Monday, February 24, 2014

17 baptismal dates!

Dear Family and Friends,

So first of all, sorry I don`t have pics. I realized today...this change I haven`t taken pis. Sorry! I will start taking pics again. haha. 
Anyway, so remember our goal to run every morning? We ended up only running twice...but hey. its a start right. haha. 
so a funny story. It was night and we went to teach an investigator. We thought the door was closed but as we got closer we realized the door was open but the light was off. There was just a light on in the `backyard`.  I weird. We get closer and there is just a chair there in the middle of the room and then I see a gun on the floor. Well, being me I freaked. I grabbed my companions arm and we left also a dog there started barking at us. As we walked I explained what I saw. she didn`t see it but I did. so we decided to go teach someone else. About an hour later I decided I wanted to see...there were people there...So we walked back...I know stupid...and the light was on...and I started to laugh because I realized it was a toy gun! haha. aye....but I can say I am grateful I saw it and reacted because it not...who knows what would have happened if it was a real gun. haha. 
So this week our distric leader worked with was normal. haha. 
Also I had contacted a lady with my other comp but never went to the appointment because it was the day of changes. Well she called and asked why we never went and when we were going to go. so this week we had a lesson with her. we taught lesson 1 and it went good. we left a book of mormon. now it is just hard finding her again. 

We had a reunion...i have no idea what it is called in a FHE but with members...anyway two investigators showed up. It went good. One liked how the member taught. (mom note...reunion is meeting)
So another funny story. We changed appointments for lunch...and one day we were given some weird meat. I didn`t want to know what it was until after. It looked like the inside of oysters or something. I don`t know. after we ate it, we asked what it was. the lady said, titil de pollo. why do you like it? we said yes...even though no. We were like what the heck is titil...we asked another lady and she said chickens have like a bag where they keep food before it goes to the stomach. the bag is titil...ya.... never again. what is even funnier is that after we went to visit teresa. she had just gotten operations on her knees. a whole bunch of gringos were here for 3 days and did over 150 operations on people. anyway, she was showing us and you could see blood under the bandage. she said, ya i have to do therapy like this...and she bends her knees. my comp starts fanning herself and i thought it was because it is hot...after she told me she felt like she was going to pass out. she says, remind me never to eat titil and then visit teresa. HAHA!
So we had contacted a lady outside and we start teaching her. While we are teaching, her grandma is yelling that she is catholic and will die catholic...blah blah. The lady goes, don`t listen to her. most problems start within your own family. haah
So our pres now is having us put baptismal dates differently. He wants us to say like this, will you prepare to be baptized the 22 of march or the 5 of april? So they have a choice. So we are trying that now. We also did practices as a zone. one sucked. I said, `le gustaria vivir con dios? would you like to live with god? He goes, bebir? like drink. sure, if god does it. haha. aye. no. 
So another girl told us her husband is a member and said we could pass by. we passed by and she goes oh ya come in. her mom in law goes what do you want?!?!  we are going to sleep. no no we are can close the door. bye...she was so rude...
So we had an assitant to president work with us. pres has this new thing where there are 2 elders that rotate to work with missionaries. only alone. so one elder worked with us. I don`t like it...but whatever. he gave good advice and stuff. 

so we have interviews this week with our zone leaders...yay. haha. 
and this wednesday we have divisions with the hermana leaders...we have had divisions with everyone this transfer. 

at church we had 2 investigators!!! we found one lady...we had contacted to ask a direction (mom note ..address)....who  let us in and then started crying and told us that her son went missing over two months ago. doesnt know if he is living.... he drank and so she doesnt know what happened.and so we shared a bit of our purpose and the plan of salvation. she also went to church the next day! and when we put a fecha (mom note//baptismal date) she chose the closer fecha! haha! so sweet!

anyway, this week I am going to work on being bold and loving. my zone leader said we should explain things as if they are our family. if my sister isnt going to church i cant say oh its okay. NO! it`s not okay. so today i will use that with someone and see how it goes. haha. for example this sunday an investigator didnt go to church because she was sleeping. i said oh...but next week? I wasnt hard because she was with a friend. but tomorrow I will be a bit harder on her. with love of course. ... and meeting my goals and being a better missionary. if i feel good with each lesson that is what matters. my zone leader says its good that I want to be better and am trying. a lot of missionaries dont admit that and dont try. But I want to. To help my investigators. I basically have one year out...and I want to be better. I want to enjoy each day. 
This work is the best thing I could ever do. I have learned so much. I have grown so much. I have realized that  I am so lucky to have the gospel. I have gotten used to the mission life and just thinking of going home makes me sad. And I still have 6 months left! The AP that worked with us yesterday is going home this transfer and was in his first area that he was trunky...missing home. he explained that we should enjoy every day because we are NEVER going to come back here as a missionary again. So each day should be fun and we should enjoy it. 

I love you all!!! 
Hermana Chase

Monday, February 17, 2014

Working hard

Hola hola hola!

So this week... I kinda feel like writing a short letter. I think this letter will be a little less detailed and more filled with my feelings. I know some of you will be bummed but, this is my letter for this week. 

So our mission president this last change did a lot of changes! And in the beginning it did some damage in the entire mission...numbers wise.. We think he did so many changes and is focusing on bapstism and numbers because Elder Amado called us lazy. Anyway, with this new change our invesitgator _____ started to drift away from us...actually she ran. So we ended up dropping her. She tells us one thing, but tells my old companion another...and her mom doesn`t want to sign the paper. So we just are giving her more space. We haven`t put another apt with her because everytime I talk to her she acts like she is going to bite my head off. The first visit with her with my new comp I left crying because it just hurt so much that she acts this way now. That she is willing to lose her exaltation because my old comp left. And that she treats me in this way. 

It is interesting how here in the mission one changes a lot. My heart hurts a lot here and also feels a lot of joy. But not because of me. But because of the people around me. 

We did find one family who is positive. The guy has studied a ton of religions. He is very smart. He has read part of the book of mormon. He had question after question. We talked for 1 1/2 hours! Anyways, he asked us if we thought we could become like christ. He believes that we are here to become like him. That it is possible. He told us that we were the first people to return to his house and answer all his questions. So our next visit we are planning to go with bishop. They are going to go to church sunday. They have been to all the others so we said to be fair they have to go to ours. haha.

So we worked with our Zl`s this week. They told us to be more BOLD. So this past week I did such that. They told us to try to enter in the houses to teach when we contact. So...I have been trying to do that. This week I put 3 fechas with people on the first visit. When we contact people and they say they dont have time, I Tell them that it is important to put God first and if we do we will be blessed.... MY dl told me that if i pray to be more bold, the lord will give me experiences to be more bold. So...that is my goal right now. 

We had one funny experience where we almost got burned..we almost died...well a bit exagerated...but its true. We were teaching a less active and recent convert. Josseline, the convert was playing with an outlet. We were teaching. When BOOM...sparks and she went to the ground to protect herself. We all look over and laugh and everything is fine. When BOOM...smoke fire, and then the lights go out and the hermana yells, `run!` we go running out of the house with her little girl who is crying and I grab her hand. It was pretty funny afterwards...haha. We ended up changing our apt. haha

We have one investigator who lives with members...her family are members. The missionaries have taught her before...well me trying to be bold I ask her if the missionaries had ever invited her to baptism. She said yes. I said, well we are inviting you to do the same. She was hesitant and so I asked her if she knew why we invited people to baptism. Why the missionaries before invited her, and we we are. She said no. So I explained, and then she said yes. It was a good experience. 

So I put a goal with my ZL that 3 times a week I will call him to tell him about my day. MY goal is to use the talk he gave me in my lessons and contacts and then I have to tell him about my experiences...its to help me be bold. So we will see how that works. 

This sunday we had 0 at church. It was a bit heart breaking. There are moments where one feels like when they don`t have success it is because of one self...pero...we are pusing forward. My comp and I work good together. We have fun. But we work. 

This week we are putting a goal to run every morning. We will see if that happens..haha. I want to look good for when I come home. haha! ;) 

Anyway, My comp and I were talking this week that maybe pres will change us both out because sometimes when a companionship in an area doesn`t have success they take out them both to start over. So we will see. changes arent for another 3 weeks...also we are trying to have better numbers because if our numbers dont improve by the end of this month we will be interviewed. 

We have funny moments too...don`t worry. Like a guy dressed up as a girl singing, `what does she have that I don`t have...`   or us tripping, or getting lost. We almost got attacked by two dogs the other night. I just about screamed. I thought I Was dead. haha. We never will down that street again. haha. 

Anyway, I am so grateful for this opporutnity. It is a sweet experience. I have learned so much, and continue to learn each day. I love the people here, and the culture. And I am realizing how much this is like my home now. I am working hard, I am being obedient, and I am having fun. 

Thank you for all your prayers, for your love and support. I really appreciate it. I love you all! 

Hna chase

Monday, February 10, 2014

another new companion

Our ZL called and my companion has changes!!! she was only here for one change and she has changes! she has 6 months and will be going to her 4th area. Crazy. She was super sad. 

So Wednesday we woke up at 5:30 and got to the stake center at 6:50. I wanted to go to changes but once again they made me stay! I ended up staying with hermana herrera, hermana avila, and hermana vasquez. I found out that my old companion hermana santos has changes and will be leaving the concepcion, and elder garcia as well.  So elder trujillo will die there in the concepcion. My DL`s comp is now with elder trujillo in la concepcion. And my DL is training Elder Morales from honduras. 

My new comp is....HERMANA POROJ from guatemala. She was in the other zone. And hermana vargas is with hermana poroj`s comp. We just switched companions haha. Hermana Poroj is from Guatemala, and is 21 years old. She has almost 13 months in the field...she goes home one change before me. That being said we are BOTH the companion mayor.  (Senior) This is the first time hermana poroj is out of training. She didn`t finish her own training because she started to train someone and from then on she has been training. Has 4 this is a bit of an adjustment for her too. haha. She is super sweet. More relaxed then my other comp thank goodness. haha. Hermana vargas will have some struggles because her new comp speaks some old language from guatemala. She had to learn spanish here. She didn`t know how to read or write. So for example, hermana vargas will have to write her weekly letter to her parents for her. Things like that. but it goes to show the gift of tongues is real. 

 I got a really sweet letter from my convert Maria in my old area...along with a pair of earrings! She is so sweet! I can never forget these people. Ever. 

So this week we went to visit Damaris who had a fecha  (date) for the 15th of this month. We got permission from her mom but now damaris wants to wait until the 15th of march.... hermana vargas told me that damaris called her and said she had some things she wanted to talk to her about...i know when hermana vargas was told she had changes, damaris cried and said she wouldn`t get baptized. I just  am sad that if there something wrong, that she won`t tell us but only hermana vargas. we have her entrevista  (interview) today but we want to go early to talk to her. we are hoping we can figure out her problem to change her date. She told us that she doesn`t know if it is true...even though when hermana vargas was here she said it was tonight we will see if she will open up to us. 

So we are contacting a bunch more. We found some new areas that i didn`t even know were we are wanting to contact those a bit each day. One funny story. It was maybe like 8 at night and we needed contacts. We decided to walk around the block one more time. We were walking by a gas station and there were 4 workers out there. we walked past and I kinda said casually, lets contact them. but we had walked past so that would be a bit weird. We kept walking but I said, aye what if they are ready... So we stopped and stared at them for a min. We think they saw us staring haha. So I said we can ask for a direction that we know. We started to walk and ran into first another worker. We asked him first but he didnt know and told us to ask the other we said, well the lord must want us to talk to these people. We went over and asked them the direction..and I was trying not to laugh because they were so helpful and even drew it on his hand and everything. Nothing big happened. A normal contact, where we left the phamplets, but we did our part. haha. 

Sunday...Well...the less active was there again...L__. He goes, `hermana...i have a gift for you.`  we walk over and usually its been succors for us two, or juice or crackers. Well he pulls out a bag and tells me it`s a shirt for when I go back to my country, crackers, and a keychain...funny story is the keychain is from a bar. haha. it is a fish with the name of the bar and the other side says feliz navidad. haha. He then goes, I also have a letter but I am embarrassed to give it to you. I hope you read it. I thanked him and felt weird because he had nothing for my comp. I opened my letter and was like oh freak. This member is a muso (slang word but I don’t know what it means) is kinda what the letter said...

hello, how are you? with all sincerity, i want to tell you something special. When I met you it was as if I saw an angel that came down from heaven. i`m serious. that was what i saw with my eyes. y i had the great pleasure to know you and i will never forget it. even though you will go to your country. Never would i forget your....(something ic couldnt read...)i only wanted to say that. until very soon. goodbye, return one day to nicaragua. And he left his name and address....

Elder Thompson, my DL told me to be careful. That a guy they are teaching STILL asks for hermana butler. I told him I know, and the thing that is weird is that we don`t even visit this guy. We taught his daughter...and sometimes we find him in the street. But from there we don`t talk. Anyway, the shirts he gave me were ... a wife beater shirt, and a tie dye shirt. I think we will use those to clean or something. 

Sunday night we went to visit a family whose mom is going to have an operation on monday and she has a 50 50 chance of living. So we went and did a mini lesson with them with the elders. The weird thing with this family that I just found out from my comp.-... the husband isn`t married to this lady. So the thing is this...he was married to a lady had kids, was going to church. Met this lady who is now in the hospital, left his family and had kids with this lady. Then went back to his wife had a kid, and now he is with his wife during the day and with the lady who is sick and her family at night and sleeps there.... so he was ex-communicated and for that reason he doesn`t go to church. I don`t know why he just doesn`t get a divorce, and his wife and companion are okay with it. i guess some of the kids from his wife don`t talk to him...but others yes. so its a bit weird because my comp used to eat with his other family in her old now she knows both families of his...ya. 

We also went to visit family f__ who have problems. they were arguing but told us to enter. I said we could come back but they wanted us to listen. we sat for about 5 minutes but there was nothing we could we told them to talk and pray and call the bishop. when we walked by later they werent talking...he was watching tv and stuff. i found out more stuff about this family and my heart was just hurting at what they were going through. I hate seeing families suffer. 

That night I called our ZL about a convert and he told us that president had talked to them and said we need to put more fechas. (dates) that the AP said our numbers were unacceptable...that we have 2 weeks to put fechas  (dates)because at the end of this month president will know our numbers and those are not better he will interview. i think president thinks missionaries are not following his plan at being attentive, pure, and obedient. anyway, he said that now i have a super pilas (i think slang for charged up) comp and that if we need anything they are there to helps us. he said it really lovingly and i know he wants to help us, but i will admit i cried when he was saying all of that. he told me not to worry, to just work hard these two weeks. I just felt like when he said apparently i have a pilas comp who has trained a lot we should be able to do it. i just felt like well maybe its me...i felt like i havent had too much success in my mission .... but now that it is monday and a new day i am thinking and i know we can do it. it will be so hard, but it is possible. 

I am realizing that while I am changing peoples lives, the mission is changing mine.  It is a great experience. I would never change it for anything. Even though there are some days super hard, those days where you work super hard and feel good and go to bed super tired...those are the days that matter. Those are the moments that I realize how great it is. Even though it is so hard, it is so worth it. I love you all! ANd I think this week is valentine`s day so happy valentine`s day! My heart goes out to all of you! I love you and thank you for your support! 

Hna Chase

Monday, February 3, 2014

A New Home!

Dear Family and Friends,
So a lot happened this week. I will try to put it all in…. and as much detail I can with the time I have.
So first of all, read Hebrews 6.10. I read this and liked it. My district leader told me to read it.

So…one night we went to visit family Fuentes. Hermana Karla said, `elder climer goes home this change right? And elder Trujillo goes home with him.. `  apparently I said no quickly and loudly and they all looked at me. Hermana karla said, `how do you know elder Trujillo doesn’t go home this change?` I said it was because I was in the same area with him for like 5 months. She goes, `is that all?` haha. They said my face was red and everything haha.

One night with my comp we had a small party after planning. We bought soda, chips, candy, bread, etc. haha. So much fun. I love the small stores in peoples houses. Haha.

Thursday we woke up at 4.30 and we had NO water…my comp had used our last water to wash a skirt. So we didn`t shower. I did straighten my hair though. At the reunion (she means conference) Hermana and president Russell spoke first. Then Elder Carlos H. Amado, president of the area spoke. Freak  - this guy pulled out the pistol on all of us. Dude. He attacked us and said we shouldn`t say ‘como’ which is like saying um in English. Then elder valasquez my old zone leader raised his hand to comment on something. Elder amado stopped him and said, `where are you from?` elder valasquez said guatemela. Then elder amado said, you talk like a gringo. You guys need to speak loud, and pronounce every word. You need to speak good Spanish! Freak  - he pulled out the pistol or as we say he pulled out the machete on us a ton! He did say things I liked. He said that when our minds are focused on the mission,  Christ is with us. Oh one of the missionaries quoted president Russell which I liked, `if we are more or less obedient we will receive blessings. But as missionaries we want miracles, so we have to obey with exactness.`
Elder Amado also said that we cannot teach by the spirit what we have not learned by the spirit.
He asked us why Christ was baptized. He said we couldn’t say “to give us an example.” He said there are 2 reasons to get baptized. 1 is to be clean from sin and 2 to enter in the kingdom of God. John 3.5. He said that Christ didn’t have sin, so he was baptized so that he could enter into Gods kingdom. I love it! I use that now. Haha.
He also asked why the investigators have to go to church before baptism. He said it is so they can see how it will be in the kingdom of God. I love it! I use that too. Haha.
Then he talked about marriage. He said one day we will be held accountable to God for all the children we had, the children we didn’t want, and if we waited to have kids, etc. That we shouldn’t say we are going to wait to finish school to have kids. He said that it is okay to think a missionary is good looking. It is bad if you act on that thought. We got a group photo with elder amado, a printed photo. So I couldn’t email it to you guys. But we got to shake his hand too. It wasn’t the whole mission just 4 zones. Half the mission.

One day we were with D___ and we were about to sing when she asks us if we can leave because her mom is almost here and is super drunk and didn’t want her mom to offend us. So quickly ran out and ran past her mom. Ya…we are that fast. Haha.
So we talked to a members brother who is a doctor who talked to my comp. My comp had a bad accident about 2 years ago. She was in a coma, and had to have put a metal piece in her foot, leg and shoulder. She hit her head bad too where blood was coming out of her ear. She forgot some of her family, and over time her memory came back. Anyway, she is supposed to get exams every 6 months. But hasn`t. she has had bad headaches everyday since here in this area. The doctor said it might be from the accident…

So one day we went to teach T__…freak she knows so much. We went to talk about joseph smith again. We had only taught the basics before. She goes, oh ya joseph smith and starts talking about how he was persecuted, and killed and all this stuff. She is awesome haha. After the closing prayer she was crying again…she almost always cries after the closing prayer. She thanked us for coming. She is so sweet.
One day we were looking for a contact and found someone we had contacted before. My comp started to leave and I ended up asking the girl if we could share something with her. We did. I am trying to use our time more wisely. Someone once said, if we get somewhere and the person isn’t there, look for the person we are supposed to talk to. There is a reason why we are there.
Also we went to visit J___ and she was cleaning the floors. My comp asked when we could come back to teach and I blurted out, or right now. And Jessica said, ya right now is fine. Haha. ;) using my time wisely. LOL. She told us she told her mom she was getting baptized the 15th. That she is excited and ready. I love it!

We went to teach M__…to put a date. But she felt like she wasn’t ready yet. She said there are things she needs to repent of …things from her past. When I asked her if she could give the closing prayer…Idk..i just felt this immense love for her that I almost cried. It was a sweet moment. I imagine that is how the Lord feels for us.

On Saturday at 6.40 in the morning our land lady was knocking at our door. To see when we were going to go. Apparently someone bought our house and was going to move in at 9! In 2 hours! So we quickly call our Zone Leader and everyone. Then the lady tells us that she has a meeting at 3 and will leave at 2.30 so we need to leave before 2.30 or if not we have to pay 100 cordobas each night. FREAK! The Zone Leader`s said if we stay we have to pay ourselves. So we called the lady of our new house and asked if we could move in with only the monthly payment and not the deposit. She  said yes but at 4. We figured okay whatever that’s fine. The lady came by again at like 11 and said if we aren`t out at 2:30 she would pay for a guy to take our stuff out. That if we were still here at 2:30 we would have to pay for the day…she was super mean. So we called our new house again and asked if we could move in at about 2 and she said yes. We found a guy with a truck to take our things. It cost 200 cordobas. Freak. But our new house is a house!!! It has the front room, then 3 rooms then the back room. A bathroom, and a patio with a pila to wash clothes. J and the water isn’t hot but its not cold either! I love it! And we live in the same area as familia Fuentes and stuff. So I love that!
I also saw someone kill a gallo (chicken) and I got to keep a feather. Hehee.

Also for our zone activity we voted on who would be a millionare, who would get married first etc…I got voted that I would have 12 kids. Freak. People think I am going to have a lot of kids. Haha.
Anyway, a great week. I am happy and am enjoying my mission.

Love you all!!!
Hermana Chase