Monday, January 20, 2014

Room inspection and interview with mission president

So this week the hermana`s in my zone had divisions with each other. I went with hermana herrera, who was in my area before. It was fun! The zone put goals for us to reach. 
1. contact 10 families AND 40 people...and you get an ice cream
2. put two baptism dates with families...and you get a smoothie
3. to have 3 new get a snickers.

With hermana herrera we contacted 17 families and 60 people! We had one family give us false names. He goes, `uh michael` and smiles. And then she says, `maria.` and then starts laughing...after they left they were still laughing... At 8pm we still didn`t have new families. Then...we saw one...we went for it and were positive but weren`t able to count them as new. We only met the goal with contacts but it was fun. And we didn`t feel dead tired like usual. haha. That night elder macias called hermana herrera and I to congratulate us. Then he asked if he could talk to me. He congratulated me for my work and then told me that he would be speaking tomorrow to encourage us but wanted to know what I thought. He ended up giving me his whole talk basically haha. His goal was to talk to us and explain that we have a lot of potential...looking at the numbers that we accomplished as a zone and to see what we are capable of. Oh and he asked if I could speak also...share my testimony on the day we had and stuff. haah. 

So just a random thought...hermana herrera has hot water in their house! dude, it was amazing! haha. So at the reunion to change back to our areas, elder macias, the zone leader gave his talk. Used some scriptures that we always use for investigators but it was different applying to ourselves. He did mention in his talk that he had talked to me about the topic...which made me feel a bit uncomfortable... since there had been some problems in the mission with guys and girls...I didn`t want anyone to think anything. 

So hermana vargas and I were feeling like we needed to do something to have more success. So wednesday after lunch we started to fast and got a blessing from the elders. Elder thompson, my district leader gave me mine. He mentioned I would feel the love and grace of God, that I would feel the promptings. That there are people that need me here. That I will be blessed if I continue studying the scriptures and pray to Him for guidance. It was a good blessing.

So one night I ended up talking to my district leader after giving numbers. He read alma 17:11 and 26:26-27. It helped. I have felt a bit frustrated because with my comp we don`t really have lessons. i have felt different here. Like before I had the love and desire. I still do, but I feel more empty. I need to work on testifying when I contact. And think of each person as a child of god. 

Oh...haha when we had divisions apparently g__ was mad that there was another sister there. She told hermana vargas in secret that she wanted me there. haha. 

Also found out the day I was gone that our family with a baptism date don`t want us coming anymore. They don`t want anything. 

So some scriptures from elder macias` talk...2 nephi 27:23 that the lord works miracles according to our faith. How grand is my faith? 
2 nephi 32:9 we should pray always
alma 30:8-9 choose today who i will serve. put all my trust in the lord or none. 

T__, our convert is so different I can`t get over it. I have never seen such a change in my converts before. She is so happy and eager to have us teach. At the end of a lesson we had we asked if she had any questions. She said no. that everything we said was right, that the book of mormon is right. She was so happy. She had never said those things before. After the lesson I said the closing prayer. I had said to bless her that every day she can be closer to god. which I guess reminded her of a song...i don`t remember the title in english...`mas cerca dios de ti`.  (note from’s nearer my God to Thee) So she wanted us to sing that. So we did. Well hermana vargas and I. She was crying and I was on the edge of crying. Her spirit is different. The spirit was strong in that lesson. It is wonderful! 

So we cleaned our house super well because we had interviews with president and while we were in interviews, his wife went to inspect our houses. We got 85/100. Our floors got marked down because there is always dirt no matter how many times you sweep. (insert by mom...she asked them where their sink was. They DONT HAVE A SINK! they will be moving to a new home hopefully by the end of the month) So for interviews...I was super nervous. My first time as senior comp. He asked how I was and how my area was. I told him good, but we didn`t have many investigators.  He told me we need to talk and contact heart to heart. He said he wants missionaries: 
1. atenta (attentive)
2. pura (pure)
3. obediente (obedient)
He explained that christ never thought of himself. always thought of other people. And he asked who i represented. I said christ. So he said then you cant think of yourself. you have to think of others. He is big in obedience with EXACTNESS. so he talked about that. 

We found out our convert j___...her parents threw out her book of mormon and personal progress. they don`t like us coming to visit or her going to church. 

Sunday we went for our investigators and like normal nobody. We were walknig to the church when I realized I didn`t have my name tag. So we walked back to the house and ran into the elders. I hid my shirt with my books so they wouldn`t see.  But sweet t___ was at church. We went to say hi and she is so happy and goes,  òhhhh hermanas. como estan?`  she also calls us amor sometimes. And for the first time she came in a skirt!! when i commented on it she goes ohhhh, thank you! haha and was all happy. The same day we were looking for a direction and we went to a house where an older lady was sweeping outside. We said, `hola hermana, como esta...solo tenemos una pregunta...` she goes no no no no no and starts to walk inside. we explain we were just looking for a direction....and she slams the door...HARD. My first time with a real door slammed in my face. It hurt so bad. The next person...the same reaction but didn`t close the door. Luckily Issac, our old investigator helped us out. 

that night we didn`t have i decided to try a family we had gone with 3 other times but were not home. It was a contact I had with hermana herrera en divisions. They were home! the guy comes out and we ask if the family is home. He goes, thats me. Would you like to come in? So we ended up teaching lesson 3 and they accepted a baptism goal. That night I really didn`t understand why the lord blessed me even when I had a bad attitude during the week..feeling frustrated with things. I guess it is because he loves me. the lord showed me a miracle and reminded me why i am here doing what i am doing. so even though it is hard the lord will help you so that you can keep going forward.` 

Even though it is hard right now, the lord little by little will bless me and the people here in this area. I just need patience. Lots and lots of patience. 

I love you all! and appreciate your letters and support. Have a great week!

ps...this friday Elder Soares (de la Presidencia de los Setenta)  ( moms note..70’s presidency) y Elder Ochoa (2nd Consejero de la Presidencia de Area  (moms noe..2nd counselor in the area presidency) are coming this friday and we are getting together with the north mission :) will be awesome!!!  I bought a new skirt today to use haha. :)

Hermana Chase

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