 1 point. After a while they switched goalies. EVERY time elder Trujillo was the goalie and he had the ball he would yell, ¨HERMANA CHASE!!!¨ and then throw the ball to me. Freaking elder trujillo. haha. Then we went to an El Salvador restaurant and ate...not sure how to spell it...but, papusa. It´s a tortilla but stuffed inside is like cheese, meat, beans... kinda like a quesadilla but only 1 tortilla. I don´t know...but it was good. I got the chicken and cheese. Also a drink called Cacao. It´s kinda like chocolate milk...but not. haha

So...our investigator...Valeria. Wow. We taught the law of chastity...and she has no problem with. In fact she had researched it already. haha. crazy. And...crazy story. Apparently after we taught the first lesson, after she prayed...she had a dream. She dreamed that she was in white and there were all these people being baptized... I don´t know about you but that is pretty cool. She is definately chosen...pre-prepared. It´s crazy. The only thing is that she dresses...in modestly...but that will change. She is going to marry a member...and in a year they want to go to the temple. 

Our other investigator...fransisco...he is drinking coffee a little. Apparently his daughter, who is a member...doesn´t believe that this commandment is from God...because it isnt in the bible. So she drinks it...so he does. But when we met with him he said he knows its a commandment and wants to stop. When we met with him again he said he is only drinking a little. He said little by little he can stop. 

We taught hermana dora...who cooks for us...and her husband who is less active actually listened. The last time I tried to teach him he left the house. I couldn´t believe it. Hermana dora struggles because her husband drinks, doesn´t help much, and
doesn´t go to church. So we talked to him a little. He didn´t go to church, but the fact that he listened was a first step.

I talked to Elder Trujillo about how to study spanish. He said reading the Book of Mormon in spanish out loud. So my goal is to finish it by my birthday. That is 20 pages a day. I can do it. Also, he said to use one of the books we got from the ccm. He said if i need help, like if i don´t understand something, he can help. 

On sunday it was a members bday...hna hassel...who i love. I bought her earrings, lotion, and some candy. And made a card. :) During church she changed her earrings for mine :)

Also this week guess what?! We found a store that sells avon! not much...perfume mainly. But still! Then we found a store...you might want to sit for this one...that sells BATH AND BODY WORKS!!! no joke!!! So I had to buy some for me. happy bday to me. haha I´m sorry. But wow! They also had shoes, jewelry and clothes. The bath and body works were in dollars too. It is my new favorite store! And its in la concha! haha. 

So I bought this mini car. You put your memory card in and it plays music. its a speaker..i love it! 

Jeymy blass....gets set apart today for her mission. She leaves wednesday. I love her!!! she will be awesome!!! I love her family too. It´s the family of maria´s husband. The mom, is kinda like our mom here. She always gives the longest hugs and holds our hands. She calls us her 2 hijas. haha. 

Oh...the DL said there is a package for me! he is bringing it tuesday when he comes for the interviews for our investigators. 

So our ward mission leader here got married to hermana karen, the sisterof hermana hassel. SO cute! their wedding was beautiful! And today they left for the temple in honduras. Get this...from here to the guatemela temple took 24 hours...yep. So beautiful though that they are getting married in the temple. I love it. 

We were talking about temples with a member and she said, people in your country don´t know what sacrifice is...because elder trujillo lives across the street from the temple. And it´s true...the people here wow... sacrifice a lot. but..there is a spot saved for a temple in managua. i saw it today. its big! 

So our other investigator fernando...talked to us...he got his mom to sign the paper for his baptism...and he told us he wants to get baptized the 10 with valeria and not the 17th. so we are having 2 baptisms this sat! And valeria wants us both to speak...yikes. haha.

Oh also this week we taught mauricio...a student in hermana hassel´s english class. he is positive. 

then today we went to managua because hermana flores had to get her nicaragua residence...so we went to the distribution center...wow small. i bought some church dvds...the doctrine and covenants set for like seminary only 10 cordobas. freaking cheap because 20 dollars is 480 cordobas. we also bought scriptures for jeymy. and found out that wednesday i need to return to managua for my residence!!! yay!!! im excited to have one!!! :)

well.. i need to go. i love you all!

hermana chase