Tuesday, November 26, 2013

hectic week!

First off, I am sorry I don´t have pics this time. It was a bit hectic and I forgot my chord to transfer my pics. I am sorry! You will understand later why it was hectic.

So to explain a bit about some of our investigators. We have one lady who I love so much.  Her name is T__. Her sister is a member and her brother in law was the bishop before. She lives in costa rica but is here for a bit. So...we started teaching her. We have taught almost everything. She has a baptism date, but we don`t know if she will be here then. But my thinking is that if we can teach everything and she is still here then we will baptize her that next saturday. haha. She went to church for the first time even though she has a hurt knee right now and has to use a cane! I was so happy!

 I also found this girl named G__. She is 13. She is living with members. The family told me they want us to teach her. She had 1 time in church already and then she came this sunday! We are so happy. She actually likes church! And she wants to learn a lot. 

We have another guy who used to  be a leader of a gang. He would carry a machete in his pants and assault people. Anyway he has changed. He wants to change more. He knows that we are there to help him. My last  lesson with him I reminded him how special he is for Heavenly father and that he has a lot of potential. anyway, it was a good lesson. I love reminding of their worth. 

We have another boy who is 12. E___. His family are members, menos  (except) his dad. He has been going to church his whole life so he knows everything. The reason why he wasn`t baptized was because his mom always worked. Anyway, he is super cute.

We have 7 people with baptism dates, and we are looking for families. 

So...I don`t know if you knew but my comp hermana butler had fallen back in september. She was on bed rest for 2 months and had just started working again with me. Well, after a few days of work her foot was bothering her again. So we did divisions everyday for about 4 days. That was hard. Two days I went with a mini missionary, 1 day with a member and another girl who wants to serve a mission. It was hard. I don`t know my area still because I didn`t have my companion to help explain. And I was the one that had to teach everything. The members can help, but only so much. It was tiring. My comp had talked to president and he said he was going to talk to the doctor, but we hadn`t heard anything. So on saturday we called the zone leader who talked to president. He just said to keep working hard like always and not to worry. So she worked saturday and sunday. And her foot wasn`t really bothering her. 

Then sunday night at about 5:30 pm the leaders call and say that hermana butler has emergency changes and they are coming at 8pm. She was sad and started to cry saying she didn´t want to go home. We went home and two other sisters came to help her pack. We packed her things and ate dinner there at the house. Then the elders got there at about 9. I took one pic with hermana butler and then the elders come up to me and say, `hermana chase can you pack things for about 2-3 days...right now please`...okay. so I quickly packed some things. While I was packing the elders freaking left with hermana butler. I didn`t even say goodbye!!! LAME!!! 

So for now I am in a trio with Hermana Herrera, and hermana hansen...i don`t know for how long. The elders don`t know who is coming here or what is going to happen. Kinda stinks. My investigators...I know there are trios out there...my old comp is in a trio so I dont know why he doesnt take one of them to put with me.But oh well....

So that is why I don`t have pics this time. I literally just grabbed garments, and like one outfit to use. I have to go back to the house. 

We did have a slumber party with the hermanas in my zone...but I was so tired I fell asleep before the party happened. haha. 

Well. I want you all to know I love you!!! A lot! On the 6th I hit my nine month mark. 9 months...I can`t believe it. Time flies so quickly. I am grateful for this opportunity I have. I thought I understood how much the gospel meant to me before, but now I really truly understand what it means to me. It is everything. I encourage you all to share the gospel every moment you get. Don`t let one person enter in your life without sharing the gospel. 

Hermana Chase

"Declaring our testimony of the gospel is good, but being a living example of the restored gospel is better. Wishing to be more faithful to our covenants is good; actually being faithful to sacred covenants—including living a virtuous life, paying our tithes and offerings, keeping the Word of Wisdom, and serving those in need—is much better. Announcing that we will dedicate more time for family prayer, scripture study, and wholesome family activities is good; but actually doing all these things steadily will bring heavenly blessings to our lives."
—Dieter F. Uchtdorf,

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