Monday, January 6, 2014

10 months!

So to update you on this past week. First of exactly I complete 10 months! Can you believe that?!?!? I go home this year in the beginning of september. My mind just can ‘t handle it. haha. 

So last monday we had an experience pretty cool. After a lesson with a convert my comp suggests we visit a family quickly who was on our list if our appointment wasn`t home. I agreed and we started walking to their house. We get there just as the husband had walked out and seemed a bit angry. We ask if we could share a message with them and he goes back in. We had heard that he was looking for his old friends who he used to drink with... so that is why we decided to go. We showed a four minute clip on the importance of the families and then we talked. I can honestly tell you his countenance changed a lot in this lesson. From the beginning to the end.  They are members, but they are having some problems. He didn`t tell us if he was drinking again, but he told us the reason why he didn`t go to church last week was because he was upset and didnt feel the spirit. He told us then of 3 experiences that happened that day. His old boss had called him and told him that since tomorrow was the not leave his house. To not leave his family for any reason. I imagine it was so that he wouldn`t drink. I had heard a few years ago he almost left his family. Anyway he thought that was interesting. He decided then to try to fix some things with his wife. Which is why he was upset and left the house at the exact moment that we showed up.  He told us that the lord works in many ways and today in 3 different ways. The importance of his family. the spirit was strong in that lesson. I almost cried 3 times. The next two times that we have gone to visit them have been great. They are so happy. Its a bit weird. He is like super happy. Our last lesson we had them set goals individually and as a family. This family explained to us how their life was when they started out. They would eat off of 10 cordobas each day. or about 40 cents. They would buy...3 cordobas worth of gallo pinto which is rice and beans. 3 cordobas of cream. 2 cordobas of bread and 2 cordobas worth of drink. Every  night they ate this. It was all they had. I tell you...we don`t know what true sacrifice is. 

We had an interesting lesson with gabriela the other day. After we taught the lesson g__ left to buy snacks for us at the pulperia. While they were gone the family and a friend came and sat down and started talking to us about all the things bad gabriela is doing. I thought they would stop when she got back but they continued. It got to the point where g__ was just sitting there in the corner crying. We didn`t say much...I knew if I said something it would be something that i couldn`t take back. It was terrible. 

       Journal entry from the 31st... `well..the last day of 2013. Wow. another year gone by. A year ago I was at home preparing for my mission. Crazy. I am grateful for these 10 months I have had in the mission. I`ve learned to love myself, to love others, to serve, spanish, I am more outgoing...etc. I`ve realized how grateful I am for the life I have. Thinking of gabriela and what she went through and is going through...I am so grateful to have a family who loves me, and cares about me. For the money my dad makes. For all we have. and I know I haven`t appreciated it all. But i am learning to. Even in the mission I don`t think I have truly appreciated this opportunity I have. But I am truly grateful. And this year I will try to show my heavenly father more of my gratitude.`

So the night of the 31st...n__ called. apparently when we were there telling her about g__, her mom was listening in the other room. typical moms...haha. anyway, her mom talked to her dad and they want to adopt g__...can you believe it?! So we talked to g__ and you should have seen her face! She looked like she was going to cry. She prays that everything will work out so she can go there. N__'a little sister who is 6 loves g__ and her other sister is 13 and they get along too. So it would be great. Hermana Rivas is going to talk to the social place today so that they know someone wants to adopt her...because any time now g__ will go to  a center. 

So this new year...I feel like the Lord has a lot in store for me. I just have to look for it. 

So this week I have had what is called gripe and tos. Its like a cold and a cough. It was miserable to work! Today I am a bit better. I still have a nasty cough. And if I laugh its worse. haha.

This week we had a leader of the hermanas work with us. Wow...I forgot that this hermana doesn`t know how to smile or have fun. Maybe our numbers aren’t that great but at least I am enjoying my mission. That day was a bit interesting. 

So crazy day we were in a taxi and he had a clock thing with the temp...ya it was 105.8 degrees! the morning during studies and at night its about 85. but wonder I sweat so much!!! 

So we went to see t__ and her husband is now back in costa rica. Her husband says that when she returns she can get baptized in his religion.  we asked if she has prayed about the church yet. She admitted now and said that she needs to. I pulled out the scripture acts 5:29 which says to obey God and not man. She has fear of her husband and I explained we shouldn’t worry what others say.She said she would go to church and pray. So then sunday...nobody could go to church. We had zero again. So after we took the sacrament we went to call teresa to see why she didn`t come. She told us that yesterday she had said she wasnt going to get baptized and she wasn`t going to come to church today. We explained she could still come to church even if she wasn`t going to get baptized. She also asked if we were going to come visit still if she wasn`t going to get baptized. we said yes...although we are only going to go probably one more time. I was so mad! and sad! She has about 4 times in the church...and everything. and apparently the assistants to the president talked to our district leaders about our not having investigators at church.....ugh. there are times when i feel like it is me that is lacking something. that people don`t progress or don`t want to go to church. This is our difficulty right now. 

I have been thinking...One doesn`t realize how much they need to change until they come on a mission. Here you realize all the things you need to be better at. I know if I hadn’t gone on a mission I would never have known. For example, humility. 

funny story. So we were leaving an appointment and there was a group of kids playing baseball. one boy asks for a pamphlet. We start talking to him and then four more kids come over. then all the kids gather around of them being e__. I felt like christ teaching the children haha. when one kid asked where i was from i said the states and e___l quickly said california. one kid said, take me there! haha. When we left my comp and I were singing `venid a mi`  (Come Follow Me)  because i said i felt like christ with the children haha. 

We ate lunch with n__ and her family. I accidently ate a red whole mouth was on fire. My tounge...i drank a glass of juice and water and took a while before I could enjoy my food again. haha. 

We were looking for references from the elders and contacted a joven. (young man) we ended up teaching the plan of salvation outside to him and put another appointment. he is very positive. we will see what happens. 

Also our family we are teaching called us over for cake and soda for her husbands bday. They may not want to go to church but at least they like us. haha.

J___, a convert came to church. She was super loving today. holding my hand, playing with my hair. when we left the church she had her arm around me and i had mine around hers. Hermana vargas had hers around g___. I went to take my hand off and then j__ grabbed my arm again and put it around her. haha. I think she just needs love. the last few days she was a bit rude and was hiding from us. I think she is having problems with her family. I realized the thing I miss from back home is hugs, and tickles, and just being touched. its a human thing. so having j__ and g___ also giving us hugs is nice. 

i also got letters! christmas photos from the akagis, vaughn and jenny arnold! eee!

Well...sorry this letter is all over the place. oh..apparently our mission president is checking everyones calls every monday and telling the leaders. i guess there is a big problem with missionaries calling other missionaries. freak dude. dont worry about me though. i am not calling anyone outside our zone. i only call our district leader for numbers. 

well I love you all!!!! From here on out I am going down hill!!! 

Hermana chase

ps..pray everything works out with gabriela

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