Monday, August 19, 2013

the wealthier side of nicaragua

Hola!!! Una otra carta de su misionera favorita!! ;) * mom notes...(translates to hello, another letter from your favorite missionary)

So I forgot I had given Valeria my facebook info and she told me she went on and saw my pics...and then she showed me. It was weird to see pics of me on there. haha. 

So...we had divisions this week. Guess what...I went to Las Colinas...with my old companion, Hermana Puyol! haha. I was really nervous to go...but it was actually fun. She looks different because she chopped her hair, but it looks good. Wow her area is super different. Super busy, and rich. Literally. They all have cars, and one area...nobody is walking. And instead of yelling ring a doorbell. WIERD!!! Bad thing...after like 7 there is nothing to do. Everyone is in their house and don´t want anything. So at 7 we went and bought food and then went home. We watched beauty and the beast the mormon version and ate chips. Oh..also their Their toilet constantly when you use the toilet you stand in a big puddle of water. gross. haha. overall, a good experience. There in managua they have everything. fast food, and all. haha

So the last few days our light in the bathroom has been out so we have been using a flashlight to shower and use the bathroom hahahhah!!!

Our last district meeting was lame...we didn´t go eat or anything...I Was sad.

I ended up getting a bug spray from the leaders. I sprayed it on my mattress and I think its helping.

We had a ward act for the recent converts. Food and they bore their testimony...and us missionaries too. I took videos of it all. 

then we had a ward act where each organization represented a different country where someone served their mission. they made a meal from there, and had a table with stuff. some learned the dances too. we had argentina. we made ham and cheese empenadas. it was a fun act. our investigator santiago came!!! his first time ever in the church. he never comes on sunday so for us this was a BIG step!. 

I had my first experience with a bible basher. The first time...positive. but this time he was saying that jesus couldn´t raise someone from the dead...meaning peter james and john, and give joseph the priesthood. but yet he pointed out that jesus raised lazarus. and yet he said god could do anything...but i guess not this. also he said he would not pray about the Book Of Mormon because he has the bible...even though he says god is the same forever, all he needs is the bible. my question is...okay then how does he know the bible is true? did he pray? why not pray about the Book Of Mormon? I almost cried. to see someone whose heart was so hard and closed. to know that they are missing out on something great. 

today our last pday...we went to a place to look for monkeys and wow...we heard a BIG one. and saw a waterfall! then watched a movie. 

I find out if i have transfers tomorrow...yikes. its a 50 50 chance. i have 4 months here...but my comp leaves the next transfer...

love you all!!! I got letters from some of you. thank you!!! 

hermana chase

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