Wednesday, December 25, 2013

another baptism and almost Christmas!!

FELIZ NAVIDAD everyone!!! Wahoo!!! So Christmas day at 7pm I am going to skype my family!! I am so excited!!! My first and last christmas here in good ole nicaragua. 

So we had an activity this week with some of the youth where we set up a table at the park with phamplets, videos, liahona`s, book of mormons, proclamation to the world..etc. Then we went and contacted people in the park and brought them over to the table where they could take what they wanted. we took their name and address and telephone number so that we can visit them later on. It turned out pretty good actually. 

So random thought....I was reading 2 Nephi 2:7 where it talks about an infinite atonement. I might think it is a bit weird...but for some reason it came to my mind...the atonement of Jesus christ is for everyone. He didn`t just atone for his family or friends. He suffered the pains for all. So the thought that came to my mind which for me was a tender thought was that Jesus Christ suffered the pains of my future children. I don``t know why I thought that, but it was a tender thought to think that Christ suffered for my future family. 

So...I don`t know if you remember G_____ She is 14 years old and lives with members here in the ward. When she was a baby her mom signed a paper that said she didn`t want her, and a few years later her dad didn`t want her, her aunt didn`t want she has nobody. She is living with this family until January where she will go to some center for 4 years...until she is 18 when she can live her own life. They had told us that in order to baptize gabriela we had to get a signature from the ministry of families. So my comp and I went down there to talk to the lady in charge of G____ case. BUT...she wouldn`t sign the freaking paper. She said that it was G___ decision and that in the center it could be any religion. She didn`t want to have g__ get baptized to only have to change her religion. Blah blah....I was so upset. I explained to her that even if this was g___ wanted...blah blah. But no...we left and as soon as we exited the building I just let it all out and cried. and cried. I was so frustrated. Here was a girl who literally has nothing in her life and when she finally found something, she can`t have it. I called the Zone leaders but they just made me more upset. Bascially he said to go back to the lady and pull out a scipture. My comp and I were kinda a wreck. Frustrated and sad. We ended up going back home and we said a prayer together. Then we went to talk to G___. President Russell came to our Zone meeting and we talked to him. He said the same, that we need the signature of this lady. or at least a paper that the lady writes saying that this family can sign for her. We went back to talk to the lady, but she didn`t want to sign it. She said no. In the end the family who she is living with has a paper that says for now she is basically responsible for gabriela. And the lady from the office signed it. So we quickly called our ZL and they said that with this paper she could be this was friday afternoon. So we quickly called the bishop and arranged everything for saturday. It was perfect. I was so happy! And g__'s face was priceless when she found out. So saturday she was baptized. Us and the elders sang a song. I don`t remember the title in english. haha. after the baptism she told me that she felt something. It was so great! Then sunday she was confirmed!!! Now when she leaves for the spirit she can take this gift with her wherever she goes. 

So we also had a christmas ward activity. They had dances and songs, and food. It was good. We were supposed to sing but we weren`t on the program so we didn`t haha.

There was also one night where I woke up at 3:30 and heard like weird screaming. But it didn`t sound human or like an animal. I was awake for 1 hr. I was so scared. Our neighbors didn`t hear anything. They think it was just drunks...but who knows. 

Oh when we were at the zone meeting president came up to me and told me that he knew it was hard for me with a mini missionary but he wouldn`t have given me it if he knew I couldn`t handle it. he also talked to the DL`s and if anyone calls another missionary out of your zone it`s pack your bags time. Yep. This new president likes to send people home  A LOT!. 

i love you all! and merry christmas!!! I am so grateful to be here during this wonderful christmas time!!! 
hna chase

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