Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scary experience where we knew we were protected

Buenas! hehehe
Okay family and friends,
So we found someone to divorce F who can do it in one week...but it costs 3000 cordobas. Which is about 120 dollars. Or someone who can do it in about 1-2 months for 1800 cordobas. Depending on how much fransisco can pay, our district might pay some. But what we are going to do first, is check to see if la concha has a record of his marriage. I guess an investigator in another area had this happen. where they didn´t have a record of his marriage so he didn´t need to get divorced. haha. So we will see what happens.

So one day we didn’t have water or light. And  the same day pretty much all of our appointments fell through. We went with our ward mission leader to visit one of our less active families. When we were walking I saw a man... well, peeing. Well, I just saw his back. After, our mission leader asked if I saw who it was. I said no. He said it was the member we were going to visit and he was drunk. I knew he had a problem with drinking, but when I was with hermana Puyol he had stopped and was going to church and everything. That was the first time I had actually seen him drunk. It was sad. I love that family. He is super nice, and when he isn´t drunk he reads the scriptures. It was weird and sad to see him drunk. He was calling me baby and stuff. I haven´t seen him since. We need to visit them again.

Hermana  Hassel had a reference for us. So we went to teach him. Ivan. He is about our age. She wanted us to put a baptism date in the first lesson because she said he is prepared. So we did. This same day we were walking through the park and we ran into FERNANDO!!!! He explained to us that he was sad that hermana flores is gone, but happy that she is with her family. He said he had been in Managua. What happened was his friend was abusing his girlfriend (not fernandos) and so he stepped in to stop it, and went to jail. I don´t know what is true or not, but we found him and is back here in la concha. We told him to come to church Sunday but he said he didn´t feel ready. I explained that often times when we feel alone or troubled is when we need the gospel most. So we put an appointment to meet with him after church but he never showed up…

Our less active member V…her sister is super sick and in the hospital. Basically they are waiting for her to die. She is throwing up blood, cant eat, and I guess they are going to try to put a tube in her throat…like smokers. Super sad. And she is family of the bishop and fransisco…pretty much the whole ward so they are always looking out for each other.

I helped shuck corn..,.I think that is what it is called. When you peel the corn off the stick thing. Haha. Wow. I got blisters from it!
 I´m serious. But a fun first and last experience haha!

Our lesson with M. Her thinking is she wants to go to church for months before she considers baptism…but she hasn’t been to church yet. She always says…well it depends on if I wake up and feel like going. The sad and and funny thing is that she lives IN FRONT of the church. Like a 30 second walk.

So one night we we were walking to our house and there was no light in the street. Well only at the end of the street. We were using our flashlight. Hermana Santos started to say, you know what…´but then stopped. What she was going to say was…today I felt like I didn´t have the spirit with me. (keep this in mind). There apparently had been been further back some men and so she turned to see if they were still there and saw a man walking behind us walking slowly and quietly. So we quickly walked faster and waited for the elders at a house with light. I tell you, hermana Santos may have felt like she didn’t have the spirit with her, but I know that she did. We waited for awhile and decided to walk to our house again. We got all the way to our gate, and felt bad and quickly walked away and decided to wait for the elders. When the elders arrived they walked us to our house and we checked the house. The problem was our house didn’t have light. The power was out. So that made it worse. But thanks to a Father in heaven who loves us and watches our for his servants, we were fine.

Sunday the investigators we went for didn’t come. But the elders had a referecnce for us that came to church on her own!  Awesome huh? In the morning we went for Ivan. But like I said he didn´t come. We waited, because he said he was going to shower and them come, but didn´t. Then that night we ran into S in the street and talked with him. We were planning on visiting them right now, but he told us that his ´wife´moved out and is living with her mom. That for the moment he doesn´t want to fix things. Then we saw his ´wife´so we talked to her. She told us that well there were problems and things that she can´t forgive. She knows that they should talk, but she wants to talk and not yell. Anyway we gave her our number again in case they need anything. I don’t know how we are going to visit them now. Or if we ever will. But I can tell you that hermana Santos and I walked away crying and we ended up sitting in front of the church for a bit. It just breaks my heart that this family is falling apart. And I dont know, maybe for the situation and the problems, its better. But I have known them since april and I have come to love them. I want the best for them. And now that they are separated I don’t know if they will go to church.

Sometimes I feel like I can´t help these people. And in this case, maybe I cant. I never knew a mission would be this hard. There are definitely hard times and good times. But I am grateful for the opportunity to know these people. It is just hard sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I am not guided by the spirit. The wife gave an example of a lesson we gave that was exactly what was happening in their family, and well It was the idea of hermana flores not me. But, I really do wish the best for this family. I am truly understanding that every person is a child of God and is special. I am grateful for this opportunity to be here serving.

Hermana chase

´our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we stand up, dust ourselves off, and stride forward.´
- president dieter f uchtdorf

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