Tuesday, August 13, 2013

two baptisms! and scary dogs


5 months this month!!! 

Well...today we had a zone activity and so we don´t have time to write. Our zone leader said we could write quickly and get off and they will ask if we can write more tomorrow. I hope so...I have so much to say. I will just tell you some of the experiences of the week. 

We taught Valeria for the last time before her baptism. I almost cried. I explained to her how important this was. That I hope that she saw the blessings and miracles. For example her family is super catholic...but they let her get baptized. I told her that she was super special. That it is hard to find people like her ready and with the desire to follow jesus christ. It was a special moment. 

Then...saturday...we had 2 baptisms!!! Fernando jose ortiz calero and valeria massiel serrano brenes...both 17 years old. And the cool part...the boyfriend of valeria baptized her, and a recent convert (about 18 years old) of about 5 months baptized fernando. Cool huh?! oh we also sang a song with the elders at the baptisms. with elder rivera on the guitar. 

Then sunday valeria got a calling! she is in charge of the materials. So if people need books or magazines, she goes to managua to buy them. I am so happy!!! She is super awesome. 

I also got a bday package from dad...tons of sweets!!! tons! And i have eaten a lot already haha. There was also a bday hat and balloons. 

My right leg got infected sorta from the bites...they are going away now. apparently there is something to spray on the bed and clothes that we can ask our DL for...that i just found out.... i don´t know why people don´t tell us these things. haha

I have 2 bites on my left leg...and always like 30 on my right....my right leg must be delicious. haha

I said goodbye to Jeymy blass...she left for her mission. I told her, ´voy a llorar´ (I’m going to cry) and she said ├Żo tambien´ (me too) and then we cried and hugged. Her mom hugged us and told us to pray for them.

Then we visited her family later and jeymy had left us a gift. I got a really sweet card and a painted dolphin to put on the wall. its a typical nicaraguan thing. I love it. 

oh one night we were walking calmly and...i almost got bit by a crazy dog. no joke. it wasn´t until after the dog almost bit me that the owners called the dog. then the next night..again... so now i am a little scared of the dogs here. haha

a quote i found in the liahona... (church magazine)
¨just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. when those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the lord feels you are prepared to grow more. he therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding and compassion, which polish you for your everlasting benefit  to get you from where you are to where he wants you be require a lot of stretching, and that generally entails discomfort and pain¨- elder richard g scot; trust in the lord.

hermana chase


So we got permission to write more today because we didn´t have time to write much yesterday. YAY! So… a few more things I want to add to add to my letter.

So for this pday Hermana Flores and I had to go to Managua for my Nicaragua residence card. Sorry family, but I am now a true Nica! Haha. ;) I will attach a picture of it for you. But oh man…the ride to Managua was awful! The van was so packed and I was sitting the opposite way…my back to the front of the van…for about 1 ½ hours…I felt like I was going to throw up. Especially because after we got into Managua it was stop and go traffic. I almost told the bus to pull over and let me out. I would rather walk a lot then feel sick haha. I saw Hermana Featherstone there who I met from the CCM. So that was nice. On the bus ride home there weren´t as many people so I laid my head down so I was halfway out the window…well my arm. Haha.
Then we went to La Boquita again with missionaries from our zone. We cooked hotdogs and ´smores´haha. Marshmallows with like chocolate crackers. I also got a pic of that bird I mentioned last time!! Email me and tell me what you think it is. I think it’s a dinosaur….for reals. ;) 

I forgot to tell you guys about a contact on a bus. So we were on a bus going home from San Juan. The guy next to me kept looking over. Eventually he asked if I worked in San Juan or La concha. I explained both…but then I realized I didn´t want him to think actual work..so then I explained who we were and invited him to church. He also explained some places to visit in Nicaragua and stuff. Haha.
 Oh one of the letters I got this week was from my friend Devin…it was his wedding invitation…that was his way of telling me I guess. Haha. Luckily I had found out before from my sister. Haha.

So during one of the lessons with Valeria before the baptism…we were teaching lesson 2 about the plan of salvation. It was my turn to teach about the judgement and resurrection and my mind blanked and I was stumbling. Somehow after a minute I was able to explain stuff and it actually made sense because Klaren her boyfriend was shaking his head yes. Haha.

Also for the baptism…I got called on to bear my testimony. Kind of a disaster…but that´s okay. Haha.

Thought for the day… Mosiah 4:11 …when it says ´unworthy creatures´I always took it as harsh. But today I Realized it is true. How many times do we receive blessings and things and not thank our heavenly father. He has given us life, breath, food, health..everything.

Also…´when you trust in the lord, you can do anything-even if it is really hard-because he does direct your path. He´ll walk by your side. He´ll hold your hand. He will send his angels to surround you.´-elaine s Dalton

I love you all!!!! Here is to a better week, a better me, a better disciple of Christ.

Hermana Chase

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