Tuesday, October 1, 2013

spiders, drunks and a message of hope

Hola todo!
Well tomorrow we find out if I get transferred or not. I am hoping yes. But president told us that if we have for example 4 months in one area, to not get to excited and think we will be transferred. He wants us to be an area for 6-8 months. Which means I could have 2-3 areas in all of my mission! 2 or 3…I have about 6 months here in this area so I could be here for another transfer or two. But I am acting as if I am leaving and taking pictures with people haha.
So this week. I broke my camera Wednesday. I accidentally had the camera on and opened up the part with the battery. So it turned off with out retracting the lens. So it would let me view pictures but not take any. We took it to the internet cafĂ© and the guy said he could call his friend to fix it. He went to hand me back my camera to wait for the guy and it fell. HARD to the floor. I almost cried.  I thought what more could happen. But when I picked it up, the lens retracted and now it works wonderfully. People always say you need to smack things to make them work, and it´s true. Haha.
We also made Nicaragua tacos. It’s like taquitos. Corn tortillas filled with chicken, and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and salsa. Super good! And super super easy!
I printed off the plan of salvation-it´s in pieces. We used it to teach Sinara and had her put it in order afterwards. It worked great.
We also made arroz con leche twice this week with members. Its just rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon! Super super good! I love it!
One day it rained and we used our umbrellas. When we got to fransciscos house, hermana flores said she felt like there was an ant in her shirt. Sure enough there were baby spiders in her hair, on her back….eew. It was from her umbrella. This Is why I also put my umbrella on the doorknob and not on the floor haha. Then we forgot about the spiders and switched umbrellas with elder Garcia and he ended up getting some on him! Haha
Friday was our zone meeting. I got a bday package from Vanessa from japan! Chopsticks, and beautiful drawings from her kids. I got a letter from grandpa alatorre, brother king, and my bishop. We also had the interview for sinara. She did not pass. Basically her fear is that when her boyfriend returns in December  from costa rica that she will stop going to church. So she wants to wait until he gets back, get married and then baptized…

We taught Julia and wilton and their family about the book of mormon. They are super positive. I took pics with them. I love their kids.
The elders had a baptism Saturday which was nice. Then we had an activity after but we ended up leaving before it was over. 

Santiago finally came on Sunday for 2 hours! The only thing is we couldn’t sit with him in class . But he came with his wife!!!
Sunday we went to teach an investigator. Well his brother was home…drunk. When we entered the house he tried to kiss hermana flores, but she told him no she couldn’t. Then he wanted to sit in on the lesson which,  okay, was fine.  We sang a song and then he was talking about trials and pulled down his pants to show us a scar…and then he was going to leave to eat and tried to kiss hermana flores again. The rooms are separated with a thin curtain so we can see everything…so what happened is he left but then decided to come back. our investigator tried to keep him out, anyway he started to get violent, so we yelled ´we will pass by another day´and left. Hermana flores said that our investigator came out to look for us after we left. Then that night we were walking home from bishops house and there were many drunks. One guy in a taxi told us to get in so we wouldn’t get wet because it was going to rain. We told him no..and he kept saying ya. Finally he left. Hermana flores said it was the same guy from this morning and yesterday who called after me…
Anyway, a good and sour week. Santiago came to church, had some interesting experiences. I will miss my companion. Her service is done and she is going home. I learned a lot from her. And I am grateful for all the experiences I have here in my mission. It is helping me become a better person. I have learned that we have trials for a reason. And each trial helps us to become better. Also that Christ is always there for us. And when we feel like we cant go on, it is in this exact moment when he takes the burdens off our shoulders.
I love you all!
Hermana chase
oh ps...my legs look better but I think the infection is higher.

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  1. HI
    My name is Gisselle Warren I have been following your daughters blog because my is serving in the same mission. Her name is sister Kalleth Warren and she arrived in Nicaragua oct 1st, but I have not received an email to let me know she arrived safely. Did you received and email from your daughter when she arrived in Nicaragua?? Should I wait till Monday and see if my daughter emails me? Do you have an email for the mission president? Thanks for your help