Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Companion's birthday and some leg trouble

Another letter from hermana chase.
So I don´t have much time…but I want to tell you a few things.
The hermana who left for her mission wrote us and said she hasn´t gotten mail from her family. Her family told us they write every week. We looked and realized for the past month they have been writing to their own email! We had to show them how to email her. Some people here really don´t know. Some don´t know how to take pictures either. It´s  different…before I thought everyone knew how to use these things.

We cooked a lot this week. Empanadas from Guatemala, churritos filled with cheese…super good!
One day when I called to report our numbers…we only had for daily contacts…0 families, 1 priesthood, and 2 people. My District Leader said…uh huh…so you know  all of the La concha?  I said no…and then he asked me what our goal was for the next day…and stuff…I felt super bad!

Thursday was my companion’s  bday. We had cake with the family blass. The mom was like don´t think i love her more...i love you the same...because we didn´t have cake for my bday. haha. We blind folded her, and took her in a moto to a really pretty spot with a view of a volcano. The elders had a birthday cake and we ate it nica style..with our hands. We took photos,and two of her missionary friends came too. We ate pizza for dinner. It was fun. The elders gave her a backpack with candy,a frame of elder trujillo´s that she liked,and earrings from me. I was glad she had fun. A little jealous because we did so much for her bday and for mine i got a photo and a card...but that´s okay 

We are having a problem with some members. Drinking. There are 2 that fell back into drinking and haven´t been to church. It´s sad. One is super awesome. He is great. But wow drinking really is a problem.
I got mail this week! Aunt laurie and uncle bryan...thank you! I got candy from them. Becca, mom,and grandma Alatorre. I am the only one that ever gets mail. Its sad. haha
So saturday we taught a family about keeping the sabbath day holy..día de reposo...i think its that in english. Sunday, we had divisions in the morning with members to go pass for our investigators to bring them to church...a great idea. None came. Well, after the sacrament was passed my companion says...JULIA IS HERE! I didn´t believe her...I looked and in walked julia and her 4 kids! We moved to sit with them. They stayed for the first 2 hours. It was a miracle! Her husband is gone working for this month so he couldn´t come. Interesting comment from her daughter though...she said...i liked the class but they were irreverant...so be reverent in church for those people who are there the first time!!!
We also ate a big bowl of fruit with a member!!! so good! I don´t eat fruit here.

I had a problem with my leg again. Saturday it was red and hot and swollen...the bites...just the one leg. at 5pm it hurt super bad. To walk, to sit,stand...everything....i just don´t know what it is...its always one leg...the same leg. but today it doesn´t hurt as much.,

We found out that our investigator who i have been teaching for 5 months is moving to costa rica in october! no!!!! we need to talk to her. If she leaves...oh man.,..
for pday today we went to jinotepe...shopped around...played air hockey. we had used our pday clothes and ran into the Zone Leader...oh freak. he nicely told us that we should use our everyday mission clothes...ya we felt so bad...
someone else who has the same amount of time in the field as me said that they understand spanish well but talking is still a struggle...i feel the same way. i can understand more...but talking...woooo a whole different story. haha
I want you all to know I am super grateful for your prayers. Your love. Your emails .Letters. I know some missionaries don´t have as much support as I do. So gracias!  Muchas gracias! 
I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. I know with all my heart this gospel is true. And I can never deny it!

love hermana chase
NOTE FROM MOM: We heard from the mission president's wife that Kaitlin will be seeing a Dr. for her leg. Say a prayer that all will be well.

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