Monday, January 13, 2014

So Blessed!

So last monday we went and got pizza with some other missionaries. We were looking at the agenda of one of them and saw their numbers for contacts and their goals. it was a big number. My comp and I secretly made a goal to contact more than our District leader every day this week. haha. We have been contacting about 75 each week.
So almost this whole week our stomachs have been bothering us. We don´t know why. The other missionaries who ate pizza with us are fine. haha.
So this week we found ´ciudades perdidas´...or lost cities...areas that we haven´t contacted. Tuesday was a day of miracles. we contacted 4 families, 15 priesthood and 33 people. A few of the people we contacted actually were positive or had heard about the church. The same day we were planning on contacting our ´ciudades perdidas´when our stomachs started to bother us. We decided to walk home to use the bathroom but my stomach decided other wise. I knew I couldn´t hold out much longer. so we grabbed a taxi. We ended up contacting the guy in the taxi. He told us he always sees the elders walking and standing around but never talking to people. We turned the corner and there were the elders standing around eating fruit. he goes, ´see!´ hahah!

 This same day the elders gave us a reference of a family so we visited them. They are positive. The elders before were teaching them. Until they both got transfered and two new ones came and they didn´t like the elders. They still had their book of mormon and the restoration movie. So we left a chapter in the book of mormon to read. The husband works on sunday but he said he will talk to his boss and if he can´t get it off he is going to look for another job. In that lesson I felt the spirit. I think it will take time to get them to go to church and everything, but I think in the end they will be baptized. After the lesson I told my comp that we had been blessed a lot today. I felt like it was because we worked hard to contact people. The Lord truly has blessed us.
 Fun fact...they sell ´ice cream´ in plastic bags...its like ice with flavoring. Like fruit, chocolate milk...etc. So good and only 3 cordobas. i love it! haha. I always buy them!
Wednesday was another positive day. We contacted part of our ´ciudad perdida´ and later found one guy who was positive. He was born in the catholic church and baptized as a baby. But he had the question why christ was baptized at an old age and yet the catholics baptize people as babies. A really good question. We also taught our family and o__ was telling us he used to drink in his old life...he wants to change. When we asked if he could say the closing prayer, he said he didn´t feel good with himself to pray. That is when I chimed in and told him that it is in these moments when we need to pray even more. He agreed, but still didn´t do the prayer.

So our stomach problems continued. I woke up at 4:30 to run to the bathroom. In the morning I found out my comp also woke up to use the bathroom. Who knows what the heck we ate. haha.
There is a family who are members who are having troubles. her husband is slowly going back into his old ways. When we were visiting them she had packed up all his things. And had told him to change or leave. We are trying to work with them. We have another appointment today.
 Friday my comp and I taught the lesson in district meeting about commitments. 

The same friday our district leader called us to tell us that t__ wants to get baptized saturday!!! Apparently her brother in law had a family home evening with her and changed her mind!!! So friday we went over and did the interview and got everything ready!!!  Then saturday...we had the baptism at 2...but then changed the time to 6. we were walking and saw g__ alone....she was walking to the baptism!!! she is so sweet. we told her it got changed and ended up walking her back to her house and bought ice cream. haha. So teresa´s sister gave a talk at the baptism. T__ was crying. Her brother in law..ex obispo (bishop) baptized her.

 I was thinking...the lord has blessed me a lot this year. and the funny thing is that he is blessing others, but by blessing others he is blessing me. I am grateful for every baptism I have. I may not have many, but each one is special to me. I am realizing as I change the lives of others, I am changing my own. investigators at church. We asked a member why Isaac didn´t go and she said he was sleeping. So we took a taxi to go get him. When we got there his mom came out and told us she doesn´t want him to go to church anymore, or us to teach him because it goes against what the catholics believe. We asked if he could at least go to church today for the last time. she finally agreed. So sad. We asked him if he likes the church and he said ya. He is only 12....
Also g__ had saved 2 seats for us at church. She is so cute!

So total this week we contacted 23 families, 101 priesthood, and 202 people....that is amazing right?!?! Our zone leader called us to congratulate us. Apparently us and another area are doing great. Another area had families at church and before they had nothing. but they received a blessing and fasted and now they are having success. I think I will ask for a blessing and one day this week we are going to fast.
 Also sunday, teresa was different. More happy...more glowy. She goes, ´hermanas!!!´ and touches our chin. haha. i love it.
Overall, a good and suprising week. :)

i love you all!!! thank you for your support and prayers!!!

hermana chase

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