Tuesday, August 27, 2013

birthday time!

Hola todos!!!
So our one family that we are teaching…they are having marriage problems. We went one night to teach…but only the mom was home…she is less active. She started talking about how they are thinking of separating…maybe. That because he is working so much right now, and she isn´t feeling much love. So that night we ended up sharing the family proclamation to the world with them. I guess though because of the problems,  the husband was going to start drinking more but the time before we shared the word of wisdom and now he is slowly leaving coffee and smoking. I guess we always teach what they need. Cool huh?

So we had changes…. I am still in the concepciĆ³n…where I was born. Haha. Elder Rivera left for somewhere in Managua. So we helped them clean a little, and visited families with the elders. It was super sweet. So we visited the family of Hermana hassel so elder rivera could say goodbye. Elder Rivera gave a little speech saying thank you and all. Then each member spoke…one of them being carlos…the convert of elder rivera who baptized Fernando and teaches the investigator class. It was so sweet. He cried. He said that he is grateful for the gospel and hopes to follow the example of elder rivera. He is preparing for a mission right now.
One good thing…elder rivera gave me 10 pesos in argentina…yay! Haha. The new companion of Elder Trujillo is a mini missionary. This means he is preparing for a mission but is here for this transfer. So he doesn´t have a tag or anything…and he has a cell phone. His name is elder Garcia…from manangua. He is really good though. He knows hermana flores because she served in his ward here. Haha.

So we taught guadelupe… the half sister of Fernando. Her birthday is the same as mine! Crazy huh? Anyway, she is super positive…but I guess her boy friend said that her parents don’t want her to go to our church…so we will see what happens.

We had companion inventory on Thursday and we talked a bit. I told her I liked how she changed the same lessons to the needs or ages of the people.  I then asked for one thing that I could improve on. She said starting the lessons. So I am working on that. I do with the people I know, its just harder with new people.

Friday…I got 5 packages!!! And letters! I got a package from jared. It had pics from Audrey and john that they drew, and…A PENCIL FROM CAKE BOSS CAFE!!!! I was so excited!!! I am so jealous they went there! Hhaha. I got a package from the Kings! A family in my stake…wow. I was surprised. I got goldfish crackers, and licorice from them. It was so nice of them! I got a package from the family with a backpack…which I needed. I was safety pinning my other backpack to keep it working…I got croc shoes for the rain…which I needed. I got a memory card with some music, some more garments, NUTELLA, almonds, a few shirts and a skirt. Also the shirt from the family reunion. Also got cards from grandparents, mark and paula.

So un hermano, a member, was in Guatemala studying…but they forced him to return home. I guess the boss said some mean things to him…anyway, we stopped by his house and were surprised to see him home. He explained what happened, and then…he told us that his wife when he got home didn´t even hug him…that she was questioning why he was home…and all this. So he is feeling a little down, and sad. He wasn´t sure if he was going to go to church Sunday…but he did. HE is my favorite member…super strong in the gospel, and everything. It hurt to see him sad.

We taught a lesson with luis…a youngin. HE has been going to church because he likes it, so we finally taught him…man. I was sharing about joseph smith…and skipped a part…I realized that and then forgot the rest. Freaking stinky. But after,  I bore my testimony. That maybe I cant express everything, but I know its true. I cried of course. I cried because the spirit, and I love the gospel…then after I cried because I was mad at myself for the Spanish. The 6th of sept I will have 6 months and still can´t speak it.

Hermana Fatima came to church this Sunday!!! I Was happy. She stayed for two hours and then left. But its more than the last time. 

One joke…I put a baby doll in elder trujillos backpack and he didn’t realize until on the bus…so I got home after we picked up our new clothes and elder calls…and says, did you check your bag? I ran and dumped out my clothes. He had stuffed a bunny animal in my bag before she put my clothes in there. Haha.
Also got a video of mom and becca saying happy bday.
My birthday is tomorrow…I am a little nervous…my first bday in the mission.  Wish me luck! J

Love always, Hermana chase

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