Monday, October 7, 2013

new companion!

First off all,
sorry but this time I don´t have pictures. Well I do, but a member has my camera. 
So transfers...did I leave or did I stay...drum roll please....atcually, let me tell you what happened. We were walking in the street when we got the call. Hermana flores answered. I could tell from what she said that I was staying in La concha. Stupid me started to cry. haha.´s okay- Our last day together hermana flores got her nails and hair done, and I ended up switching a pair of earrings with her, and gave her a shirt to wear to the last transfers. We just visited members that day. I was only happy about one thing that day..both the elders were staying in la concha also. haha. 

The day of transfers the elders came over and we burned one of hermana flores`skirts! this is what i have a pic of. We talked a bit, and I ended up giving her some money to buy recuerdos. This time the mission didn´t put money on her card at all and her own card didn´t work. So I wasn`t able to go to the transfers...which is dumb. I wanted to hear her give her last testimony and everything. Instead, Hermana pivoral came to la concha because her companion is leaving also. So hermana pivoral and I spent the morning together. We were in the grocery store when hermana flores called us to tell us who are companions were. Hermana pivoral has hermana featherstone who came with me from the ccm and so we are in the same district!!! And my comp is....HERMANA SANTOS!!! who is from el salvador and came with  me from the ccm also!!! So in our district there are 4 of us who came together! Hermana santos just turned 19 in feb and is from el salvador. This is her second area so she had the same amount of time in her first area as me, except now i have more. The first day she told me that if i am still here it is because someone needs me and we are going to find them. We haven`t even had a full week yet but she has helped me so much!!! I am so glad to be her companion. 

Our first companion study together was amazing. Personal. and I learned so much. She said so many positive things to me. I compared D&C 30 and 31 to me and she told me for example that many times we ask for miracles and don`t realize that we have a ton. That while this area might be hard, we will find those people chosen. That beforehand God prepared people for me. Great huh? 

We are contacting more, and for example we taught martha lesson 2, and I realized I was speaking more spanish than usual. And more to their needs. 

So we decided with the elders to cook breakfast. So we cook them breakfast one week and then they will cook for us. its working okay...a little hard if you ask me. haha. but now i am eating breakfast. before it was always bread or oats. 

We have a new District leader, elder arce from costa rica. and he is super good. nice, funny, but wants a lot of success for us. He wants us to focus on our investigators that are progressing this month. 

So we are contacting more and we have found some new people. I can just feel that we are going to have success here with hermana santos! 

oh also hermana santos in her house washes clothes by hand so she showed me now i am washing my clothes by hand. we hang the clothes outside and our garments inside the house. (used to have a member wash them, but wasn’t working so well)

So conference...really good. the first day there was only about 15 of us there. that day hermana santos and I talked a lot. from saturday conference I liked that ballard said if we have love and hope that God will open our mouth. and also that if we have faith we can do what ever thing the Lord desires. and that he will give us many opportunities to share the gospel. 

I shared with hermana santos about how in my blessing in the ccm it said that there would be blessings in my home when i returned and i said how sometimes its hard being here teaching people and helpìng people when i cant help my own two siblings that are inactive. She told me that me being here will help me. because when i get home i will know HOW to help them. And if i had never gone on a mission i might not be able to help them. interesting huh? 

We also met with fransisco again and talked about his divorce. he ended up telling us the whole story from when we found him. He said that beforehand they didnt have a place to sleep. And one day when his family was out buying things, he said now I have work, a house but something still feels empty. He knew it was God. So he  said the first church to come to him he would go and check it out. well hermana puyol and i that same day stopped by house...we had just decided to contact his house. he asked who sent us..we didnt know at the time but he is family of the bishop. We told him nobody sent us. Anyway he went on to tell the whole story and I almost cried. The story was beautiful. I know what happened after because the missionary was me. It makes me sad that some people dont have much. But I also thought...maybe the reason why I am still here in this area is because fransisco needs me. Maybe with hermana santos we can work extra hard for his divorce. 

For conference sunday we called mauricio to see if he could go. he said no. so we ended up going for another investigator but they couldn`t go. We saw that the door to mauricio`s house was open, and even though he said no, we decided to go anyway. we go and he is sitting there watching tv. We ask if he can go to church with us..its at 10 for conference instead of 9 and we told him we could wait. We waited and he changed and he actually came! for the first time!!! crazy good huh?! Also, fransisco went, and a reference of a member. 

from sunday conference...
`our decisions determine our destiny`-russell m nelson
`the decisions that we make have eternal consequences.`-bonnie l oscarson

then today, lunes...hermana santos and I went to jinotepe with some missionaries to practice singing for a choir. apparently we are singing for an activity on the 19....haha. then wow...i felt terrible...I thought it was cramps from my period, but then I was like oh freak I need the bathroom! well there aren`t really bathrooms anywhere. Luckily we were at the park and we look and there are bathrooms. We quickly go over and of course you have to pay to use it. 4 cordobas. wow...close one. I felt so terrible. As I walk out there are the elders! haha. so for the moment I felt better so we went to eat. I couldnt eat it all because then i felt bad again. We ended up rushing home and left the elders and wow. super feo! i took pepto bismo and now i still feel kinda icky, but I was okay enough to leave the house.

overall. while i may be in the same area, i am grateful to be with hermana santos. 

oh and hermana flores wrote me and told me all is good and hope all is good with me. 

other random thought...i realized that a theme for conference was to endure. endure through trials, make good decisions. And wow its true. We are facing difficult times right now. More than ever we need to stay strong and firm. 

 I love you all so much! I know this gospel is true without a doubt. That it can change lives. That Christ is the only person that always knows how we feel. That loves us. I hope with all my heart that you are all praying. And reading the scriptures. More than ever we need to be doing these small and simple things. If you feel too tired, that is satan`s way of trying to get you to fall weaken your spirit. Don`t give in! 

I love you!! have a great week!

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