Monday, February 24, 2014

17 baptismal dates!

Dear Family and Friends,

So first of all, sorry I don`t have pics. I realized today...this change I haven`t taken pis. Sorry! I will start taking pics again. haha. 
Anyway, so remember our goal to run every morning? We ended up only running twice...but hey. its a start right. haha. 
so a funny story. It was night and we went to teach an investigator. We thought the door was closed but as we got closer we realized the door was open but the light was off. There was just a light on in the `backyard`.  I weird. We get closer and there is just a chair there in the middle of the room and then I see a gun on the floor. Well, being me I freaked. I grabbed my companions arm and we left also a dog there started barking at us. As we walked I explained what I saw. she didn`t see it but I did. so we decided to go teach someone else. About an hour later I decided I wanted to see...there were people there...So we walked back...I know stupid...and the light was on...and I started to laugh because I realized it was a toy gun! haha. aye....but I can say I am grateful I saw it and reacted because it not...who knows what would have happened if it was a real gun. haha. 
So this week our distric leader worked with was normal. haha. 
Also I had contacted a lady with my other comp but never went to the appointment because it was the day of changes. Well she called and asked why we never went and when we were going to go. so this week we had a lesson with her. we taught lesson 1 and it went good. we left a book of mormon. now it is just hard finding her again. 

We had a reunion...i have no idea what it is called in a FHE but with members...anyway two investigators showed up. It went good. One liked how the member taught. (mom note...reunion is meeting)
So another funny story. We changed appointments for lunch...and one day we were given some weird meat. I didn`t want to know what it was until after. It looked like the inside of oysters or something. I don`t know. after we ate it, we asked what it was. the lady said, titil de pollo. why do you like it? we said yes...even though no. We were like what the heck is titil...we asked another lady and she said chickens have like a bag where they keep food before it goes to the stomach. the bag is titil...ya.... never again. what is even funnier is that after we went to visit teresa. she had just gotten operations on her knees. a whole bunch of gringos were here for 3 days and did over 150 operations on people. anyway, she was showing us and you could see blood under the bandage. she said, ya i have to do therapy like this...and she bends her knees. my comp starts fanning herself and i thought it was because it is hot...after she told me she felt like she was going to pass out. she says, remind me never to eat titil and then visit teresa. HAHA!
So we had contacted a lady outside and we start teaching her. While we are teaching, her grandma is yelling that she is catholic and will die catholic...blah blah. The lady goes, don`t listen to her. most problems start within your own family. haah
So our pres now is having us put baptismal dates differently. He wants us to say like this, will you prepare to be baptized the 22 of march or the 5 of april? So they have a choice. So we are trying that now. We also did practices as a zone. one sucked. I said, `le gustaria vivir con dios? would you like to live with god? He goes, bebir? like drink. sure, if god does it. haha. aye. no. 
So another girl told us her husband is a member and said we could pass by. we passed by and she goes oh ya come in. her mom in law goes what do you want?!?!  we are going to sleep. no no we are can close the door. bye...she was so rude...
So we had an assitant to president work with us. pres has this new thing where there are 2 elders that rotate to work with missionaries. only alone. so one elder worked with us. I don`t like it...but whatever. he gave good advice and stuff. 

so we have interviews this week with our zone leaders...yay. haha. 
and this wednesday we have divisions with the hermana leaders...we have had divisions with everyone this transfer. 

at church we had 2 investigators!!! we found one lady...we had contacted to ask a direction (mom note ..address)....who  let us in and then started crying and told us that her son went missing over two months ago. doesnt know if he is living.... he drank and so she doesnt know what happened.and so we shared a bit of our purpose and the plan of salvation. she also went to church the next day! and when we put a fecha (mom note//baptismal date) she chose the closer fecha! haha! so sweet!

anyway, this week I am going to work on being bold and loving. my zone leader said we should explain things as if they are our family. if my sister isnt going to church i cant say oh its okay. NO! it`s not okay. so today i will use that with someone and see how it goes. haha. for example this sunday an investigator didnt go to church because she was sleeping. i said oh...but next week? I wasnt hard because she was with a friend. but tomorrow I will be a bit harder on her. with love of course. ... and meeting my goals and being a better missionary. if i feel good with each lesson that is what matters. my zone leader says its good that I want to be better and am trying. a lot of missionaries dont admit that and dont try. But I want to. To help my investigators. I basically have one year out...and I want to be better. I want to enjoy each day. 
This work is the best thing I could ever do. I have learned so much. I have grown so much. I have realized that  I am so lucky to have the gospel. I have gotten used to the mission life and just thinking of going home makes me sad. And I still have 6 months left! The AP that worked with us yesterday is going home this transfer and was in his first area that he was trunky...missing home. he explained that we should enjoy every day because we are NEVER going to come back here as a missionary again. So each day should be fun and we should enjoy it. 

I love you all!!! 
Hermana Chase

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