Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A new area and another wonderful companion


So I finally left my first area! After 7 months I am now in a new area. So first, my old companion is training again. She is here waiting for her visa. But she has another companion because she is in a trio. A gringa. She came like 1 or 2 changes after me. 

But the important thing..me. haha. I am in San Carlos, Masaya. You can look at a map to see. It is more of a city. There are banks, taxis, stores, restaurants, PAYLESS, and a super market!!! I love it! This is the tourist place and missionaries want to go here for the souvenirs. So if you want something, tell me. I will buy it here in the market. I want to buy a hammock that says nicaragua. haha. 

Anyway my last day in La Concha was good. When I told hermana arriaza, who cooks lunch for us that I was being transfered  and i was grateful for everything she did, she actually cried. I was surprised. I  wasn’t that close to her or anything, but wow. Then with hermana lourdes, she gave me her earrings. haha. Hermano Douglas who I loved his family said nothing. Just something like, well I hope you come and visit with your new companion. It kinda hurt, but its okay. Hermama Blass gave me a woven purse. And I took a foto with hermano fransisco. Also a family gave me a keychain souvenir. Every apointment gave us food. I was so full! At night I went to pack and I dont know how I packed to come here... seriously. Well I do...I had help from my parents. But I Stayed up until 3 am packing and writing in peoples journals. Then we woke up at 5 am...yes 2 hrs of sleep. We went to managua where we received changes. 

My companion...well in the meeting when they said who I was with, I was nervous. She didn’t come to the changes, so I didn´t know who she was...only that she was a GRINGA. Then I looked at my paper that said I was the companion mayor...( senior comp) WHAT?! My companion is Hermana Butler from colorado and she has about 6 months in the mission. Ya.... I was nervous to be the older companion...everyone says its hard because the older companion takes the hits for everything from president. Anyways, and we don`t know too much spanish. But its been going good. At our district meeting we made a goal for each companionship to contact 20 people each day. And we have done it so far. I am really pushing myself here. Teaching a lot, contacting...we even contacted 2 policemen the other day and taught a bit. haha. I can tell I am going to grow a lot here.

The bishop is great. He went to an apointment with us and teaches wonderfully. He is amazing. The other two elders here in our ward are gringos..so all the missionaries in this ward are gringos now. haha. 

I got my scripture cases from the ccm finally. my teacher sent them. When I opened them I found a letter from him with CHOCOLATES! haha.It is a bit weird..we report our numbers in english. I had a hard time. I couldnt think of how to say the number 0 haha. But hermana butler and I try to talk in spanish when we can. 

We live with a family...members, but the beginning of december we are going to move because the dad drinks, and wants more money from us and doesn`t want us using his things. One good think I thought was oh we can use their washing machine...but it like doesnt wash good. so i think i will wash by hand still until we move houses and the other lady washes them for us. Anyway, the family sells herbalife...a product to lose weight. And we don`t see them much.

The members like me! Its great. haha. And the investigators. This is a good ward. 

I feel good. Its nice to have a gringa companion. Its definately a challenge. When we don`t understand something or can`t express it well. My comp was on bed rest for her transfer after her training because she hurt her foot, so I am still kinda teaching her how to count numbers. But I just know that this will be good for me. You guys won`t believe I am the same person. I feel like I have changed so much. And I will change even more. Its amazing. These really are the best 18 months. I am learning to think of others, and i am realizing that over time if we keep trying we really can do anything. If we desire. 

I love you all! And wish you all the best week! 

Hermana Chase

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