Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Baptism! and I finally have a real missionary companion again

So I was with a mini missionary from our ward. Hermana Alonzo. I liked  being with her. She was fun and we got along super well. Well...we made a CHRISTMAS TREE!!! it is literally the best christmas tree here in Nicaragua. haha. It is maybe 2 ft tall....haha. Funny the catholics here have a day where they celebrate mary. Its called purisima. They put her out on their patio and then they walk around all day and if they find a house with mary they sing songs. The thing is that there are LINES of people waiting to sing songs at houses. Because after you sing, they family gives you food or something. So this day I was joking because I was hungry...I told my companion...lets just go wait in line...I am hungry. haha. It´s free. haha. Well, where they have mary some people have like greenery around her. So we were walking by a house and I saw green. I said...our tree will be better than that tree (this was before we made it). My companion looks at me and says, what tree? That is for mary...haha!!! super funny! 

So the day of transfers there was a bit of a mix up. The companion who was supposed to stay with had some I ended up going in a trio again with hermana hansen and hermana herrera, which was fine. I love them. 

So my new comp....drum roll... Haha. First of all, I am not training. But I am senior companion. Elder portillo said he talked to president and president asked for names who would be good to train. He mentioned my name but president said that I have one more change before I am going to who knows. Anyway, my comp is Hermana Vargas. From Guatemala. She is 22 years old and has 4 months in the mission. She talks a lot. About out of the 17 people we contact each day I talk to about 2. haha. But we will work on that. In the lessons we teach about even. 

We are teaching a girl whose name is L___. She is 21 and is the daughter of a less active. She has some nervous problems. She said she got sick in 2006...

We had an activity with our ward. We taught the members how to share the gospel with their friends. So us missionaries did a practice first using a pamphlet. Then we had the members practice with each other using a pamphlet. we also gave them a card to give to their friend in where they write their name, address and when we can contact them. Its a reference card. It worked out great. 

So we put a baptism date with another joven. haha. All my baptisms in the mission will be young people. But thats better right...then they can serve missions. haha! 

We had a meeting as district and the lesson was on the atonement. It made me think a lot. He used the story when christ asks simon peter if he loves him. He asks three times. Its john 21.15-17. It made me think. We all say we love christ, but then there are times when maybe we don`t work as hard, or do what we are supposed to. If we love him, are we doing all we can?

So saturday... we had 1 baptism!!! E_____!! my first baptism again in 4 months!!! I was happy! G___ couldn`t...the thing is that nobody has custody of her. Her parents signed a paper that says they don`t want her basically. The family she lives with is a family that takes in kids for 2 weeks until they have a home...well its been more than 2 weeks so they don`t have custody of her either now. Our mission pres said that if we can have a representative of the ministiry of families sign, she can get baptized. Well saturday  the lady wasn`t working so this week we will get the signature so saturday she can get baptized.  I`m not going to lie. It was hard for me. We brought her to the baptism. She asked me when she could get baptized. I told her the next week. Then after the baptism when we were walking out she says, the next one will be mine. haha. i love her. She liked the baptism though. Her favorite part was when he went under the water. So...E___ is now baptized!!! wahoo!!! haha. They confirmed him after, and we were a bit confused at why. I thought well maybe because he was blessed as a baby and has asisited  (means attended) his whole life its different. Well sunday bishop talked to our District Leader and he was re confirmed sunday. haha. 

After the baptism we went to g___ bday party. It was so cute she kept telling the mom she lives with that she loves her. And sometimes calls her mom. 

Sunday we had 5 investigators. G___ hugged me while I was talking to someone, and it just made me think how much i love these people. really. 

So don`t worry we are being taken care of. We have like 3 dinner appointments on the 24th. We are eating as a zone, then going caroling. Then with a family then with bishop. hahaa!! another family invited us but we don`t have time! here they celebrate the 24th.

Oh i also ate my first nacatamale. Its like a tamale but bigger...a bit more moist and has chicken in it. It`s good. ;) 

well, overall a great week. And here comes another great one! I love you all!!! May the lord be with you!

hermana chase

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