Wednesday, September 25, 2013

dr. apt, a hot shower, and continued faith

Hola my loved ones!!! 

So we visited marvin and yesenia. Marvin is less active and the last time we went, marvin hadn´t been home for a week because he was out drinking. Well this time he was home, but still had alcohol in his body. They were talking to his brother on the phone and they wanted me to talk to him in english. He lives in the states...for about 7 years but still doesn´t really know english. 

Monday night, hermana russell  (our mission president’s wife) called and asked about my leg. She told me she was going to make an appointment with a dermatologist for my leg. My companion later told me that maybe my parents called her...turns out they emailed her. haaha.. Gracias, for my loving parents who still take care of me so far away. i have a great family.

Tuesday we had divisions in the zone. I went with hermana cancinos...again. haha. But in a different area...masatepe. When we got to her house she made me a ham sandwich for breakfast. For language study we read mosiah 27 in english and spanish. she likes verse 13 that says that NOTHING will bring down the church. and verse 14 because prayers are super powerful. She then started to cry because her family is less active. She is the only active member and its hard to help other families when your own isn`t active. That she prays all the time for her family, and that it hurts. I can relate. I feel the same way having some family that isn`t active in the church. Here, everyday I share this joy that comes from the gospel...I help people come to christ, and some of the dearest people that I love don`t have it. Hermana cancinos is a great example of faith. She knows that God is with her in every aspect of this work. Its amazing. 

It rained while we were there and we didn`t have we contacted some people and ended up teaching a man lesson 1. After, we asked if he would pray about what we taught. He said uh will you two pray about what i said, and ask god if it is true and if he says yes, convert? hermana cancinos said no, and he was! did you hear her? afterwards, she asked if he would be baptized and he said yes. super loco...i dont think anything will happen with him.

Also this same day our zone was fasting...well we went to teach a family who had a family member pass away about 4 days earlier. we taught about the plan of salvation and afterwards she gave us a piece of bread and soda. I looked to hermana cancinos...and we ended up eating it. we didnt want to reject it. but then didn`t eat anything else after. a sin for a good cause i guess. 

One good thing...they had hot water! My first warm shower since the ccm!!! it was amazing!!! haha. 

So wednesday we went to managua for my doctors apt. A super nice hospital if i might say! anyways...basically the doctor said its an any bite. She prescribed 4 medications...but only 1 cream to take now. the others are for when it is in infected. So for now  I will use the just doesn´t make sense when it is only 1 leg...and not my whole body. My brother who is a doctor thinks its something if the cream doesn´t work...i  might need to do what my brother says. 

Afterwards we went to the supermarket costco. wow i felt like i was in heaven. haha. this week we made oreo truffles and chocolate covered bananas and pineapple. yummy!!!

The elders stopped taking there clothes to be washed...they don`t get washed good. and the lady has a boy friend now and doesnt have much time to wash. I want to stop going there also, but don`t know anyone who can wash ours...

So the zone leaders planned with us this week for weekly planning, we made pizza with valeria...and she gave us a headband and bracelet she made. super nice.

There was this big thing this week...gossip that my companion liked an investigator of the elders and that the elders were helping to get them together. We think it was the Girlfriend of this guy who started it. My poor companion was crying. There were other things said, but everyone sunday was know we love you are special to us. You didn`t do anything...of course it was the same people talking about the gossip...oh well. its gone and done...we hope...

We taught julia and her family again...they accepted a baptism date...only that she said she likes what we teach and all but didn`t like when they went to church...freak! so we have to work on this. i love her kids though! 

So sunday...we went to see mauricio...he wasn`t home. Then we went to see santiago. Miracle...he was home with his whole family! we asked if they were going to go to church. He was like uh...he asked his the end he said, ´´i am going to be honest. i am not living here. i am living in this house...he pointed to the house in front...we are separated. i don`t think its right to go to church together as a family and pretend things are okay when they are not.¨ we talked and in the end the wife said they would go. we asked if we could help them get ready. they said no but they would be a little late like last 9:30. I left the house crying. I have been teaching them for about 5 fact most of my investigators for 5 months...and i love them and it hurts that they are separated. i just don`t know what more i can do for them. then all of our appointments fell through. our only lesson was with a member. i tell you...i was drained that day. i felt so weak. we went with one family who told us they are catholic and grateful we are teaching but to teach where the word of god is not in a home. that day...after we walked away from each house...i just felt tired. i feel at times like everyone around me is having success, and i am stuck in this bubble. and i don't know how to get out. I have had 3 who is now a councelor in primary, one who is still going strong, and one who after his baptism never came to church and i dont what its a bit hard.

Well, we have changes next week. my comp goes home. it is super hard for her. she is super sad. 

i love this work, even though there are hard times. I thought  i would share this quote with you

¨life is hard, and we have all gone through times when we have felt that our strength is gone and our faith is weak. But if we will cling to the one who loves us the most-heavenly father-and strengthen our relationship with him through study and prayer, we will make it through.¨- kelli williams

I know i just need to pray harder and study more to have the success i want....which is to help these people. 

i love you all!
hermana chase

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Companion's birthday and some leg trouble

Another letter from hermana chase.
So I don´t have much time…but I want to tell you a few things.
The hermana who left for her mission wrote us and said she hasn´t gotten mail from her family. Her family told us they write every week. We looked and realized for the past month they have been writing to their own email! We had to show them how to email her. Some people here really don´t know. Some don´t know how to take pictures either. It´s  different…before I thought everyone knew how to use these things.

We cooked a lot this week. Empanadas from Guatemala, churritos filled with cheese…super good!
One day when I called to report our numbers…we only had for daily contacts…0 families, 1 priesthood, and 2 people. My District Leader said…uh huh…so you know  all of the La concha?  I said no…and then he asked me what our goal was for the next day…and stuff…I felt super bad!

Thursday was my companion’s  bday. We had cake with the family blass. The mom was like don´t think i love her more...i love you the same...because we didn´t have cake for my bday. haha. We blind folded her, and took her in a moto to a really pretty spot with a view of a volcano. The elders had a birthday cake and we ate it nica style..with our hands. We took photos,and two of her missionary friends came too. We ate pizza for dinner. It was fun. The elders gave her a backpack with candy,a frame of elder trujillo´s that she liked,and earrings from me. I was glad she had fun. A little jealous because we did so much for her bday and for mine i got a photo and a card...but that´s okay 

We are having a problem with some members. Drinking. There are 2 that fell back into drinking and haven´t been to church. It´s sad. One is super awesome. He is great. But wow drinking really is a problem.
I got mail this week! Aunt laurie and uncle bryan...thank you! I got candy from them. Becca, mom,and grandma Alatorre. I am the only one that ever gets mail. Its sad. haha
So saturday we taught a family about keeping the sabbath day holy..día de reposo...i think its that in english. Sunday, we had divisions in the morning with members to go pass for our investigators to bring them to church...a great idea. None came. Well, after the sacrament was passed my companion says...JULIA IS HERE! I didn´t believe her...I looked and in walked julia and her 4 kids! We moved to sit with them. They stayed for the first 2 hours. It was a miracle! Her husband is gone working for this month so he couldn´t come. Interesting comment from her daughter though...she said...i liked the class but they were be reverent in church for those people who are there the first time!!!
We also ate a big bowl of fruit with a member!!! so good! I don´t eat fruit here.

I had a problem with my leg again. Saturday it was red and hot and swollen...the bites...just the one leg. at 5pm it hurt super bad. To walk, to sit,stand...everything....i just don´t know what it is...its always one leg...the same leg. but today it doesn´t hurt as much.,

We found out that our investigator who i have been teaching for 5 months is moving to costa rica in october! no!!!! we need to talk to her. If she leaves...oh man.,..
for pday today we went to jinotepe...shopped around...played air hockey. we had used our pday clothes and ran into the Zone Leader...oh freak. he nicely told us that we should use our everyday mission clothes...ya we felt so bad...
someone else who has the same amount of time in the field as me said that they understand spanish well but talking is still a struggle...i feel the same way. i can understand more...but talking...woooo a whole different story. haha
I want you all to know I am super grateful for your prayers. Your love. Your emails .Letters. I know some missionaries don´t have as much support as I do. So gracias!  Muchas gracias! 
I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. I know with all my heart this gospel is true. And I can never deny it!

love hermana chase
NOTE FROM MOM: We heard from the mission president's wife that Kaitlin will be seeing a Dr. for her leg. Say a prayer that all will be well.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Faith proceeds the miracle

So this week. We were teaching an hermana…and I taught the part with Joseph Smith. I kinda messed up on the vision…but I ended up explaining a lot more about the story. Which I was proud of myself for. I was also reading past journal entries from the CCM.  (mission training center) I realized I  had much more faith in the CCM. I wasn´t worried about the language, I worked hard…I realized I need to have more faith here in the mission. This week I have been studying about faith. Faith is the first principle of the gospel for a reason. We need to ask ourselves if it is the first principle for us in our lives.
This week I washed clothes for people. It is hard. After like 2 shirts you tire out a bit. But I am slowly learning. There is a reason why it takes people hours to wash clothes. Haha
So I don´t know If you remember me telling you last week about the man who touched my butt. Well this week we were walking and it was kinda raining. So we had our umbrellas open. So we were walking one in front of the other…well I guess a guy touched hermana flores…but I didn´t know. She said my name but I didn’t hear. I guess he like touched her side. Well afterwards we saw the elders and she told them what happened. Elder Garcia was joking but serious and said you never walk in front of each other. I knew he was right and I felt terrible. Something worse could have happened to her.
So embarrassing story. We were walking in the morning…hermana flores on the sidewalk and I was walking like In the gutter area..well it was slippery and the next thing I knew…I was slow motion. My front leg stayed in place and my back leg went back and down…the splits. Ya. I cut my knee open and got my skirt all muddy. Luckily there wasn´t anyone around to see it. Haha.
So we had a multizone conference this week. The morning of, we found out that Elder Garcia, the mini missionary, was going home because we now had a missionary to take his place. Super sad. So we have two new missionaries in our district. The new companion of elder Trujillo is elder Garcia…yes the same name. haha. What happened is his mission is Venezuela…but served 6 months in guatamala…where he is from. And will now serve the rest of his mission here in Nicaragua. He is a bit different…he had bad companions…so we are working with him. J
The multizone was good. I had questions answered. Our president told us if we wrote questions that they would be answered, and they were. The spirit is great like that.
So Saturday we visited Santiago and his family. We read alma 5 with them and then brought up marriage again. We had set a goal for the 14th. They said they were still thinking because actually right now they are having problems. I don´t know why…I guess it was the spirit…but that morning I had cut out a picture of the temple to give to them. I pulled it out and explained this was for them to put up in their house. To remind them of the importance of families….and that eventually they can go here to be a family forever. I told them that I loved them a lot, and that the reason we always invite them to church is for this reason. To receive all the blessings that God has for them. Of course I was crying. I didn´t mean to. But it just hit me how much I love this family. And that I Really truly want them to have the best….a family forever. It hurt to know they are having problems.
So then Sunday we went to church with no investigators. We were sad. But after it started,  in walked hermana yarel, the wife of Santiago and her two kids who are investigators!!! Also  a joven  (young man) that I taught a little with hermana puyol came for the first time! The spouse of hermana Lourdes and hermana dora who we eat with came too! I tell you it was a  miracle that day! Truly.
So the elders here were having some problems…so we bought 2 photo albums and put quotes and a letter in it. We heart attacked there door and left it on their door. They were super surprised. J
For pday this week we went to a place where there was a tiny waterfall. It cost 50 just to go down there. Luckily our latino comps managed to bargain and we paid 50 for two people. Haha.

Well, I love you all!!!!
Hermana chase

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

birthday in nicaragua!

Hola everyone!!! I am excited to have this opportunity again to write you guys and
let you know how I am doing! So last pday... we went to get mexican food with some missionaries from our zone...which I think I told you...but afterwards...we went with the elders to eat dinner with a member like we usually do on mondays. Well one of the little girls, Karlita...was joking and pretending to crack an egg on Elder Trujillo´s head. We all knew she was joking and wouldn´t actually do  it. Then Elder Trujillo tells Karlita that it is my bday tomorrow...well I guess the thing here to do is crack eggs on the bday person. So she pretends to crack an egg on my head. I just kept talking because I knew she was joking...can you see where this is going? haha. The next thing I know I have egg running down my face....I guess what happened was she accidentally hit the egg too hard and bam. 
She didn´t mean to...but then the other boy ran and got flour and threw it on me! haha. Ya. It sucked, but it was funny. Needless to say, we didn´t go straight to our appointment. We went back to our house...and we didn´t have much water coming out. so it took about 30 min to bathe the egg out. haha. Also Elder Trujillo copied about 200 songs onto my memory card :)

So my bday... I woke up at 6:30 and was about to start doing my daily situps when i hear a loud bang on my door. I open the door to find...balloons, confetti, a nicaragua flag, a happy bday sign, and a photo of the elders and us. It was awesome. In each balloon was a note too. Super funny. The rest of the day was normal. Appointments and whatnot. Although we ended up walking in the rain and got soaked so we had to change. We then had dinner with the bishop and his family. Normal dinner until they brought out my ´cake´. It was a long piece of pan  (bread) with candles haha. They sang for me. I have a video of it. I wish I could send videos 
but its too hard. Oh also president called me and his wife and him sang me happy bday.

I got some videos of a member playing the guitar and elders singing. i realized that i need to take more videos here on the mission. 

So we went with bishop to visit Santiago and his family. Salvaje!  (awesome) They accepted the goal to get married the 14...when bishop asked the kids why they wanted them to get married, one said because it is a commandment, and the other said to  be united, to be a family. the spirit was super strong. The only problem is that they won´t go to church. I honestly don´t know what to do to help them. I know the Lord does, I just need to find out what it is.

A quote for the day, ´Do your duty, that is best. Leave unto the Lord the rest.´
-president monson

So I had a cold this week. I I can teach. The elders gave me a blessing, and I went out to teach.Well...a bad day. At lunch while we were eating, I look over and christopher bent down, like squatting. I jokingly you need the bathroom? Then he stands up and I see something fall..I thought he dropped something...nope.It was his poop. yep. Then we walked super far uphill and none of the appointments were home...then we were walkng back down the hill, and a guy on a bike pinched my butt. No joke. I like didn´t know what happened until he rode past and was looking back at us. I literally felt his hand there for 20 min. Then we were crossing the street and a moto taxi didn´t like that and went super fast through a puddle and my back got soaked...ya. that was a fun day haha

Also during our zone meeting a drunk walked in. Two elders had to lead him out.

also add bishop d to email list

love you all! the biggest struggle...getting members to church}

hermana chase