Wednesday, November 13, 2013

bats, spiders, ants and now bees! and I might be transferred :)

So this week. haha. First of all, one day we were in our study room when my companion noticed  a few, what would be similar to bees in our room. She looked up at the light and there were about 30 of them flying around! We didn´t understand why, so we quickly took our things and closed this door. The next morning, we went outside and realized they were building their home outside our house!!! So we had our neighbor try to get rid of them. He tried getting rid of them with fire haha. I don´t know what he did, or why they left, but they are now gone. haha.

So on tuesday our district leader called us and told us he talked to the lawyer and if we could pull the papers and get the money today, that F__ could be divorced by friday, and baptized saturday before I leave. So we quickly went to his house but he wasn´t home. We talked with his family and they were sure that he would say yes.  They explained they had 1000 and hermana santos and I were going to pay 1000 and the elders 500....cordobas. So while we tried to call him, Hermana santos and I went to the office to pull the papers. Once we got there we got a hold of F___ but he said that he didn´t have the money, that it would be better to wait until he got home the next night to the end we didn´t pull the papers. So the next day we went and we decided to not say anything about his divorce. To wait until he said something. Well, he didn´t say anything. So he has the desire, but not so much,  in that,  he wants others to do everything. He had this one golden opportunity and he let it pass by. We will see what happens now.

 Well, I don´t know if you can believe it, because I can´t. But I have 8 months in the mission now. Less than a year left. Crazy right?! I still can´t believe it. I feel like I haven´t quite learned enough to be at 8 months haha.

We had a neat experience with a new investigator. It was our second lesson with her and we taught lesson 3-the gospel of jesus christ. When we were walking to her house and I looked at dates we could possibly put for baptism. When we got to the end of the lesson I ended up putting a date with her. I first asked if she would follow christ and she said yes. Sometimes people say yes because they don´t understand me. So I wanted to make sure. I told her we like to put goals, and how about the 7 of december. She said yes. I still couldn´t believe it. She goes, so I am going to be baptized the 7th? We said yes, its a goal. she says, okay then, I am going to pray to see if this is right so that I can be baptized on the 7th. She basically put her own date haha. It was a pretty neat experience.

 Hermana santos was sick this week so we didn´t work as much. And now I don’t feel too good. But, I can still work.

So president changed things. Usually if you are training you find out a week in advance. And there is a meeting you go to. Now, you don´t find out until sunday night and transfers are on wednesday. and you have the meeting with your new comp! yikes! Well, my comp is going to train again! is most likely that I will leave finally. haha. I am a bit scared. haha. Being in one area with the same people for 7 months is a long time. And sometimes I wonder why I was here for so long. If I really did all that I was supposed to. I don´t know. But I hope so. The thing is , that this transfer is only 4 weeks instead of 6. And then the next transfer is 8 weeks! crazy right?

We had a little fun and decorated towels with the relief society. Not too hard and they are pretty. More for decoration though.
Overall, a good week. I think the reason I was here for so long was to progress personally. I don´t feel like I helped too many people here, but I do feel like I have changed.
a quote...sorry its in spanish.
´no hay ni uno solo de nosotros que no sea receptor del amor de Dios. No hay nadie entre nosotros hacia quien Êl no haya demostrado interès y tratado con afecto. No hay nadie a quien Êl no tenga el deseo de salvar y para quien no haya preparado una forma de lograrlo. No hay ni una sola persona a la cual Dios no haya enviado àngeles para que lo cuiden. Tal vez seamos insignificantes e indignos ante nuestros propios ojos y ante los ojos de los demàs, pero la verdad es que somos hijos de Dios y que Êl nos ha puesto bajo el cuidado de su àngeles-seres invisibles de fuerza y poderìo-y ellos nos protegen y velan por nosotros´- pres george q cannon

I love you all, and I am grateful for this opportunity I have to be a missionary. I have learned more and more how to love others and put others first before ourselves. Its a bit hard at times. But I realize when I put others first I Forget about myself and my problems and things are good. I know this gospel is true and I am grateful for it in my life.

Hermana Chase

(translation of quote thanks to Dad and Google!)

There is not one of us but what God's love has been expended upon. There is not one of us that He has not cared for and caressed. There is not one of us that He has not desired to save and that He has not devised means to save. There is not one of us that He has not given His angels charge concerning. We may be insignificant and contemptible in our own eyes and in the eyes of others, but the truth remains that we are the children of God and that He has actually given His angels-invisible beings of power and might-charge concerning us, and they watch over us and have us in their keeping...

Gospel Truth Discourses and writings of George Q. Cannon

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