Monday, December 2, 2013

mini missionary, still no water and an update on investigators

So I was with a trio for one day. haha. at night they slept before i did...well there are only two had told me i could sleep with one of them but they never told me who. So I ended up sleeping on the floor. I woke up a bit later and was like whoa why is my leg wet...I look and realized it was from the fridge. it was leaking. haha. So i ended moving and sleeping on the other side of the room. in the morning they were like hermana chase! why are you sleeping on the floor! are you crazy?! you should have just pushed me over! haha. 

anyway tuesday I got my new comp..a mini missionary. It is someone who is preparing to go on a mission. She was hermana butlers comp for a bit when her foot was hurt. Anyway, we got lost a bit the first day...I am still learning the area. haha. 
The ward here is good. Every week we meet with the bishop and some leaders and we go over our investigators and who we want to visit with us. I told bishop i want a list of the less active young kids and the members so i can visit and get to know people. 

Being with a mini missionary I have spent a ton of money. Buying her dinner, and  such since she doesn´t have money, I feel bad so i tend to buy things for her. Like she wanted to buy a pen. I Said i could buy it for was like 25 cents. So then the lady was like or there is this...and she shows us a package of pens. My comp looks at me and is like... hermana? I said okay its fine. haha. it was 80 cordobas. still cheap... but still. I am with the mini missionary until changes next week.

So we have an investigator...remember the one with the machete...well he is being ridiculous. he says he is about to leave but was waiting for us to come so he could tell us...when we didnt even have an appointment with him...and he hasn’t gone to church...

We have 2 baptisms for the 14!!! E______l was for the 7th but his family wont be here so he said the 14th...which works out because...

our other investigator a young girl will be baptizeed that day too. We went to teach her and after we sang the song she goes, ´should i say the opening or closing about closing because i am a bit nervous...´ I had totally forgotten that we shook hands that she would pray the next time....she is amazing!!! Then after the lesson she tells us she wants to change her baptism date from the 28th to the 14th...its her bday. well i am not going to say no!!! haha. It was a great lesson with her. The only thing is that she doesn’t know where her parents are. Doesn’t talk to them. She lives with a member. So we have to figure that out. 

Also with T____...she has a baptism date for the 21 i believe it is. Anyway, we went one day with the elders because I forgot how to get there...she had prayed before but this time was different...i could barely hear her...and i thought...oh great...its like the other people who mumble their prayers when others pray out loud...what is she doing...but after the prayer i look up and she was crying. She knows the church is true. she knows it. her fear is that when she goes back to costa rica that the missionaries wont visit, that the church is far, and her family arent members...they are evangelical. It was a good moment. 

We also put a baptism date with another lady who the missionaries when she lived in managua contacted. She had been to church once, but then came here. 

For thanksgiving we met as a zone and had dinner. chicken, salad, fruit, bread, mashed potatoes, and soda. oh and corn. freaking good!!! haha. thanks president russell! 

I have gotten my christmas packages!!! I am excited. I Cant wait to open them! 

we ended up changing houses...the room is a lot bigger and we have 4 rocking chairs! haha. the funny thing is that all the elders helped us move stuff and then one guys dont have a sink. WHAT!?! we look and none of us had realized that before! haha. yep- so no sink. also we dont have water every other day. so we bought a big trash can to fill with water..only we dont have a handle on our shower yet so we cant use our neighbors who are members fill up small buckets for us. haha. 

being with a mini missionary is hard. i feel like i teach everything... i had to call a missionary for advice who had a mini missionary before. I felt stressed. I feel a bit better now. Today I told my companion who she needed to study for...and to always keep their names in mind while she studies...we did practices together to contact people...using the phamplets...and i put a goal with contact one person today using the phamplets and teaching one principle. I don`t know why i have a mini missionary but i know it is for a reason. 
today for pday we went to a small market to look at nicaragua stuff. Oh i bought shoes! mine were dead...there is a payless here. i bought a dress for someone, and some arch supports for my shoes because my feet feel like glass.
anyway, i am learning that there is apparently a lot the lord wants me to learn...i feel like if i go along with it and look for what i can learn in every moment, i will come back a much better person and follower of christ. i love you all!

hermana chase

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