Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Faith proceeds the miracle

So this week. We were teaching an hermana…and I taught the part with Joseph Smith. I kinda messed up on the vision…but I ended up explaining a lot more about the story. Which I was proud of myself for. I was also reading past journal entries from the CCM.  (mission training center) I realized I  had much more faith in the CCM. I wasn´t worried about the language, I worked hard…I realized I need to have more faith here in the mission. This week I have been studying about faith. Faith is the first principle of the gospel for a reason. We need to ask ourselves if it is the first principle for us in our lives.
This week I washed clothes for people. It is hard. After like 2 shirts you tire out a bit. But I am slowly learning. There is a reason why it takes people hours to wash clothes. Haha
So I don´t know If you remember me telling you last week about the man who touched my butt. Well this week we were walking and it was kinda raining. So we had our umbrellas open. So we were walking one in front of the other…well I guess a guy touched hermana flores…but I didn´t know. She said my name but I didn’t hear. I guess he like touched her side. Well afterwards we saw the elders and she told them what happened. Elder Garcia was joking but serious and said you never walk in front of each other. I knew he was right and I felt terrible. Something worse could have happened to her.
So embarrassing story. We were walking in the morning…hermana flores on the sidewalk and I was walking like In the gutter area..well it was slippery and the next thing I knew…I was falling..in slow motion. My front leg stayed in place and my back leg went back and down…the splits. Ya. I cut my knee open and got my skirt all muddy. Luckily there wasn´t anyone around to see it. Haha.
So we had a multizone conference this week. The morning of, we found out that Elder Garcia, the mini missionary, was going home because we now had a missionary to take his place. Super sad. So we have two new missionaries in our district. The new companion of elder Trujillo is elder Garcia…yes the same name. haha. What happened is his mission is Venezuela…but served 6 months in guatamala…where he is from. And will now serve the rest of his mission here in Nicaragua. He is a bit different…he had bad companions…so we are working with him. J
The multizone was good. I had questions answered. Our president told us if we wrote questions that they would be answered, and they were. The spirit is great like that.
So Saturday we visited Santiago and his family. We read alma 5 with them and then brought up marriage again. We had set a goal for the 14th. They said they were still thinking because actually right now they are having problems. I don´t know why…I guess it was the spirit…but that morning I had cut out a picture of the temple to give to them. I pulled it out and explained this was for them to put up in their house. To remind them of the importance of families….and that eventually they can go here to be a family forever. I told them that I loved them a lot, and that the reason we always invite them to church is for this reason. To receive all the blessings that God has for them. Of course I was crying. I didn´t mean to. But it just hit me how much I love this family. And that I Really truly want them to have the best….a family forever. It hurt to know they are having problems.
So then Sunday we went to church with no investigators. We were sad. But after it started,  in walked hermana yarel, the wife of Santiago and her two kids who are investigators!!! Also  a joven  (young man) that I taught a little with hermana puyol came for the first time! The spouse of hermana Lourdes and hermana dora who we eat with came too! I tell you it was a  miracle that day! Truly.
So the elders here were having some problems…so we bought 2 photo albums and put quotes and a letter in it. We heart attacked there door and left it on their door. They were super surprised. J
For pday this week we went to a place where there was a tiny waterfall. It cost 50 just to go down there. Luckily our latino comps managed to bargain and we paid 50 for two people. Haha.

Well, I love you all!!!!
Hermana chase

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