Monday, December 30, 2013


Hello friends and family!
So I received some gifts from some members and friends from back home for christmas. That was really nice. I appreciate all the gifts I got. I love you all and am grateful that you are always thinking of me. 
On christmas eve we ate so much! We went to teach a family who had just finished cooking dinner. So they fed us. It`s like rooster, with veggies, and rice and bread. With soda. Then we went to a family’s house to eat dinner. Basically the same exact thing. Then we went to Bishop`s house for dinner and ate rice, meat with jalapeƱo sauce, salad, and for dessert...tres leche and ice cream!!! It was so good but I Was so stuffed. 

Christmas day was normal. I opened some gifts but then we went to work. Funny story. So I was wearing a nicer shirt and we went to visit a convert...e___. he is like 12. He says to me, `why do you look so elegant today?' haha! I explained because I get to talk to my family. He says later, `is it easy to find work there in California? Cuz maybe if I serve my mission there, I will stay for a bit and I could visit you.` haha. he is so cute! 

The highlight of my day was skyping my family!!! I got to talk to almost all my family. Found out exciting news. Now I just have to make it until mothers day to talk again. haha! When we got back to our house we realized we didn`t have the keys. Yep...we had locked the keys in the house and it was 9pm. We called our district leader to let him know. We woke up our neighbor who owns the house to see if they had another key. They searched and found a key to open the gate but not the door. The elders go back to the church to see if we left them there. Nope. So what they did is , before our house was connected with the other house but they built a wall to separate it. only the wall doesn`t reach the ceiling all the way. So the husband climbed up and squeezed himself through the top of the wall and the ceiling, into our room. And there were our keys on the desk. We were in such a hurry to talk to our families that we left them. We finally managed to get in the house at 10.30 pm haha. 

The 26th we met with other zones for our christmas activity with  president. It was great. We had a nice lunch. We played sports. We had talks, and we did a gift exchange....i got nutella!!!! yes! thank you newbies! haha. They had a slideshow with pictures from our families! And then president gave us each a bag with a pendant, candy, photos, and a letter from our family!!! It was great!!! I also saw my old companion and the elders from my other area, and my mom. (trainer) It was a great activity. 

On friday at our district meeting we talked about goals and set a goal to have more families teaching. I told my companion that we would find a family. Well that day we did. And we put a baptism date with them. My heart has never felt so full of joy before. 

Sometimes I wonder why I receive so many miracles. At times I don`t feel worthy to have them. But with each miracle that I get, I realize that I am worthy of them. My district leader told me that he was happy for us in finding the family. That miracles come after the trial of our faith. 

 There is this less active who I have taught only two times. He has a drinking problem. We are teaching his daughter. Well he went to church last week and brought us suckers, went to the christmas activity and now this sunday. He was there way early like at 8.30. He goes, hermanas I brought a gift for you. He pulls out a pack of ritz crackers for each of us. He apologizes because they had kinda broken. We said it was fine and thanked him. Then he pulled out 2 cans of juice! haha! So before church we drank the juice and ate the crackers. Literally the whole day my comp and I were falling asleep. In every lesson. I don`t know why.

As far the new year...I am realizing how important goals are. i am going to put goals this year that matter, and i am going to do all i can to be a better person. 

hermana chase

¨The critical question is not one of getting into the kingdom but of staying in the kingdom-of enduring to the end. For we must choose on an ongoing basis to remain, and that choice must be reflected in what we love and in what we seek. That is why enduring to the end is the fifth principle of the gospel. Daily, our question shouldn`t be ´have i made it to the kingdom yet?` but rather , `do i still want to stay?` ¨ -stephen r. robinson

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