Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still with a mini missionary! And we see a volcano

Family and friends…
Well I have hit my half way mark. Yep. Haha. Crazy right? 9 months. So it looks like transfers are the 3rd of September which is when I will be going home. I will just miss my birthday. So I have decided to wait and celebrate my bday until I get home. ;) haha. Sounds perfect to me!
So I left my notebook in the house of what I wanted to tell you about my week…I hate when that happens…anyways…my stories will be a bit out of order.
So first of all…I am with another companion. Miriam´s mom came down from El Salvador and told her they were leaving Sunday to go to el Salvador por miriams passport. So…Miriam was going to leave Saturday morning…so we needed someone new Friday night. I called our zone leaders to ask what we could do…and I will admit I cried a bit when I got off the phone. I was just so frustrated…I was just being shoved from one missionary to another…and not just missionaries, but jovenes…(young people, not missionaries)  I don´t know if you have ever taught with someone who isn’t a missionary but it is not the same. Now try living with them for a period of time. Its hard. I was doing everything. The only thing they really do is contact. Teaching…no. Planning…no. This whole change I have felt so tired and stressed, and actually angry. I didn`t understand why they didn’t take someone out of a trio and put them with me. I didn`t understand why I had so many companions…So finally that same night they found Nayalih…I did divisions with her once when hermana butler was still here. So since about Saturday morning I have been with her… The night she came when Miriam was still here  I had felt like I had lost it. I ended up talking to my old companion and people from my other area. They gave me a lot of advice. They told me that obviously the Lord has a lot of faith in me and trusts me a  lot to be in charge basically of one area by myself. That I just need to be happy. That I have 4 days left…and I need to just laugh and smile at everything. They helped me a lot. We talked for about more than one hour and that night when I went to bed I felt a lot better. So with Nayalih I have been trying to be more happy. And it´s been good with her. Better than the other times. She at least shares her feelings more in the lessons. Doesn`t teach but talks more than the other missionary. We find out tomorrow who is training and who is going to have changes. So I know I will get a new companion…well I hope I do. Haha.
So our investigator G____…I don`t remember if I told you…so she is awesome. One day we went and I forgot that she had promised to say the prayer. So the first thing she says is, `should I say the opening or closing prayer? Is it okay if I say the closing because I am nervous.`   I had totally forgotten so of course I was so happy!!! She also read the whole chapter we left in the book of mormon. Then she tells us that the lady she sometimes buys coffee from asks her if she is going to buy some. G____ told her, `no. coffee is bad for me now.`   haha! And she is only 13! She is awesome! Then one time we went to visit her and there was a girl in her house drinking coffee. She tells the girl, `you know coffee is bad for you.` and then she looks at me!!! Haha. I loved it! She also moved her baptism date up to her bday. Haha
Our other investigator T____ cried again. She is worried that when she gets home her family won’t accept her. They are evangelicals. So we spent most of the lesson reassuring her. But my goal is to find a scripture for her to help.
Sunday we went for investigators…and nobody!!! So we figured okay…we know G___ and E___ will go. We get to church and it starts…and they aren´t there. Well in order for G___ to get baptized Saturday she has to come to church this Sunday. So after we took the sacrament we decided to leave to see why she didn’t come. She lives with members. So we went and there she was watching tv. So her story is this…she doesn`t know where her parents are…she lives with these people who are members. So the lady tells us she got up at 7 and had things to do and that they are going to Managua in about 30 minutes after she showers…blah blah. I asked if gabriella could go to church with us at least for one hour…but she said there is nobody here to watch her so she has to go with them. I was so upset.  I didn’t show it. But the member knows how important it is that she goes to church this Sunday…we asked if G___ could go to the Christmas devotional that night at 7…she said yes if they were back in time. So we left to go back to church and there was e___!!! So we had one investigator!!!
Then we decided to invite people to the devotional. We went by O___ and he said he would go. He said the reason he hasn’t gone to church with us is fear of what the people will say and think. So we told him what time we would go by. When it was time we went for G___…she was home. Turns out they didn’t go to Managua…ya. Anyway we took her to go get O___. We get there and he doesn`t answer. G___ said she saw him shake his finger no through the hole. So we left for other people…but they weren`t home. We returned back for O___ and this time his door was open. He says, `oh my son is  at a bday party and it wouldn´t be good If I left him. My dad wasn’t a great dad, and I want to be a good dad…´ blah blah. I told him he could be a good example for his son and actually go to church and show him that you want to change and be better…cuz that is what he always tells us…he stared at me…and then blah blah came out of his mouth. He didn`t go. The next appointment I am going to tell him straight up. And if possible bring bishop. He always has excuses.
The devotional was good. I am sure you guys saw it. The music was beautiful. Which Is what I was looking forward to.  Haha
Today for pday we went to the VOLCANO!!! As a zone!!! It was okay.

Well next week I will let you know what happens with changes. Something I have realized in these nine months. The Lord really does know us better than we know ourselves. He knows what we need to get to our potential. Even if we don’t know. And  I have realized even more that He loves us. That he trusts us. That he is always there for us…even in our darkest moments. I know we are children of God. That Christ suffered for us. That he can help us. That this is the true church. I love you all!!!
Love, Hermana Chase

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