Monday, January 27, 2014

conferences and clogs

some words translated in parentheses by mom :)

Dear Family and Friends,
So we have been looking for houses...hermana russell, our mission president’s wife called our zone leaders and told us we need to change houses. Apparently there are like 3 others that also need to change in our zone. 

One day this week the elders worked with us. We taught M___ and tried putting a fecha (date) with her. Although she said she wasn`t ready. So I pulled out our progress sheet and explained it to her and said we would leave it with her to use. She said she would tell us sunday what day for her baptism. Our district leader tried to tell her that we know that she will be ready by such and such a date...but no. she explained also that it is hard to go to church because the people that she lives with don`t like it when she gets up early because it wakes them up. I explained about sacrifice and the lord will bless her for her sacrifices. About the blessings she will get. It was a good lesson even if we didn`t put a fecha. (date)

This week we left our key in the house again...the elders had to come over at 10pm because the other guy wasn`t home who jumped the wall. so our sweet district leader climbed up and squeezed through the tiny hole to get into our house. 

This week we did more service. We washed clothes, dishes and we found a girl in a wheelchair and i ran over and asked if we could help her. We ended up taking her to her house. Then two days later we found her again but this time my companion pushed her home. haha. If we see her again I am going to persevere until she accepts us and allows us to visit her...well the elders. she lives in their area. 

so we found a golden investigator!!! she finished reading the book of mormon and said she wants to read it again so she doesn’t forget things. She has been to church once, and has had some of the what! So we have an appointment with her today. 

So I bought a cheap pair of shoes to use for the conference. We woke up at 4.30 am...freak. We met as a zone at 6. at the conference I saw my old peeps from my old area, and a few other friends. 

The talks were good. First the president from the north mission spoke with his wife. Then ours. Then Elder Suarez and his wife. He speaks like 5 languages. They speak portuguese  and so his wife spoke in english and had a translator because she didn`t know spanish. Our sweet hermana russell...she gave her whole talk in spanish. obviously, president russell wrote it all out, but she tried so hard to say all the words. so sweet. Pres Suarez talked about 4 things to represent Christ the best. 
1. open your mouth
2. be worthy
3. be obedient
4. work with leaders

Hermana Suarez said two quotes i loved.
1. missionary work is not a sacrifice, it is a privilege -elder ballard
2. if we want to know God, we need to serve him. if we want to know him better, we must serve him more. 

Hermana santos, my old companion gave me a letter from my convert! she got married and said her goal now is in a year to go to the temple! i am so excited!!! 

It was a really good conference. I felt the spirit and it made me think a lot. 

After the conference we went to mcdonalds as a good. haha. 

That night we taught d___ and she has been reading the book of mormon. We have what is called questions of the soul. We give our investigator a list of the questions. They get to choose what question they want to know the answer. Then according to the question we assign them a chapter to read to find the answer. it works. trust me. 

So the elders had a family baptism this week. And they got married. It was awesome! After, the family wanted a picture with us! ahhaha. After, the chain to unplug the drain broke. so hermana vargas tried to unplug it but couldn’t go in far enough without her skirt getting wet. So then elder Thompson, our district leader goes in. He pulls his pants up, and with the help of bishop, our district leader, a broom and a dustpan they finally got it. haha. so funny! 

Also...our toilet got clogged but nobody here has a plunger because they don’t have toilets. so we decided to work and ask some members while we were out. Well we forgot. So when we gave our numbers that night we told our district leader and at 10.15pm we met them by the park and they had their plunger. haha. so embarassing. lol.

Finally we had 1 investigator at church! d___ came for the first 2 hours! also, our convert j___ showed up but angry. when we left to take d____ home, she left. then when we came back, j____ came back. we were in the bathroom together but we didn`t talk to her. until finally she came up to me and hugged me and asked why i dont talk to her. haha. from then on she talked to us and was fine. although g___ was a bit wierd. angry. when we walked her home she walked ahead of us and didnt talk. i dont know if she was jealous because there wasnt room for her to sit with us during sacrament or what...when we taught her later that day...idk. 

So we had called a member to ask a question...and he said...hey i am at my moms house...can you come over...i need to talk to you guys. my companion asked if he needed something because we had an appointment with him for tomorrow, lunes. (monday) he goes...oh okay...thats fine. bye. well i wanted to make sure everything was okay. i know when he is at his moms house he sometimes drinks. so we passed by but when we got there he entered his room and wouldn`t come out. So I asked his wife if something happened earlier and she said yes.  So i am kinda nervous, but i am hoping that tonight he opens up to us and tell us his feelings so that we can help him. I know if its something sin related he needs to talk to bishop, but it  hurts to see them like this. and he always calls us missionaries his angels. 

so next week we have a conference with some other zones and the president of our area is coming to talk to us and we get to shake his hand and introduce ourselves!!!! and we are going to take a group photo and we get a copy!!! i am so excited!!!!! 

i love you all!!! I am so proud to be here!!! it is the hardest thing I have ever done but so worth it!!! 

Hermana Chase

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