Tuesday, September 3, 2013

birthday in nicaragua!

Hola everyone!!! I am excited to have this opportunity again to write you guys and
let you know how I am doing! So last pday... we went to get mexican food with some missionaries from our zone...which I think I told you...but afterwards...we went with the elders to eat dinner with a member like we usually do on mondays. Well one of the little girls, Karlita...was joking and pretending to crack an egg on Elder Trujillo´s head. We all knew she was joking and wouldn´t actually do  it. Then Elder Trujillo tells Karlita that it is my bday tomorrow...well I guess the thing here to do is crack eggs on the bday person. So she pretends to crack an egg on my head. I just kept talking because I knew she was joking...can you see where this is going? haha. The next thing I know I have egg running down my face....I guess what happened was she accidentally hit the egg too hard and bam. 
She didn´t mean to...but then the other boy ran and got flour and threw it on me! haha. Ya. It sucked, but it was funny. Needless to say, we didn´t go straight to our appointment. We went back to our house...and we didn´t have much water coming out. so it took about 30 min to bathe the egg out. haha. Also Elder Trujillo copied about 200 songs onto my memory card :)

So my bday... I woke up at 6:30 and was about to start doing my daily situps when i hear a loud bang on my door. I open the door to find...balloons, confetti, a nicaragua flag, a happy bday sign, and a photo of the elders and us. It was awesome. In each balloon was a note too. Super funny. The rest of the day was normal. Appointments and whatnot. Although we ended up walking in the rain and got soaked so we had to change. We then had dinner with the bishop and his family. Normal dinner until they brought out my ´cake´. It was a long piece of pan  (bread) with candles haha. They sang for me. I have a video of it. I wish I could send videos 
but its too hard. Oh also president called me and his wife and him sang me happy bday.

I got some videos of a member playing the guitar and elders singing. i realized that i need to take more videos here on the mission. 

So we went with bishop to visit Santiago and his family. Salvaje!  (awesome) They accepted the goal to get married the 14...when bishop asked the kids why they wanted them to get married, one said because it is a commandment, and the other said to  be united, to be a family. the spirit was super strong. The only problem is that they won´t go to church. I honestly don´t know what to do to help them. I know the Lord does, I just need to find out what it is.

A quote for the day, ´Do your duty, that is best. Leave unto the Lord the rest.´
-president monson

So I had a cold this week. I decided...no I can teach. The elders gave me a blessing, and I went out to teach.Well...a bad day. At lunch while we were eating, I look over and christopher bent down, like squatting. I jokingly say...do you need the bathroom? Then he stands up and I see something fall..I thought he dropped something...nope.It was his poop. yep. Then we walked super far uphill and none of the appointments were home...then we were walkng back down the hill, and a guy on a bike pinched my butt. No joke. I like didn´t know what happened until he rode past and was looking back at us. I literally felt his hand there for 20 min. Then we were crossing the street and a moto taxi didn´t like that and went super fast through a puddle and my back got soaked...ya. that was a fun day haha

Also during our zone meeting a drunk walked in. Two elders had to lead him out.

also add bishop d to email list

love you all! the biggest struggle...getting members to church}

hermana chase

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