Tuesday, August 6, 2013

baptisims coming up!

Mi familia y amigos,

Una otra semana...wow. Què rapido el tiempo en la misìon.  Tomorow, the 6th, I have 5 months...què loco!!! Haha. (translation from mom... another week, time in the mission is going fast....that’s crazy!)

So last pday we played soccer as a district. I didn´t want to play...but elder Bever, our ZL said ¨Hermana...just play for 5 min...¨ Well,  i ended up playing the whole time. haha. At first they made me be the goalie! haha. We played latinos against nortes. They won by 1 point. After a while they switched goalies. EVERY time elder Trujillo was the goalie and he had the ball he would yell, ¨HERMANA CHASE!!!¨ and then throw the ball to me. Freaking elder trujillo. haha. Then we went to an El Salvador restaurant and ate...not sure how to spell it...but, papusa. It´s a tortilla but stuffed inside is like cheese, meat, beans... kinda like a quesadilla but only 1 tortilla. I don´t know...but it was good. I got the chicken and cheese. Also a drink called Cacao. It´s kinda like chocolate milk...but not. haha

So...our investigator...Valeria. Wow. We taught the law of chastity...and she has no problem with. In fact she had researched it already. haha. crazy. And...crazy story. Apparently after we taught the first lesson, after she prayed...she had a dream. She dreamed that she was in white and there were all these people being baptized... I don´t know about you but that is pretty cool. She is definately chosen...pre-prepared. It´s crazy. The only thing is that she dresses...in modestly...but that will change. She is going to marry a member...and in a year they want to go to the temple. 

Our other investigator...fransisco...he is drinking coffee a little. Apparently his daughter, who is a member...doesn´t believe that this commandment is from God...because it isnt in the bible. So she drinks it...so he does. But when we met with him he said he knows its a commandment and wants to stop. When we met with him again he said he is only drinking a little. He said little by little he can stop. 

We taught hermana dora...who cooks for us...and her husband who is less active actually listened. The last time I tried to teach him he left the house. I couldn´t believe it. Hermana dora struggles because her husband drinks, doesn´t help much, and
doesn´t go to church. So we talked to him a little. He didn´t go to church, but the fact that he listened was a first step.

I talked to Elder Trujillo about how to study spanish. He said reading the Book of Mormon in spanish out loud. So my goal is to finish it by my birthday. That is 20 pages a day. I can do it. Also, he said to use one of the books we got from the ccm. He said if i need help, like if i don´t understand something, he can help. 

On sunday it was a members bday...hna hassel...who i love. I bought her earrings, lotion, and some candy. And made a card. :) During church she changed her earrings for mine :)

Also this week guess what?! We found a store that sells avon! not much...perfume mainly. But still! Then we found a store...you might want to sit for this one...that sells BATH AND BODY WORKS!!! no joke!!! So I had to buy some for me. happy bday to me. haha I´m sorry. But wow! They also had shoes, jewelry and clothes. The bath and body works were in dollars too. It is my new favorite store! And its in la concha! haha. 

So I bought this mini car. You put your memory card in and it plays music. its a speaker..i love it! 

Jeymy blass....gets set apart today for her mission. She leaves wednesday. I love her!!! she will be awesome!!! I love her family too. It´s the family of maria´s husband. The mom, is kinda like our mom here. She always gives the longest hugs and holds our hands. She calls us her 2 hijas. haha. 

Oh...the DL said there is a package for me! he is bringing it tuesday when he comes for the interviews for our investigators. 

So our ward mission leader here got married to hermana karen, the sisterof hermana hassel. SO cute! their wedding was beautiful! And today they left for the temple in honduras. Get this...from here to the guatemela temple took 24 hours...yep. So beautiful though that they are getting married in the temple. I love it. 

We were talking about temples with a member and she said, people in your country don´t know what sacrifice is...because elder trujillo lives across the street from the temple. And it´s true...the people here wow... sacrifice a lot. but..there is a spot saved for a temple in managua. i saw it today. its big! 

So our other investigator fernando...talked to us...he got his mom to sign the paper for his baptism...and he told us he wants to get baptized the 10 with valeria and not the 17th. so we are having 2 baptisms this sat! And valeria wants us both to speak...yikes. haha.

Oh also this week we taught mauricio...a student in hermana hassel´s english class. he is positive. 

then today we went to managua because hermana flores had to get her nicaragua residence...so we went to the distribution center...wow small. i bought some church dvds...the doctrine and covenants set for like seminary only 10 cordobas. freaking cheap because 20 dollars is 480 cordobas. we also bought scriptures for jeymy. and found out that wednesday i need to return to managua for my residence!!! yay!!! im excited to have one!!! :)

well.. i need to go. i love you all!

hermana chase

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